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The Hornets are spoiling a ton of Western Conference playoffs hopes. Beat Mavs back-to-back games, dropped them to No. 11 seed. Beat OKC tonight, dropped them to 10 seed. “Put they a** in the dirt.”.

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Luka and Kyrie are 3-7 as a duo. The Mavs are currently out of the play in..

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The Mavs defended the wrong basket on one possession tonight, resulting in a wide open Warriors layup. They lost by two points..

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The Mavs have lost seven of their last nine games 👀 As it stands, Dallas is currently out of the play-in tournament..

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Mavs rookie Jaden Hardy in his last two games: 27 points - 10/18 FG - 6/9 3PT - 25 minutes 20 points - 7/13 FG - 4/8 3PT - 18 minutes Only 20 years give him more minutes..

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Luka and Kyrie made their debut together on February 11. The Mavs were the 4 seed in the West. They have gone 5-13 since that debut. The Mavs are now out of the play in..

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The rebuilding Oklahoma City Thunder is now tied with the contending Dallas Mavs in the #7 seed in the Western Conference. Thunder finally break the .500 curse..

OKC is 1/2 game behind the defending champion Warriors for the #6 seed and a guaranteed spot in the playoffs. OKC now has the tiebreaker over both the Clippers and Mavs. Nobody thought this Thunder team would be this good this fast… except for this Thunder team..

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Luka Doncic depois da derrota pro Hornets e o Mavs sair da zona de Play-In É muito frustrante. Dá pra você ver isso em quadra. As vezes não acho que é eu ali, eu só fico lá, sabe? Antes eu sorria e me divertia na quadra, mas agora só tem sido frustrante por vários motivos 👀.

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@TimBontemps This is not accurate. That quote was an answer to a question about where the Mavs are in the playoff race..

*Luka hits a big shot to give Mavs a 92-90 lead* *Mavs immediately give up a 6-0 Gordon Hayward run*.

Why tf the bum ass Mavs still have the Lakers win bookmarked from 2 weeks ago??😭😭.

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Cuidado con este tema. Tres derrotas seguidas de los Mavs, 3-7 en los últimos diez, están fuera del play in ahora mismo y Luka dice esto..


Défaite brutale, brutale des Mavs a domicile face aux Hornets, sans LaMelo Ball, sans Terry Rozier, avec Kyrie et Luka Doncic. Frustration au maximum, Jason Kidd à la ramasse et perte totale de momentum. Dallas doit se reprendre et vite, y’a une odeur de fiasco potentiel..

Mavs and Lakers bad losses + Warriors easy win with GPII back was too good to be true..

At the half in Dallas: Warriors 65, Mavericks -Against a defense lacking rim protection, half of GSW shots (23 of 46) were from distance -Looney snags 10 rebounds in the half -Mavs had a total of 12 rebounds in the half -FTs: DAL 17, GSW 9.

Non, non mais sans rire, on peut parler du downfall des Mavs depuis l’arrivée de Kyrie ouuuuu?.

If the Mavs land anywhere in the 3-5 range, the first thing I’m doing is calling Brooklyn about Mikal Bridges.

@TimBontemps Mavs are in a very rough position right now. Their first round pick is Top-10 protected, they are currently the 11th-seed in the west and out of the play-in game, but they also have the 11th worst record in the league. If things stand. The New York Knicks will get their pick..


Mavs just lost to the Hornets with both Kyrie and Luka playing 🔥.

Mavs have lead the Hornets for 32 seconds over the last two games, with an average lead of two points during that span.

Mavs could’ve really used this kind of Warriors performance last week at AAC. So many disastrous turnovers..

So Celtics have 2 players better than Luka ? Damn Mavs gotta a lot of work to do to catch up.

Kyrie gonna leave. Luka hates the mavericks. Dwight Powell belong in the lego movie. No defense at all. Jason Kidd bald. So many problems with the Mavs.


La course aux Playoffs : quatrième défaite de suite pour les Mavs de Luka Doncic !.

Il quotidiano aggiornamento sulla volata finale a Ovest, dopo una notte piena di sorprese: - sconfitta dei Mavs a Charlotte - sconfitta dei Lakers in casa contro i Bulls - vittorie in trasferta dei Timberwolves contro gli Warriors, e dei Thunder contro i Blazers (continua).

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Soirée absolument parfaite, puisque les Mavs et les Lakers ont perdu (merci PatBev, merci Zach). OKC, fallait rien espérer des Blazers qui sont en full tank mode..

A lot of interesting talk about the struggling Mavericks by @TheSteinLine and @ChrisBHaynes on #thisleague pod. About current issues (including a shotout to my D Magazine article about Mavs playing too small🙏). And new intel on Brunson saga which Chris wrote about recently..

Es jodido. Se supone que lo difícil es conseguir al Luka de turno. Está claro que para los Mavs lo complicado es lo que va después de eso..

Da en el pie de Steph. Bola de los Mavs. Se viene el final de esto. Por favor usemos la cabeza..

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