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Updated: January 15th, 2022 05:40 PM IST

If and when our Democracy dies, there will be plenty of blame to go around. At the top of the list will be Donald Trump and his desperate White Supremacist Republican Party. But right below that will be Joe Manchin and his tie to coal money.

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@Numbers28 Because Sinema & Manchin couldn’t care less about ppl marching, or standing, or sitting. Now if you could get a million ppl to donate a couple 💵 You might be able to buy them for 1M each. I hear that’s what @SenatorSinema got from Republicans.

The Anti-Abortion Movement Is Desperate to Protect the Filibuster || By: Andrew Perez

Fwiw you wouldn’t initially expect WV to elect Capito, Justice, and Manchin statewide at first glance

JUST IN: Majority Leader Schumer just cancelled Senate recess next week to deal with voting rights. Schumer says they will vote on the filibuster rule change even if it fails, forcing Manchin and Sinema to record their votes into history.

At this point it’s pretty safe to say that Sinema and Manchin don’t actually want to keep a democratic majority.

I just cannot get over how state-level Republicans are passing wave of new voter suppression laws on simple-majority, party-line votes to keep Dems from ever winning another fair election but Manchin & Sinema say it would be too partisan to stop them with simple majority

Sinema & Manchin represent of US population but allowing 41 GOP senators representing just 21% of country to block voting rights bills supported by 70% of Americans that would protect voting access for tens of millions. US political system completely broken

So absurd: Manchin now says a filibuster carve-out will break the opportunity for the minority to participate completely. You know who is really trying to break the opportunity for the minority to participate? GOP state legislatures are! My latest:

If and when our Democracy dies, there will be plenty of blame to go around. At the top of the list will be Donald Trump and his desperate White Supremacist Republican Party. But right below that will be Joe Manchin and his tie to coal money.

Yes it called elect more senators willing to get rid of the filibuster and vote for BBB & voting rights y’all stuck in 2021. Joe Manchin & Sinema aren’t budging so let win in states we can flip and get these ppl elected….. this is foolishness

Pieces like this are important, because it sheds light on an important issue: members of Congress whose financial holdings impact their ability to act in the best interest of the country versus the best interest of their financial portfolios.

“Do you want to be on the side of Dr. King or George Wallace? The side of John Lewis or Bull Connor? The side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis? Who knows what impact Biden’s way of casting the question will have on Sens. Manchin & Sinema. But they know the right answers.

As I said, Biden is so weak and powerless within his own party that he has become irrelevant as a bully at the pulpit.


@kaitlancollins WHAT THE HELL CAN BIDEN DO IF MANCHIN WONT BUDGE! Talk about Manchin!

@jbarro I would like to see #manchin and/or #sinema switch parties. The sound a move like that would make on Twitter would energize me for years. Into my veins….

@staceyhopkinsga @StephJacksonAli BINGO! Until someone can figure out how to get past Manchin and Sinema we will stay in the place.

@ReallyAmerican1 If you think that they won’t become a coalition with the more conservative democratic senators like Warner, Coons, Carper, Sinema and Feinstein, then you’re living somewhere other than this earth. In fact, Manchin is loving being the face of that silent coalition right now.

@chrislhayes I thought I heard it reported that these questions *were* put to Sens. Manchin and Sinema in the past, and they were unable to articulate what they would accept. Am I misremembering?

Tomthunkit™ @TomthunkitsMind JOE MANCHIN IS QUICKLY BECOMING THE 2nd MOST HATED MAN IN AMERICA. Not a good legacy.

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@Strandjunker Manchin’s a no vote so Schumer doesn’t have enough votes. Pretty simple issue. If Manchin changes his no vote then it can pass. Until then blaming all Democrats helps the GOP and Manchin who are voting no.

Hey, Joe Manchin! Demanding a Republican buy-in for your voter reform vote is like demanding a KKK, white Nationalist sell his home to, only, Black Coal’s your Daddy🤯💩

Sorry but @Sen_Manchin is lying, not wrong. The filibuster was created to keep Jim Crow laws in place after the subversion of Reconstruction. @SenManchin is one of those southern white men that does not care for any interest other than his own.

@jgownder I know he is not Jesus and he is mortal. He’s fucked up when it come to immigration for sure and bowing to Manchin who is just Lucy with a football in a GD suit.

@JakeSherman Can we just give Manchin and Sinema 100 million each and solve this lil’filibuster problem?? Can we??

@potus @VP please make West Virginia a priority. Time to engage the voters there and show them what they are missing by holding on to manchin

Majority consensus among the states is how our founders envisioned American democracy. Not a majority rule system, where the minority goes unheard. #FILIBUSTER Sinema Manchin

@AC_Monroe @kylegriffin1 TFG could not make his own party do what he wanted. That’s laughable. Remember the never ending infrastructure week? , no Biden can’t force Manchin & Sinema to do what they don’t want to do. What are you drinking? Urine?

@ChadPergram Why as journalist you pass along this information when you know Manchin is wrong? Doesn’t your integrity matter? Manchin is a politician that doesn’t care about millions of people as long as he benefits or stays in the limelight but accuracy is the core principle of your job.

@TeaPainUSA At this point we have a better chance of getting some republicans to join us than for Manchin or Sinema to change their minds.

@PaulCogan Maybe because Sinema and Manchin are Republicans posing as Democrats. It means we only have 48 - 52. I would think you know this by now.

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