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John Wing
John Wing

“How can the Prime Minister, in good conscience, go to Japan for a funeral when a lethal hurricane threatens the Maritimes??” 24 hours later “Trudeau insults Allies by skipping funeral of Japanese leader just to buy votes.”.

🔴 Grasse : déjà condamné à onze ans de prison, il profite d’un aménagement de peine pour agresser sexuellement une lycéenne ⤵️.

Hurricane #Fiona has regained Category 4 status as it races toward eastern Canada, but will soon weaken. Fiona will be a high-impact storm for the Canadian Maritimes. The latest:.

Maritimes Photo,Maritimes Photo by The Weather Channel,The Weather Channel on twitter tweets Maritimes Photo

Trudeau says he will no longer be travelling to Japan to attend the state funeral. Instead, he says he will be focusing on the Maritimes. Trudeau says the army will be deployed to assist in assessment and clean up, as requested by Nova Scotia..

Fox News
Fox News

Ferocious Fiona leaves behind trail of destruction from Caribbean to Canadian Maritimes.

Some pictures from my morning dog walk of Halifax’s South end. #HurricaneFiona Hope everyone across the Maritimes is safe and warm this morning!.

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UNREAL! Trudeau states the Govt will match donations Canadians make to the Red Cross for Hurricane relief in the Maritimes. MATCH? Trudeau gave hundreds of millions of $$ outright to Ukraine, but when it comes to OUR OWN PEOPLE, all we get is a match. We should all be LIVID!.

En 1775, un ouragan avait fait 4000 morts à Terre-Neuve. Chiffre absolument colossal pour la population de l’époque! Fiona causera tout au plus quelques décès et possiblement aucun dans les Maritimes… Il y a des ouragans à toutes les maudîtes années!.

I think it’s inspiring that most of the maritimes had no power or cell service today but still managed to ratio the DFO into deleting their deranged lobster tweet.

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OMFG Trudeau is on TV in the other room with his fake empathy for the Maritimes, could the media at least do a voice over with an actual human being instead of this robo-dolt! #cdnpoli.

A widespread, record-breaking number of power outages will continue piling up across the Maritimes through Saturday. #HurricaneFiona.

CTV News
CTV News

In Pictures: Post-tropical storm Fiona batters the Maritimes.

Maritimes Photo,Maritimes Photo by CTV News,CTV News on twitter tweets Maritimes Photo

Hey people (and animals) cleaning up and starting on the road back to normal in The Maritimes: ❤️👊🏻 #HurricaneFiona.

Le naufrage du Joola reste l’une des plus grandes catastrophes maritimes civiles : 1 863 morts et disparus selon un bilan officiel, plus de 2 000 selon les associations de victimes, qui continuent de se battre contre l’oubli..

It’s a small thing, but if you’re talking about #Fionahurricane, it’s worth knowing that “The Maritimes” and “Atlantic Canada” aren’t interchangeable. Only the latter includes Newfoundland and Labrador. (And the province isn’t named “Newfoundland”.).

@PierrePoilievre For those of you wondering if a PM POILIEVRE would help the Maritimes now. He doesn’t believe in “big fat government programs.” #Fiona #cdnpoli.

Nice & sunny; just a SW breeze. Mid-high teens today. Showers move in W areas tonight & cross Maritimes Monday (5-10mm, a few downpours NW NB). The showers/rain may stall over E NS Tuesday then mostly fine with just spotty showers thru weekend..

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This has fuck all to do with the Maritimes & everything to do with Poilievre, just a fact. FYI the Military should have been on the ground yesterday, just another fact! Trudeau says military will aid Nova Scotia cleanup, cancels trip to Japan #cdnpoli.

To all of the people of the Maritimes affected by Fiona, thinking of you, your families and loved ones. Please be safe! 🇨🇦💕.

🔴 « Désarmons les criminels climatiques » : le célèbre quai des milliardaires d’Antibes bloqué par des militants écologistes ⤵️.

Des traversées maritimes de migrants, empêchées par la police dans le Nord.

Shout out to all our @CBCNews colleagues in the Maritimes and Newfoundland and Labrador doing an incredible job keeping people informed and safe. ❤️.

Le naufrage du Joola reste l’une des plus grandes catastrophes maritimes civiles : 1 863 morts et disparus selon un bilan officiel, plus de 2 000 selon les associations de victimes, qui continuent de se battre contre l’oubli..

#townofplacentia extends our thoughts to our fellow communities along the southwest coast of Newfoundland and the Maritimes and all emergency response teams who are impacted by Hurricane Fiona. $BeSafe.

En raison de la tempête Fiona, Justin Trudeau annule son voyage en Asie où il devait assister aux funérailles de l’ancien premier ministre japonais Shinzo Abe..

Standing with Canadians across Maritimes and Atlantic Canada rallying against Hurricane #Fiona. We wish BBBS kids and families, volunteers and staff safety and well-being. Consider supporting the matching recovery fund @redcrosscanada #biggertogether.

@Scott_755 Juan in 2003 hit with higher sustained winds, the maritimes have always been vulnerable under the right conditions, we haven’t had accurate measurements for long enough to know if it’s becoming more common or not..

EN DIRECT - Regardez notre émission spéciale sur la tempête post-tropicale Fiona qui cause des dégâts majeurs dans l’est du pays.

Environment Canada said Hurricane Fiona could be among the strongest to ever strike Canada. It is expected to come ashore in Newfoundland and Labrador by late Saturday..

Georgina Scott surveys the damage on her street in Halifax as post tropical storm Fiona continues to batter the Maritimes, Canada. Image ID: 2K32MPC // Darren Calabrese // Alamy Live News #HurricaneFiona.

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