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Updated: October 15th, 2021 12:40 PM IST

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Just saw Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox in public, luckily grabbed a couple pics

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everything i know about megan fox and machine gun kelly i know against my will

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@fleurdebrille Es por esta entrevista que dieron MGK y Megan Fox.

@AndresFelipeAza Megan fox y ek novio estaban explicando en una interview cómo se conocieron y pues la vieja dice que lo vio y que le dijo “you smell like weed” y el le dijo “I am weed”. La verdad el único que me dio risa fue el del lighting McQueen

why are they forcing the megan fox and mgk agenda so hard it’s really bothering me now and i can’t wait for them to break up

Megan Fox and MGK are actually fulfilling the law of equivalent exchange by taking the annoying celebrity couple role on after Grimes and Elon Musk broke up.

asked my mum if she knew who Megan Fox is dating and she said Revolver Shotgun Willy

@sixmista megan fox interview. when she met mgk she said he smells like weed and he said “i am weed” and that’s why she fell for him 🙄


On this day of #lautaaossr let us remember that the first thing that machine gun Kelly said I am weed to Megan Fox when they first met

If megan fox gets cheated on that would be nuts… like who’s hotter then her bro? NO ONE !


People dogging Megan Fox and MGK really confuses me. Like y’all ain’t said some dumbass shit when your in love before🤨🤔 let them be happy my gosh.

Never thought in a millions years Megan Fox and MGK would be the two most interesting people in 2021. what is happening

y’all are just NOW noticing that mgk is cringe for Megan Fox? I could’ve been told you that as soon as they started dating lmfao 🤢

Will give someone my entire sticker collection if they “take care of” MGK and Megan Fox

La mejor parte del meme de MGK y Megan Fox es la cantidad de boomers escondidos que ha destapado xD

Nightmare blunt rotation: Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox Howard Stern Grimes Ryland Adams Lin-Manuel Miranda Peggy Hill Caitlyn Jenner Freddy’s mom in iCarly David Dobrik Whoever plays Ross from Friends Ellen Lilly Singh Keemstar The girls from Girl Defined My step mom This mf:

Megan Fox Photo,Megan Fox Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Machine Gun Kelly’s First Words To Megan Fox Were ‘I Am Weed,’ Inspiring Dank Meme

Unpopular opinion but I’m not mad at Megan Fox and MGK for being in love lol. One, it’s not my business to judge and two, we’re going thru an apocalypse damn near. If two ppl feel like being wildly stupidly head over heels for each other then do that and congrats

‘I am weed’ memes, inspired by Megan Fox and MGK, are very good

Con una foto al borde de la censura, Megan Fox confesó que padece dismorfia corporal | Vía Libre

And I’m sure this wasn’t Megan Fox’s first time telling him his personal placements either 😂

someone in the comment section of a mgk and Megan Fox post wrote that they give off “She was fearless and crazier than him. She was his queen, and God help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen. Vibes and now I can’t stop thinking about #hotbutcringey

it’s the way we have all been rooting for Megan Fox the whole year and since mgk she’s legit just thrown it back in our faces LMAOO

@lalipupsy @Nia_papaya_ weed = marijuana The meme comes from an interview where Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly told an interviewer how they met and she said to him back then: You smell like weed. And he answered to her: I AM weed. And now people are having fun creating all kinds of memes with it 😀.

Thinking of MGK and Megan Fox and I just feel like they have a musty smell, like the carpet in those old portables we used to have elementary class in 😟

Gotta say, I’m certainly thinking and reading a lot more about MGK and Megan Fox than I did a year ago, so congrats to them for their PR coup-ling

can y’all please stop equating megan fox and mgk’s love life to wattpad…. thats very insulting to wattpad and to me

@otznua Megan fox şimdiki sevgilisi hakkında konuşurken ona you smell like weed dedim o da I AM WEED dedi ve ona düştüm gibisinden bi şey alxmwks

I’ve been following mgk and Megan fox’s relationship since beginning but everything I’ve learned this week has been a doozy

Megan Fox doing more for the working class by dating her weed man than the democrats have done for 100 years.

Just saw Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox in public, luckily grabbed a couple pics

Megan Fox Photo,Megan Fox Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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