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Updated: October 8th, 2021 03:39 AM IST

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Man City have the most expensive squad in Europe, according to the CIES Football Observatory 🤑

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@izzywestbury So man city is owned by ppl from abu dhabhi and now newcastle will be under riyadh , guess an arab derby it will be when they meet next in epl.

@FutMaranhao O atual presidente fez uma gestão desastrosa e quer vender o clube. Boa parte da torcida é a favor por causa do investimento alto dos sauditas. O Newcastle pode seguir a mesma receita do Man City.

@aaabenjwhite @Denner7s They will want Newcastle to be competitive and trying to win trophies like Man City & Chelsea do. We are basically a mid table team with an events stadium

#BREAKING: 2 Springfield teens and a Granite City man have been charged with the murder of a 65-year-old man.

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Rapaziada, vcs tem noção de que o New Castle foi comprado e agora e o time mais rico do mundo? Sim, mais q PSG e Man city kkk

@larissa_brown2 @SkySportsNews Reckon you’ll win the champions league before Man City do 😂

@JoshBinx Yeah or man city. Lots of talent for a small club but never win the big one


Como é gostoso assistir esses espetáculos europeus FDS foi Liverpool x Man City, hoje França x Bélgica. Esses jogos para os amantes do futebol são o ápice da felicidade em acompanhar.

@Opresii Oil money 🤑🤑🤑🤑 in Epl. Now Man City will know their positions in the transfer

@LordMillman29 Why do villa fans give a shit ?? Dirty money newcastle we have proper owners and we can compete at the very top aswel there will be a wage cap introduced soon in football in my opinion ! They will take years to build up to Man City and Chelsea level were already on our way ! Ffp

@dorkland Oh heck, it just occurred to me that Raccoon City itself is the focus of two separate games with concurrent storylines too. Man, lot of potential for mess at least an entertaining one.

@NoGoodDrilla Ughh see the issues is the oils. I can’t find a oil man where I live. I miss the city. 😫

@sundersays Has Abu Dhabi ownership of Man City increased awareness of human rights in the UAE? Most people see Man City as a whitewash advertising exercise. Why should Saudi ownership of Newcastle be any different?

@Lottieeee As someone who’s a Man City fan and has been before the takeover I hear too often people using ‘but did you go to this game!!!!!’ Far to often, like sorry some people aren’t born then 😭 like it makes no one a ‘better’ fan, let’s all just join together over liking star same thing

SIOUX CITY -- A Sioux City man has pleaded not guilty to charges of pistol whipping two people in a Sioux City home and taking cash from one of the victims.

@feebee_69 Apollo was just magical magnificent 7 White man a huge sing along. Clampdown police and thieves and Clash city rocker’s are some of set I remember

@tpdallison Yeah exactly, it’s just not fun watching clubs like city. Dortmund, Madrid clubs that are properly run make me happy to watch but seeing Man City win things just gives me no emotion

Newcastle’s fans are so naïve celebrating the takeover thinking they’re going to just transform in a elite club over up the Chelsea and Man City model cannot be emulated because their is just too much money in English football nowadays unlike back then

@MogatalaReddy @talkfcb_ No it will be similar to what man city did. They will gradually get better but maybe a bit faster

@sins_core @TheSaintCentre Have you seen their worth compared to Man City? This league has just got a lot worse.

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💰 Los dueños más ricos del mundo del fútbol: 1⃣ Newcastle £320bn 2⃣ Man City £ 3⃣ RB Leipzig £ 4⃣ Juventus £ 5⃣ Chelsea £ 6⃣ LA Galaxy £ 7⃣ Arsenal £ 8⃣ PSG £ 9⃣ Inter Milan £ 🔟 Wolves £

@TheAthleticUK @GeorgeCaulkin Fgs we aren’t the only team in the premier league with Arabian owners. Nothing said when Man City were bought by sheikh mansour 🤬🤬


Influence this team has on the whole city is unbelievable, look at what’s happened to whole town man 🖤🤍

Man City have the most expensive squad in Europe, according to the CIES Football Observatory 🤑

Man City Photo,Man City Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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