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If Masai is at the game tomorrow, I’m not letting him leave until he gets a deal done with OG coming to Portland if I’m Cronin🤷🏻‍♂️Toronto is spiraling.

Un poquito de mapale hoy en la coronación de mi reina popular 👑 La manga 2 🪘 masai: un encuentro con nuestros ancestros.

@nyuki_malkia Sawa ila ziwe za kuanzia 15k mpaka 65k nakuendelea wachana na zile za masai.

@HanaHoops Hopefully Masai values our firsts enough and realizes both guys can walk, we’re already hearing that Fred to Orlando is a real risk. I don’t expect it to happen but it would be nice lol.

If I were a Toronto Raptors fan lmao… just tank for Wembanyama… the Masai project of combining C+ players is over….

Hivyo walizisikia zile purukushani, wakaamua kusogea ndani na ndipo walipo wakuta wale vijana Vita kali ilizuka ambapo vijana walipigwa sana, wawili wakakimbia na kirikuu, wawili waliobaki wakawa wanapigana na hao masai huku wanakimbia ambapo kwenye yale mapigano.

Katika harakati za kubeba na kuweka mzigo kwenye kirikuu ikatokea bahati mbaya kumbe kuna masai wawili walikuwa hawajapuliziwa dawa ya kuwazimisha kama walivyofanyiwa wengine. Na kazi hiyo pia ilifanywa na yule mkuu wa shule..

@latay1k seamless fit, he only 24. FO can’t miss this opportunity, Masai stubborn though shrewd negotiator..

@piret911 Upbringing. Uninformed. Look at a Somalia an Arab or a Masai man; that is it! What about Echirishi Ekhole ogei requires fresh air; all the time. Men, are you out there?.

@MASAI_Fischers うわぁ、、怖いですね>_<前シルクさんのドッキリでありましたもんね💦.


@Raptors Y’all fans blame individuals but this team that was built by the front office is trash. Masai and Bobby needa fix up cuz that’s like 3 crap off seasons of no improvement and a bunch of underwhelming deadlines. Get better and acquire players or tank and get worse. Stop doing nun.


@Sadgaall I’m happy bc they proving us ppl who want them to tank right again cuz this roster isn’t going anywhere hope Bobby and Masai finally realise that they need to make huge changes 💀🤷🏾‍♀️.

Masai looks unhappy with the product he and Bobby Webster have put together. #Raptors #NBA.

@big_business_ masai told them to step that shit up so he can get those first round picks.


@The_6ix_man With Bobby and Masai watching yeah half this team already got their bags packed.

@Kappatron2 Masai and Bobby were in the building and Fred burning the clock until he gets a bailout from scottie.

@MASAI_Fischers 私はスマホの充電が2秒に1%減ってく夢を見ましたw起きたら充電0になっててまじで焦りましたw.

【あなたと相性が良い人の誕生日】 1位 『3月16日』 2位 11月21日 3位 1月26日 4位 6月1日 5位 4月14日 あなたと相性が良い人の誕生日ベスト5 あなたと相性が良い人の誕生日ベスト5 この誕生日の人よろしくお願いします.

masai left he knew what happens to this team in the fourth he aint wanna watch that shit 😭😭😭.

Masai needs to stop playing with me & gut this roster. Siakam & Scottie the only untouchables..

Why Every Wildlife Photographer Should Safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara | PetaPixel @Min_TourismKE @kwskenya.

Masai licking his lips while looking at Precious Achiuwa is not surprising at all 😭😭.

Masai and nurse gotta talk to siakam and tell him that giving him a luka usage is gonna lead us to the playin tournament.

Walijeruhiwa sanaa kwani wale masai walitoa visu vyao, na walikuwa wanavirusha bila huruma. Walifanikiwa kutoka nje salama kwani walikuja kusaidiwa na wale walinzi wa bunduki ambao tayari walikuwa wanajua kila kitu kwani wameshalipwa na mkuu wa shule.

あなたをひと言で表すと『神』キラキラ輝いた神様みたいな人。オーラが眩しすぎて直視できない。みんなから崇められる雲の上の存在。ぼっちの人と気があう あなたを一言で表現すると 神.

Why Every Wildlife Photographer Should Safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara.

@ManixKen Des plaines du Serengeti à celles du Masaï Mara…. La grande transhumance continue …en effet l’herbe est désormais verte de l’autre côté… Le Mercator d’hiver…. Just in time…...

@basketsbuskets7 @Life__Mastery Long before there was religion in Africa(the Masai still do), there was culture and all that moral decay was not happening. It was logical that parents and children did not mate. Religion is one instrument that was used to break down that moral probably won’t know that..

@Nelley_J @RaptorsResponse Bobby was all smiles when I saw him. Masai looked so stressed.

@suzusprings 一緒にいたら絶対お昼寝はさせたくない衣装😍🤤😍.

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