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Connor McDavid turns 26 today. IMO he is the most advanced player ever in the history of the NHL. McDavid leads the 2015 NHL Draft class in: Goals: 274 (75 more than K. Connor-2nd, 199) Assists: 502 (151 more than , 351) Points: 776 (271 more than , 505).

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Mitch Marner ended his scrum today with a message for mental awareness: Never be afraid to reach out..

Make that a 20-game home point streak for Mitchell Marner 🎊 @Marner93 now has the longest home point streak by any active player. #NHLStats:.

luke fox
Luke fox

Mitchell Marner has points in 19 consecutive home games. That is a new Maple Leafs franchise record..

Leafs Mitch Marner First NHL player with a 20-game home point streak since Joe Sakic from Dec. 21, 2000 - Apr 4, 2001.

Congratulations @SnowmanLeafs for winning! Marner not only got one but he got THE one! Hell of a game & goal! Send @BodogCA a DM and they will get you looked after for your new jersey! YESSSSSSSSIR This is fun, need to do this more often. Cheers!🍻🍻🍻 #LeafsForever #bodogprops.

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It was on my bucket list and I have to tell you all, that man right there is an absolute gem of a human. Thank you again Mike! I also got the score sheets from last night! I will never forget that Marner goal and I’m framing this!! #LeafsForever #Leafs @MapleLeafs 🍻🍻🍻💙💙💙.

Marner Photo,Marner Photo by 🇨🇦🍻Kurtis From Alberta🍻🏒,🇨🇦🍻Kurtis From Alberta🍻🏒 on twitter tweets Marner Photo

Stat of the day: There are ELEVEN players that have had a point per game each of the last FOUR seasons McDavid Draisaitl Kucherov Matthews Mackinnon Panarin Marner Pastrnak Marchand Crosby Guentzel End list.

Mitch Marner home point streak reaches 19 games ... new Leafs franchise record Only held off the scoresheet in one home game this season (Oct. 20).

Marner on Nylander: “He’s got a reserve tank like I’ve never seen” @TheHockeyNews.


Marner breaks Leafs franchise record for home points streak MORE:.

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Mitch Marner 17th of the Season vs Winnipeg Jets courtesy of Joe Bowen and Jim Ralph. #LeafsForever @BonsieTweets @Jim_Ralph 19/1/2023.

Mitch Marner: “We don’t have a lot of quit in this locker room” @TheHockeyNews.

Marner: “We’re a tight knit group in here. We want to be there for each other…Obviously we’re not a team that fights a lot but we’re in this together.” @TheHockeyNews.

Mitchell Marner (0-2—2) recorded his 86th career multi-assist outing and tied Dave Keon for fourth place on the @MapleLeafs’ all-time list. #NHLStats:.

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Marner with at least one point in 19 consecutive #Leafs home games, setting a team record..

At end of media scrum, Mitch Marner asked to make statement on #BellLetsTalk Day Never be afraid to reach out, call someone, ask people how they’re doing. We’re all there for one another & we want this world to be a better place. You got a lot of people around you who love you.


“We’re all there for one another and we want this world to be a better place.” Mitch Marner spoke about the importance of mental health following the Maple Leafs game on #BellLetsTalkDay..

This is the kid’s line against Marner, Matthews & Bunting. They’ve arrived. #NYR.

For a player like Marner, all it takes it a quick lapse by the player & they are toast. Zibanejad hesitated thinking Panarin had him & it was over. Lazy play by Panarin.

also Marner and Matthews both at the all star game means we’re about to see the most atrocious hats worn in the name of “fashion”.

Watching this highlight on Youtube again and Craig makes a point to say Nylander gets it back to Marner in his feet lmao this dude is out of his fucking mind how he sees the game.

Last night was the Marner show but this could arguably be the season of Nylander. How much confidence do you have with him performing in the playoffs?.

Marner Photo,Marner Photo by TheLeafsNation,TheLeafsNation on twitter tweets Marner Photo

Way too much back pressure for Marner’s breakaway drop pass that time. Shoot the puck..

Wow, the Atlantic division is going to be stacked for the All-Star Game this year. TOR: Mitch Marner, Auston Matthews BOS: David Pastrnak, Bo Horvat TB: Nikita Kucherov, Andrei Vasilevskiy Truly stacked!.

Looking at draft class of 2015 goals rn: 1) McDavid 279 2) Kyle Connor 202 3) Sebastian Aho 200 4) Mikko Rantanen 197 5) Jack Eichel 168 6) Mitch Marner 156 7) Timo Meier 151.

Sittler in the house tonight BTW with Marner one point away from his home record. He just presented the Canadian Forces honorary guest Leaf sweater..



Mitch Marner (@Marner93) rozhodnul prodloužení nádhernou individuální akcí! 😍 @MapleLeafs | #Marner | #LeafsForever.

i feel like mitch marner would fit right into the bluth family with ease.

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