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Sometimes family can give too much negative info too early. They have good intentions but their timing may be off. Amani has to take this info in stride and learn firsthand. #MarriedAtFirstSight

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Hulu ()

Watching the new episode of Married at First Sight. Brunch and honeymoons? I miss outside. #MarriedAtFirstSight

FerFer ()

Okay just give Amelia & Bennett their own their quirky & they can adopt 10 & Bennett can stay home & write/direct little plays for them 💕 #MarriedAtFirstSight

✨ShAr❤DaYcIoUS✨ ()

Miles mom be saying way to much. Even Miles dad be looking at her funny when she opens her mouth about him. I understand you want the best for him, but baby ’s time to cut the cord and let him live and learn🙄#MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight

betty 🤎
Betty 🤎 ()

Woodys in counseling and journals every night? I was real iffy about him but I like him. A lot. #MarriedAtFirstSight

Elaine Costa❤🍾🍷💰
Elaine Costa❤🍾🍷💰 ()

I like how bennett and amelia both brought their hiking/camping backpacks on their honeymoon . #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS

Jane Doe
Jane Doe ()

Karen is giving me real pessimistic negative Nancy. I’m predicting it will drain Miles, who appears to be an empath #MarriedAtFirstSight

Chanell Hill LCSW
Chanell Hill LCSW ()

This is everything. They need a spin-off or something #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS

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Miranda Sweaney
Miranda Sweaney ()

Hey I wasn’t sure, has Henry been out of the country before?? 🙄🤫 #MarriedAtFirstSight

J. Seaberry
J. Seaberry ()

All you ladies put in your vacation protective braids Love it #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight

✨Queen of Zamunda✨👑
✨Queen of Zamunda✨👑 ()

For those saying “no disrespect, but is Henry on the spectrum ? “ .....just ask your question w/o all that ..because #autism is never an insult unless you have ill intentions behind your Oan : yes I think he is ❤️♾✨ #MarriedAtFirstSight

Lisa ()

Brett is a nerd that ’m standing by that since ep1. So, hopeful for Olivia. Karen so far- no she doesn’t deserve Miles. Woody & Amani super cute. Bennett & Amelia same kind of weird- love it. Christina & Henry 😴 so boring and awkward. #marriedatfirstsight #mafs

Shayla ()

Did this man fall asleep while rubbing her feet?! I feel like the list of women in line for Miles if Karen messed up grows each episode #mafs #MarriedAtFirstSight

Bougie Brown Girls
Bougie Brown Girls ()

I LOOOOOVE the black couples (+ Amelia and Bennett) this season. #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS

Mojo Jeaux
Mojo Jeaux ()

The most playful couples; Amani + Woody and Amelia + Bennett appear to better than the other couples at communicating with each other #MarriedAtFirstSight

GirlBrett ()

If a match made in heaven was a person. #MarriedAtFirstSight

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Debbie D
Debbie D ()

Woody and Amani are such a gorgeous couple! I hope their compatibility endures. #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFSnola

Ororo Munroe
Ororo Munroe ()

I don’t want to see any more of Christina and Henry on my television #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight

Calvin Roberson
Calvin Roberson ()

So. In the poll we took. The great majority of you guys feel “Easy Communication” should be the couples’ focus at this stage. I couldn’t agree more! Most of the couples are there. Come on “Christenry!” #MarriedAtFirstSight

Calvin Roberson
Calvin Roberson ()

Sometimes family can give too much negative info too early. They have good intentions but their timing may be off. Amani has to take this info in stride and learn firsthand. #MarriedAtFirstSight

She Loves Nice Things
She Loves Nice Things ()

Christina got out of a 5 year relationship 9 months before marrying Henry, and you “experts” thought she’d be marriage material????? 😳 #marriedatfirstsight 🙄

MBM ()

Amelia’s bridesmaids bringing up her hairy armpits at the wedding reception 😂😂. Props to Bennett for being unfazed I guess. #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight

🍄Qj🌻 ()

Rooting for Woody and Amani! So far my favorite couple! Really like Bennett and Amelia too! #MarriedAtFirstSight

AFP24 ()

I’m thinking Amelia and Bennet, and Woody and Amani will be the only couples with a maybe Miles and Karen if she can get over the “not her type” #MarriedAtFirstSight

Chelsey♡ ()

Olivia reminds me of that awkward coworker in the movies who’s obsessed with a douche like Brett who uses her to help him get his work done #MarriedAtFirstSight

Tim Chantarangsu
Tim Chantarangsu ()

Did the editors just dub a fake voice over my boy Bennett to make that lame ice cream joke??? That was def NOT him! #MarriedAtFirstSight

V Hale
V Hale ()

So far Amani & Woody and Amelia & Bennet look promising. #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS

Terra ()

WTH did I just see on these future episodes?? They gone have my anxiety through the roof. 🤦🏽‍♀️ #marriedatfirstsight

Doug Hehner
Doug Hehner ()

Oh the @MAFSLifetime 😁🤦‍♂️😕❤️ Good luck S11 #MarriedAtFirstSight Couples. Give it your all, and leave nothing behind!

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Just Nicki
Just Nicki ()

Bennett & Amelia need their own show - complete w/the parents and siblings #marriedatfirstsight #mafs

KelleyLCarter ()

If Amelia and Bennett don’t make it, love isn’t real. And it never was. #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS

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