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Need more of this from Mason Mount for the remainder of the season. #CFC

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Harry ()

I watched Jack Grealish play for Villa the other week and saw how hard he runs for the team. Mason Mount showed how important he is for us. His work rate is sensational.


Mason Mount absolutely sauced Spurs up today. 21-years-old, in his first Premier League season and dropping clinics in big games. He’s heading to the very top.

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There Is Only ()

@ChessyHour Mason Mount shows how much of a hard worker he is. His awareness off the ball and his creativity helped us grind out the win. Abraham is that goal poacher, we missed him against United. Giroud showed class with his link up play with the midfield. We can get better.

#b ()

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Munty80 ()

@190FIVE Fucking buzzing after that .. I don’t know about you guys but trying to get my head around people questioning the ability of mason mount & the commitment of frank Lampard to this football club is totally beyond me .... get in !!!!

WorldWideChels ()

Mason Mount was fantastic against Manchester United and now against Tottenham. I don’t want to see any agenda against him. #CFC

O.L.U.W.A.D.A.R.E (Dare Lee) 🇳🇬 ()

Mason Mount is my man of the match. Man has been running, causing spuds all sorts of trouble with his pressing #CHETOT

Chelsea Extra 🏆 ()

Mason Mount has been fantastic today again. Winter break has done wonders for him. Looks so much fresher.

Ben🕊 ()

That was so unlucky for Tammy there, but mason mount. Absolute quality play💪 He has been on fire today🔥

Nizaar Kinsella ()

Azpi mocking Lo Celso there after another foul but this time on Mason Mount. #CFC #CHETOT

Frank Khalid ()

Been so impressed today with Mason Mount who seems to be finding his early season form. #CHETOT

Tomek ()

A wlasnie zapomnialbym. Mason Mount zagrał dziś bardzo dobry mecz. Przy porządnym napastniku powinien mieć dwie asysty. No i ten wolny klasa uderzony. Ogólnie z piłką przy nodze robił zawsze coś pożytecznego. To był ten Mount z początku sezonu, chyba mu dobrze zrobiła ta przerwa.

Mire CSC ()

Havin a discussion, Eduoard walks into either side tonight and Mason Mount absolutely isny better than Christie or McGregor.

Chelsea4Ever💙💙💙🌎 ()

Unpopular call Mason Mount , Tammy and CHO inexperience but the real fact is their better lads than so call old players like Willian, Pedro Michy who we need to ship out even before Summer

BabyOnBaby ()

Facts @ChelseaFC all Mason Mount was my chelsea player of the match james and Mount looked alive everytime they were on the ball front 3 selection was rubbish from Frank deserve game time!!!!!!! #CHEMUN

Sam💫 ()

Only three players can be proud with how they performed tonight: • Mason Mount. • Olivier Giroud. • Matteo Kovacic. The rest of the players, including Jorginho were fucking woeful.

Rob❗ ()

Mason mount was one of the best players on the pitch today but no one will say anything because it doesnt fit the agenda

ωilf🔰 ()

Pastor Fred ran that midfield ~ a sermon on the mount if u will , mason mount ☺️ #mufc

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Danny ⏺ ()

United needed a player for top 4 push they got one Spurs needed a player for top 4 push they got one We didn’t. And we probably needed a couple. We saw United’s difference maker out there, our only player trying to make things happen was Mason Mount. It is what it is.

LiamGeorgePhysio ()

Can someone tell me how all the radio pundits are saying Mason Mount, James Maddison and Jack Grealish should go to the Euros before Dele Alli please? Just want a football explanation.

Samuel ()

@jakelofgren01 Yeah that wasn’t the most lethal lineup. I wanna steal mason mount from you guys

Fredrik ()

@afcKieron This guy is better than any Arsenal midfielder wdym Portuguese Mason Mount?

Chelsea Updatez ()

I never wanna see batshuayi again. The ref was shite. Mason mount really good. Creative and really good freekick. We were so unlucky today, i cant even describe it. We cant have a rightfooted lb anymore. We were good enough today and were the better team imo.

Big Engine. ()

Chelsea fans, let’s have this Mason Mount’s discussion. It’s long overdue. Dude is a lowey fraud!

Alágbàdo 🇳🇬🇳🇬 ()

@CoolLifted But where is the lie in my tweet? Okay, when last did Mason Mount score? Since he is so good at it.

Davidson ()

@NiiNiiFC I’m just tired of Lampard and Mason Mount., Lampard keeps playing him yet this guy can’t help us

Kigen Kibet ()

Reece James Kovacic Mason Mount Rudiger Good game ... The rest are just but a joke #CHEMUN

Lee Bishop ()

Mason Mount is a top player, the rest of the Chelsea team were utter pony. God only knows how Chelsea are 4th. Good result for 🔴⚫👍

Fantasy Premier League ()

SCOUT: of #FPL managers came into GW26 with both Tammy Abraham and Mason Mount The forward misses out with injury while Mount is on the bench #CHEMUN

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Frank Khalid ()

Need more of this from Mason Mount for the remainder of the season. #CFC

☚ #CHETOT #BecauseOfATeacher ☛
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