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Ex-Warriors guard Pat McCaw reportedly just signed a two-year contract in free agency.

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mccaw deadass has 3 championships under his belt, in a row, is this guys agent psychic?.

Why even play the NBA season, McCaw is 3/3 in NBA Finals. Book the parade now..

People love to say Raptors cant hold onto talent. Welcome back 3 Time NBA Champion in 3 years in the league Mr. McCaw 🤑🤑😂.

What’s the point of playing next season when we know who’s gonna win anyways? McCaw signed with the Raptors so it’s not even close just give them the 2020 chip.

O amuleto da sorte para muitos, Patrick McCaw, assinou por mais duas temporadas (valores ainda não divulgados) com o Toronto Raptors. Olha o bicampeonato vindo 🔥.

If Craig McCaw is involved somehow then Ima extra excited.

@RaptorsBrazil McCaw renovou, isso só significa uma coisa: back to back champions.

You mean the @Raptors have re-signed 3-time champion Patrick McCaw. #NBA.

Does this mean we’re getting another title? Cause McCaw only gets titles..

Low risk move to retain a depth point guard. May also get more opportunity with Green gone to , so it’ll be interesting to see how McCaw does next season..

Report: Raptors to re-sign Patrick McCaw to two-year deal.

Me: I’m gonna be responsible with this credit card Also me: *buys 6 decorative pillows and a new area rug*.

Ex-Warriors guard Pat McCaw reportedly just signed a two-year contract in free agency.

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Lakers need to sign Patrick McCaw and that will solidify the 2020 NBA chip for us.

Forget Kawhi, and Lebron Patrick McCaw is a 23 year old 3 time NBA champion 😂.

Raptors really about to roll into season with Lowry + Siakam as their 1-2 punch. 😕 Maybe Patrick McCaw will turn into a superstar overnight and save Canada 🤣.

Patrick McCaw To Re-Sign With The Raptors via #FreeAgentNews SlamOnline.

Patrick McCaw will return to the defending champions, per @BlakeMurphyODC. Raptors giving him a two-year deal:.

@OGBayArea If u think that’s crazy wait till you hear pat mccaw is 3 for 3 3 rings in 3 seasons.

Another one! Patrick McCaw will be returning to Toronto on a two-year deal, details to be confirmed. This marks the fourth signing the Raptors have made in the past 48 hours..

The @Raptors have resigned the current Reigning and Defending three time back to back to back NBA champion Patrick McCaw to a 2-year deal. The Claw who 🧐.

New: Report: Patrick McCaw signs two-year extension with Raptors.

And not one person cares, Let Lebron try to recruit Patrick McCaw and see what happens 😂😭😂.

Warriors draft picks since 2016: - Damian Jones: just traded to Hawks - McCaw: left team after 2018 title - Jordan Bell: left for T-Wolves last week - Jacob Evans: rough rookie year, showing promise in summer league - Jordan Poole: TBD - Smailagić: TBD - Paschall: TBD.

Raptors 2020 NBA Champions. McCaw has never lost a playoff series..

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