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Not having both OG Anunoby and Patrick McCaw on hand is really just not great right now..

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@lyfeisfy101 They gotta chill 😂 it’s been what? 4 years? Hahaha they gave up on McCaw recently 😂😂😂.

@apollo1626 The best you can realistically do is cut FVV’s time down to 8 minutes and play Lowry 40 a night. Norm will see an uptick in minutes but we don’t have OG and we don’t even have McCaw now to at least give us some spot minutes. Cut Nurse some slack here a bit..

Nick nurses game 2 adjustment was playing Jodie over Mccaw or Lin🤦🏿‍♂️.

@waellomo @Knocked McCaw has been out for personal reasons the last couple games..

@Knocked That’s fair actually, cause I can’t expect anyone signed on a vet minimum to make a huge impact on games. But personally I do think Patrick McCaw should be playing more, maybe Boucher but I’m not sure how nurse feels about him. But you’re right, it can’t be blamed on Masai.

@Raptors Now masai is realizing that he made a very big mistake on the gasol trade. We might be more better with JV and Delon. Coach should give chance to Boucher & McCaw..

@Raptors What a f**king embarrassment. Nick Nurse is straight trash. His obsession with VanVleet, Gasol and Green is killing us. This clown need to give McCaw a chance..

@jarv1s @Raptors Does Nurse even have a game plan?! Play Boucher, McCaw and Norm more.

Vanchiotte Gasol Green Lin Moreland McCaw OG Meeks dehors gros ménage cette été.

Jodie Meeks over Mccaw? me Boucher and his length. Cmon man Meeks has no business getting run in conference finals. 🤦🏻‍♂️.

Lol even McCaw doesn’t get garbage time . I don’t understand why he doesn’t want to play him.

Give me Malcolm Miller over Jodie Meeks in those minutes tonight, but realistically, give me Pat McCaw over the both of them..

We’re losing but I have hope. Just don’t play Jodie Meeks. I mean there’s Patrick McCaw or Jeremy Lin on the bench. I’d even take Chris Boucher over that clown!.

Can Patrick McCaw get playing time for defence man . Please , like pleeeaassee ..

En lugar de estar desaprovechando estos minutos podía meter a algun secundario de cara al tercer partido. Tienen que dar mas minutos a Powell y meter a McCaw y Lin en rotación..

I have been informed that McCaw is unavailable and then Meeks made a three so I guess I am not a professional basketball coach.

@Raptors needs some more players from the bench like Jeremy Lin, Jodie Meeks, Eric Moreland, Patrcik McCaw, etc to help with ASSISTS and maybe score some more points! #WeTheNorth #Raptors.

@WalderSports I love the Raps - they’re my team. But they need to make moves regardless of what Kawhi does - too many guys worked hard for their big contracts only to shrink when we need them. “Steady” Freddy? “Stormin” Norman? Lin? McCaw? OG, even Gasol Lowry and Ibaka - all inconsistent..

@tt_maz @Raptors Exactly. Last time I checked McCaw is fast and long and plays hard defence, maybe him and couple others to see if we can get someone else for game 3..

Side note, why did we get mans like jeremy and patrick mccaw if we arent gonna play them when our other guards are struggling??.

@type26_ McCaw has been out with personal stuff these past 2 games, realllly could used him I think.

@joey_doubleyou Would maybe keep Powell in their longer, but can’t win when Gasol/Ibaka/Green are playing terrible and og and mccaw are.

@RichHomieFlom I’d rather McCaw. Tough to expect a guy to hit shots when he isn’t played.

Not having both OG Anunoby and Patrick McCaw on hand is really just not great right now..

No Patrick McCaw tonight. He joins Anunoby and Jordan Loyd on the out list, McCaw for personal reasons..

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