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Hey Melania, thanks for reminding me what a TERRIBLE excuse for a first lady you were..

Melania Trump Gives First Interview Since Leaving White House, Says ‘Leadership’ To Blame For Baby Formula Shortage And More.

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Melania’s Back! Rips Media in First Interview Since She Left the White House.

First Lady Melania Trump deserves to be on the cover of Vogue!.

Melania Trump called Anna Wintour biased for putting Jill Biden on the Vogue cover but failing to do the same for her! Does Melania not understand that Vogue readers may not like her? Does Melania know that her Be Best social media campaign was the worst ever! #FreshWords.

@RonFilipkowski #BeBest Melania has been on enough covers… #VogueMelania.

Melania Photo,Melania Photo by Phillip- Democrat,Phillip- Democrat on twitter tweets Melania Photo

@Franktheshank88 I love Jill Biden and she is a true First Lady. Melania was nothing and is still nothing. Always a pouty ass face and squinty eyes..

@thedailybeast And exactly what important things was Melania doing in the WH? I’ll wait..

@PoliticsInsider Melania shouldn’t stress, Vogue was lauding Professional Women “NOT” Women of The Oldest Profession🫵😏.

Vogue is trending to remind us that they would have gone bust if they put Melania on the cover as the first lady..

NEW! The only bias that Melania faces is a natural bias for people to admire competence, morality, and kindness, none of which Melania Trump exemplifies..

Why is she wearing the ugly couch I threw out? - Melania, probably.

@OccupyDemocrats Melania, give it up. You make yourself crystal clear when you wore your green jacket. Did you forget? People around the world saw the jacket. You were the “now you see her now you don’t” First Lady. Your “Be Best campaign” was a dud. 🤷🏽‍♀️.

@voguemagazine @MotorolaUS Fuck Vogue, A. Winterthur, and any publication that puts on the cover 3 times, Jill Biden and Kamal Harris both on, and Melania Trump…NEVER. That’s got zero to do with fashion, and everything to do with political advocacy. If Motorola feels that way, fuck them, too.

Melania’s Back! Rips Media in First Interview Since She Left the White House.

@56blackcat @MailOnline Melania…you need to earn your spot on the cover of Vogue! Sometimes it doesn’t take much however, you never measured up….

@mobley_otisn @OccupyDemocrats what did melania do while she was first lady? Redecorate? Surely she did something meaningful?!?!.

@RonFilipkowski I mean, we all have changes in our appearance as we age, but does Melania look a little, well, swollen?.

@RonFilipkowski Yup, and it goes like this. Melania: “I’m working ... my ass off on the Christmas stuff, that you know, who gives a fuck about the Christmas stuff and decorations? But I need to do it, right?” 😳.

Melania attacks Anna Wintour for putting Jill Biden on cover, not her #SmartNews.

@OccupyDemocrats Melania is a joke. She will never possess the amazing qualities of Dr. Jill Biden. Look who she is married to and it shows you the kind of person she is and the awful behavior she thinks is ok..

Every time I see anything about Melania Trump, I remember how whiny & petulant she was about having to decorate for Christmas. Who gives a fuck about Christmas stuff and decoration? --Melania Trump.

Sorry, Melania, but Vogue just didn’t want your mail order bride stripping ass on their cover..


@MikeSington In this interview, you quote her answer to a question she was asked from a reporter during an interview. To say, “Melania Trump is still bitching about not being on the ” is a noticeable twist of what occurred. Maybe find a new way to feel relevant?.

@palomapoetry @RonFilipkowski I wonder if JFK’s “friends” want to “talk” to melania about that..

@OccupyDemocrats Jill Biden is brilliant and beautiful, inside and out. Melania is a plastic fake. No comparison..

@mobley_otisn @OccupyDemocrats That’s what I thought too I think other people are jealous of Melania because she’s beautiful. Jill On the hill is just a babysitter to Jojo.

@OccupyDemocrats Are you out of your f king mind?? Jilly bean is the whore babysitter. Melania is high class beauty.

Melania Trump Slams Vogue for Not Putting Her on the Cover via @Yahoo 🤣🤣Amedica.

@Papi_B_Dubs Duh? Ask Melania. She was willing to make out with Justin, with the old, orange shit-stain just few feet away.

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