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@PierreVLeBrun Don’t think Matt Cooke skated around thinking of knocking opponents out with illegal high head shots either but it happened over and over and over didn’t it

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Billy Trudeau WE speechwriter
Billy Trudeau WE speechwriter ()

@saraorlesky @TSNRyanRishaug He’s not wrong. Tkachuk is the Matt Cooke of his generation.

Pat McFee
Pat McFee ()

@MattBarnaby3636 Same as Matt Cooke on Karlsson. Problem is the players reputation preceding them. Hockey players aren’t sociopaths. No way did Tkachuk mean to injure Scheifele.

Matt Thiessen
Matt Thiessen ()

@EricFrancis He missed his hit and was still trying to get a piece of him - looked exactly like Cooke on Karlsson

ryan 🛸
Ryan 🛸 ()

@Chris_Wideman @PlayoffTkachuk Matt Cooke did something similar to Erik Karlsson. Wanna tell me that wasn’t intentional either?

James Duhamel
James Duhamel ()

@MikeGrinnell_ Only happened twice from what I can Cooke and Matthew ’ll let you be the judge

Vern Fecteau
Vern Fecteau ()

@DadJustin36 @ScottBilleck These guys think much faster than a beer leaguer, tactics like these are ingrained on Tkachuk, he is the newer version of Matt Cooke!!!!!

The Iron Lotus
The Iron Lotus ()

@PierreVLeBrun Matt Cooke? couldnt have picked a worse person to justify Tkachuk’s cheap shot.

Matt "Burger" Bosty ()

@axematty @The_Road_Guy Matt cooke literally lifting a skate and pushing it into a players leg.

Bob Andreakos
Bob Andreakos ()

@PierreVLeBrun Don’t think Matt Cooke skated around thinking of knocking opponents out with illegal high head shots either but it happened over and over and over didn’t it

Danger Bear™️
Danger Bear™️ ()

@mike_p_johnson I have trouble accepting a take on Tkachuk coming from someone who thinks the Matt Cooke stomp was anything but malicious intent to injure. Thanks.

Tommy O
Tommy O ()

@wyshynski Paul Maurice just needs to manufacture some emotion in his team and if he can get them to think it was intentional then maybe they respond with more emotion and pride on the ice. But that “hit” wasn’t intentional in any way. Just a freak accident like when Matt Cooke got Karlsson

x - jessa
X - jessa ()

It is 2020 and people are still saying Matt Cooke’s name when there’s a bad hit. Good god.

Joe Covelli
Joe Covelli ()

@TSNHockey @TSN1290Radio Tkachuk is the new Matt Cooke, with more talent. A very dirty player. No respect for other players. Should be suspended.

Phelan Thomas
Phelan Thomas ()

@mike_p_johnson You can not convince me otherwise that Matt Cooke did not attempt to injure Karlsson. He quite clearly turned his skate, and jammed it into the back of his skate.

Kamikaze ()

@BradyTrett I mean of course it’s intentional, I’ve watched hockey basically my whole life and except Matt Cooke I’ve never seen anyone lift a feet on a hit, completely and absolutely dirty

Vaxu ()

@mike_p_johnson Matt Cooke intentionally injured people ALL THE FUCKING TIME! Just ask former superstar Marc Savvard, whose career ended with Cooke’s blatant and obviously intentional elbow to the face. How can you possibly stick up for someone like Matt fucking Cooke??

Darcey Romaniuk
Darcey Romaniuk ()

@EricFrancis This is the exact same hit that Matt Cooke injured Erik Karlsson on. There was no need for Tkachuk to lift his blade 8-12” in the air to finish his check. It was an awkward and unnatural hit performed by a cheap/dirty hockey player.

Sheldon ()

@FriedgeHNIC Lmao this guy should be canned as a head coach. I got no horses In the race yet lesss was said about Matt Cooke. Fuck right off. 100% made up fucking garbage.

Mike Sweeney
Mike Sweeney ()

@jamienye The skate goes up but it’s totally incidental with the contact against the boards. This is FAR from a Matt Cooke situation stomping down on Karlssons Achilles. It’s an example of if it was anyone but a Tkachuk/Marchand, nobody would be passing any blame at all.

Johnathan Coates
Johnathan Coates ()

@JeffreySelmonGQ Well this is the second time this kind of “accident” has happened. Both times by well known clowns or goons. I guess you’ve never seen the Matt Cooke/Erik Karlsson video? No? Ok 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

John Tyler
John Tyler ()

@TSNRyanRishaug I remember the same thing happened to I think Erik karlsson years ago when I think it was Matt Cooke who sliced his Achilles in Pittsburgh

Mike ()

@mike_p_johnson @Rupper17 Matt cooke did target heads, but never with his skates so umm maybe?

Aavco Cup
Aavco Cup ()

It sounds like the Matt Cooke/Karlsson conspiracy all over again. The sad news is I believe Maurice said Scheifele is going to see a specialist tomorrow. Positive new is thatbMaurice hinted it wasn’t his Achilles. I wouldn’t be surprised if Scheifele leaves the hub. #NHLJets

Jack ()

@BenchWarmerView Chris Simon and Jarkko Ruutu. Totally different circumstance, but the intent was obvious here. You could argue Matt Cooke’s skate on Erik Karlsson’s leg was questionable as well.

brad brodeur
Brad brodeur ()

@BruceMcCurdy And it wouldn’t be a day in theNHL without Matt tkachuk “accidentally” injuring somebody ... again. This guy is starting to make Matt Cooke look like Neal Broten

X-Oilers ()

@miketgould @wyshynski Because he continues to play like Matt Cooke? He is heavily enabled by the team and fans who spout off the “friendship tour” crap. If he cared, he’d be more careful.

Scott ()

1/2 For those who are saying that the Scheifele injury is anything but his Achilles, go watch the Matt Cooke hit on Erik Karlsson. Pay attention to where Cooke’s skate hits karlsson. It’s in the same area as where Tkachuk’s skate caught Scheifele. Also, if you pay attention to

Tony Pirkl
Tony Pirkl ()

@SternScouting He’s talented but plenty of serious injuries seem to just seem to happen around Matt Cooke

Phillip Seymore
Phillip Seymore ()

@nielsonTSN1260 Finally we agree on something. The cameras won’t lets us see him pulling a Matt Cooke. Also, stop comparing drive thrus, you guys are the worst. ❤️

Roger Hibbert
Roger Hibbert ()

The injury to Mark Scheifele looks very similar to what Matt Cooke did to Erik Karlsson

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