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Sens fans who want #MelnykOut and have stuck with the team through this circus for the past year and a half are the most “real” and hardcore fans around.

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#Melnyk is right, I’m not a “real Sens fan”. I’m a Leafs fan living in Ottawa. But that didn’t stop me from spending over $5,000 over the last 2 years on Sens season tickets and rooting for them against everyone but Toronto. I’ll save my money for better things now. #MelnykOut.

Imagine the owner of a pro sports franchise, getting paid millions of dollars on a multi-year contract from a TV & radio network to broadcast his team’s games, saying crap like this about one of its top people for trying to help. Beyond comprehension. #MelnykOut #BushLeagueOwner.

I like to listen to various sports radio stations across Canada because I have interest in what goes on with each Canadian NHL team. Ian Mendes is one of the best radio guys in the country and for an NHL owner to call him bush league is classless and pathetic!! #MelnykOut.

Going after Ian is probably the worst thing to do right now. God he’s an idiot. #MelnykOut.

Face of the franchise should be the players. They make up a great face, but behind it is a rotten, festering tumour. How can you look at someone you love the same when you know they are being killed by a malignant cancer? Still love, but #MelnykOut #sens @ian_mendes @TSN1200.

@mattfharris 100% serious question to ask — did his lawyers send a cease & desist order to the fan behind the #Melnykout crowdsourced billboards last fall? @billcarrolltalk.

@EdBrown19 I’m 45, I’m in sales, I used to have seats in 100’s. I haven’t been since 2015. I won’t give that man another dime. #MelnykOut.

I did miss something: - Threw @cyleeder under the bus for getting him involved with John Ruddy and the Lebreton Flats project 🤡👟👟 #MelnykOut.

@wyshynski @FAN590 Melnyk only speaking to Toronto radio stations is equivalent to Trump only speaking to Fox News. They both try and drown out the legitimate criticism. I’ve been a Sens fan since their inception, I want #MelnykOut, I want to be able to cheer for my favorite hockey team again.

Lol! The owner of the pro hockey team in Ottawa thinks his team is in Toronto. That’s the only reason I can think of as to why he won’t talk to the media in Ottawa. #Melnykout.

Who in shits name thought it would be a good idea for #MelnykOut to get on tv again and address the “real fans”. Stop using your word hole in public!!!!.

@SunGarrioch #MelnykOut he goes on Toronto radio cause Ottawa radio wont give him a free pass and softball questions.

Sens fans who want #MelnykOut and have stuck with the team through this circus for the past year and a half are the most “real” and hardcore fans around.

@SwarleyOneLove The new ad campaign is insulting - describing how real fans act “loyal no matter what”. Fuck that. Sens forever but not this owner. #MelnykOut.

we had a good until you lost most of your money in your divorce and failed businesses @MelnykEugene #MelnykOut.

@FriedgeHNIC @FAN590 12 year olds in Toronto didn’t raise over 10k and put up multiple #MelnykOut billboards. This guy is a compulsive liar..

Beyond excited to wake up tomorrow morning to hear whatever lunacy comes out of #melnykout mouth when he does yet another interview on Toronto radio. I thought his paying customers were in the 613 and not the 416..

@MelnykEugene you should work on your acting skills bud #MelnykOut #Sens.

Does Melnyk threaten to move the team again when he goes on air in Toronto? #Sens #melnykout.

Does anyone else think that @JackMax14140182 is the voice of that new #Sens ad for The Seventh on @TSN1200? #MelnykOut.

@SNkylebukauskas @FAN590 Coward won’t take any interviews in city where his team plays 🙄 #sens #MelnykOut.

@TSN1200 Ah yes. Mark Borowiecki: Third-pairing defenceman, world class interviewer, team spokesman. #MelnykOut.

@MattSN590 In your tweet, replace the word “happy” with “surprised”...#MelnykOut.

@SteveOnSens There’s no disconnect though, the radio hosts need to do a better job of explaining what a rebuild is. #MelnykOut.

Hey @MelnykEugene, brilliant idea to go on TORONTO radio to talk about the @Senators, you absolute moron of a man #MelnykOut.

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