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@WeAreCanProud @PierrePoilievre Two things folk, this is a paid ad, not a newspaper article. Hoping CanProud ads are counted as election spending during any election. Second this research is from Mainstreet Research, their corporate office is a house at 588 Duff Crescent in Gloucester Ontario. 😂🤣😆.

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Apparently the Conservatives massively benefitted from their Quebec lieutenant having just quit on Poilievre and is now leading the Liberals and BQ in Quebec. Ok, Mainstreet..

@FreeWheelinRob @PopulismUpdates Mainstreet sucks and Nanos tends to rate NDP a bit higher than other decent pollsters.

Mainstreet Poll showing Conservatives at 40% In 2021 election they were ranked 9th out of 14 polling firms on their accuracy (according to The Writ) Consider the sources accuracy when you see headlines about Conservatives at 40% That number is overinflated by Western Canada.

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@jkhatepage @bigfongz funnily enough the only time I’ve actually been polled it was Mainstreet.

A new Mainstreet Research survey shows Conservatives leading the Trudeau Liberals by 8 points. Majority government territory. 40% now heading to 50. Congratulations Canada good news !! Hope for Canadians is returning. do we get to an election ?? Step up Singh !!.

melhor investimento da mainstreet nos últimos tempos e só minha opinião importa..

@FreeWheelinRob @PopulismUpdates Because Mainstreet is a horrendous pollster who like EKOS should be disregarded. Now there is a pretty wide 8 point difference between decent polling firms which is pretty big. 18 Abacus, 20 for 2 others, 23 Leger, 26 Nanos.

@WeAreCanProud @PierrePoilievre 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Mainstreet Research is a national polling firm that gained notoriety in Alberta after incorrectly calling the Calgary mayoral race in 2017, and it’s in hot water again after it missed the mark on a critical byelection in Nanaimo, , at the end of January..

@JJ_McCullough Fact check. Mainstreet research had Calgary Mayor Bill Smith up by 17% over Naheed Nenshi. Do you remember Calgary Mayor Bill Smith? Nope. There’s a reason for that..

@C_Lapointe96 Image exclusive de eric Duhaime qui apprend qu’il tire de l’arrière par 13 points dans Chauveau dans leur sondage Mainstreet du comté Le PCQ, parti complotiste du Québec, se retrouvera gros jean comme devant avec 0 député le 3 octobre.

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Olha o novo Tupac ai Kkkkk o mais superestimado da cena, junto com uns da Mainstreet aí kk.

Poor Marko. With the latest Mainstreet poll, he is getting more and more desperate. His pathetic tweets are pushing even me more into the PP Camp. @MarkGerretsen.

@Tori_TLCR If we ignore the Mainstreet poll, which is probably an outlier, not much of a difference. Well within the margin of error..

@WeAreCanProud @PierrePoilievre Not to put a damper on things, but each political party has its go to polling company. Unfortunately, Mainstreet is the PC polling company. Btw #TrudeauMustGoNow !.

Three weeks into the season, the Tennessee Titans may be picking up where they left off — on the injury front..

@WeAreCanProud @PierrePoilievre Mainstreet Research is absolutely the most unreliable polling in North America. Get a life..

@RaphDube92 @E_Duhaime Mainstreet le met perdant dans Chauveau.

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@WBrettWilson Mainstreet poll shows #CPC ahead of the #LPC with both higher educated voters as well as higher income ones. Also, CPC holds a huge advantage over LPC with both the 18-34 & 35-49 age groups. Sadly, the 65+ still foolishly vote Liberal.

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New Mainstreet poll in La Pinière shifts that seat in our forecast from CAQ to PLQ so revised seat figures are now: 🔵 CAQ 96 🔴 PLQ 19 🟠 QS 9 🟣 PQ 1 ⚫️ PCQ 0.

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@NxlAnglo It’s Mainstreet Research, which is notorious for having skeptically high numbers for the CPC, so I’d be careful..

@WeAreCanProud @PierrePoilievre Here are the polling results from 5 different polling companies in September 2022. Mainstreet Research 2022-09-22 CPC +8 Léger 2022-09-17 CPC +6 Nanos Research 2022-09-16 CPC +3 EKOS 2022-09-15 CPC +2 Abacus Data 2022-09-13 CPC +5.

@CanadianPolling @338Canada So can Nanos and Mainstreet comment on how their NDP numbers could be so vastly different?.

@MarkGerretsen new Mainstreet Research survey shows the Poilievre-led Conservatives leading the Trudeau Liberals by 8 points. Of significant note is that the CPC are over 40% in the poll nationally, generally seen as the point at which a majority government is much more likely..

@charlesadler new Mainstreet Research survey shows the Poilievre-led Conservatives leading the Trudeau Liberals by 8 points. Of significant note is that the CPC are over 40% in the poll nationally, generally seen as the point at which a majority government is much more likely..

Leviano num som com Borges, Tudo indica que fechou com a mainstreet mesmo. Tomara que não mude o jeito de fazer trap dele, pra seguir aquilo que chamam de Trap do RJ que são tudo igual.

@acoyne Just quit attacking Poilievre,its a trap,u might as well be a PR man for the conservatives,look at the latest polls from Mainstreet Research,just be nice the public is watching!.


@gmbutts You guys keep up the good work,looks like your playing right into a trap,a quick apology would have done wonders,Mainstreet research latest poll seems to agree with this assumption..

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