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Mikey for just 12hr more on ReTweet for chance at FREE TEE!.

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fansites zabukują to za pierwszym razem za milion dolarów i bedą licytować o fortunę miedzy sobą.

Mikey for just 12hr more on ReTweet for chance at FREE TEE!.

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え?これ記憶に無いんだがwww いつ引いた?そしていつ出た?w しかも進化までさせといて今まで使わなかったのもったいなっ❗️😱 #乃木フェス #山下美月.

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@chikkokudo @sodienana あるていどは覚えるよ。 登録すると確実という話.

@chikkokudo @sodienana 日本語入力ソフトのなかに、辞書ツールってあるから、こんなかんじで登録すると そー ってうつと、、、、でます。.

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@tokyogegegay おつかれさま💖 かなりツィート見てくれてると思わせる内容でしたね😊 妄想…でピーンと🤣🤣 頑張って毎日をこなしていきます💪 ゆっくり休息してくださいm(_ _)m.

Please join us in the remembrance of my little cousin Larine. Any questions pm me. Thank you💔😭.

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@Cheikouuu Azy c’est la merde qd c’est comme ça, ou leur problème de signalisation, d’aguillages ou même de gens sur les voies ou les caténaires 😭.

@Mikey_Hk15 Ah ca va t’es bien moi aussi normalement ça va j’ai juste une heure de B mais quand ca tombe sur des colis suspect c’est vraiment relou.

@Cheikouuu J’ai un bus qui me jette directement au Terminal donc j’suis bien, quand j’rentre du taff du coup j’ai deux options j’peux passer par Aulnay et prendre le T4 pour rentrer.

@sanae04161224 わかるよ ゆっくりして!と言ってもそうは行かないときあるね それでもひ一呼吸してから動いたらいいかもね 時間あるならひとりで外でコーヒー飲むとかして現実逃避するとエネルギ溜まるね🤗 愚痴ってよ💖.

Mikey: I think tates (drawing) is my favorite me: go away Tate Mikey: YOURE ALL I WANT, YOURE ALL I HAAAAAVE, GO AWAY N O OoOoOoOo.

Literally no one: White girl that used to hang around all the Black boys in high school on Facebook:.

You wanna talk about bringing Black people down, you abusive POS?.

one of my childhood kins was lilyfrom kappa mikey and i guess to whoever watched that show its obvious.

Good news is this isn’t abnormal for Mikey DiPietro. He let in 6 goals in a 9-6 win only a three weeks ago. He will bounce back. #Canucks.

When I was 19 I was drinking Watermelon flavoured Smirnoff and listening to Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. Mikey DiPietro is starting a game in the NHL. I turned out ok, Mikey is going to be brilliant. #NoWorries #Canucks.

@all_dolled_up1 Now I’m imagining little six year old Mikey making this same face as he watches all his schoolmates touch their shoulders lol aww poor baby 😆.

@RJHenderson7 know what you were trying to say. But you should know Canucks Twitter is a stormy sea at the best of times 😂. Anyway let’s hope Mikey bounces back, shit game for team D..

@Halloween_1014 😂😂😂 HEY THAT ONE IS MINE! I think, MIKEY WHERE ARE YOOOUUU?.

@starboypatty IT WONT ANNOY HIM HE’D LOVE IT SO MUCH MIKEY plz we need this glitter content.

I hope Green ripped every player (bsides Mikey) a new one after that atrocious period #Canucks.

@ky13_e11iott Are you secretly a demon? Some of these responses are hilarious but evil.

That look on Mikey Arroyo’s like he was saying “dapat bang kasali itong mga ugok na to?”.

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@politico I stand with Beto all the way! Trump had to lie about the size of his crowd (to a number more than 5 times the venue capacity) to feel good. SAD!.

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