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The debate is over. McDavid >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Matthews McJesus has had the better career objectively. This is just fact. Austin is a good player but has never seen a second round..

@MasonDrm Maybe they are McJesus fans…..🤔. I would have cheered for the Leafs if the fans weren’t such trolls in the Jets tweets. All their holier than thou talk didn’t get them that much farther, did it?? You know they are gonna blame the refs for that no goal call #sorrynotsorry.

I just want to clarify that this tweet was not prompted by the Oilers & McJesus. My best friend is just a very historical drunk..

McJesus Murphy, he just undressed LA like they gave him consent!!! #ishereal?.

@seandurzi You quit playing to complain to the refs. Bow down to McJesus, he owns you..

McJesus Photo,McJesus Photo by HoyneEazy-E,HoyneEazy-E on twitter tweets McJesus Photo

@timandfriends @tim_micallef Amazing performance by Edmonton’s saviour Mcjesus👌✊🙏 don’t think any player woulda slowed him down tonight.

@insiderJmoney @StevenEllisTHN Oh yeah, idk I knew it was over when McJesus scored. I’m in pain it’s not fun. I hope the Flyers rebuild correctly (my Dad’s a Flyers fan) they’ll be exciting to watch if Fletcher leaves.

Honestly @ScottOake. Wearing a mask to do the interview of McJesus in a jam packed rink..

McJesus Photo,McJesus Photo by 🌾Daryne Woytowich,🌾Daryne Woytowich on twitter tweets McJesus Photo


@BradyTrett McJesus is amazing but this Oilers team will have their cheeks clapped by the Flames if they win tomorrow. This division is so weak..

@SportsCenter @EdmontonOilers LA sports cant live why’d we have to face Mcjesus first round.

McJesus Photo,McJesus Photo by going out sad🎅🏿,going out sad🎅🏿 on twitter tweets McJesus Photo

Not sure how you can argue Matthews is better than McDavid after watching the games tonight. Game 7 who dominated and who showed up? McJesus..


@CarterScores But no one retaliated against the oil slick. No one hit McJesus or Drishit much less cheap shot Nurse. At this point the Kings are Toronto/Colorado, not made the the playoffs but won the STANLEY is a differense..

Also re2pect to McJesus but Kane, Kassian, and Nurse can go take a toaster bath, dirty hosers.

@TheoFleury14 How about those oil Theo!?!? Who you got if they play your flames next round? #mcjesus #oilers.

McJesus kkkkk referência boa, esse cara é um deboche, se não ganhar mvp da temporada nem vou entender legal.

McJesus, certains cherchaient depuis longtemps la preuve que Jésus était écossais..

@frozenroyalty I have no problem with that. I think they did. you have to push McJesus to the outside and punish him against the wall or maybe an open ice hit..

@ScottBilleck McJesus babyyyyyyy I woke up my Wpg neighborhood Loudest Crowd in nhl with best player in the world..

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