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@thgofyoutube @Steve_Dangle Move Mrazek / get another 1A/1B goalie to go with Jack if you can sign him for a reasonable deal. Then, try to keep one of Engvall / Mikheyev. Perhaps Gio comes back for near league min as a veteran. Give more minutes to Lilly/Sandin and RUN IT BACK BABY. This core can do it.

The left wing and the defence will need an overhaul. Think a bunch of secondary guys like Kerfoot, Mikheyev, Engvall, Muzzin, Holl, Boosh, Gio could be rotated out. It’ll look different, maybe a little younger next year..

just letting you guys know rn that i’m gonna bandwagon whatever team signs mikheyev.

thinking about that game 7 L in union with the fact that mikheyev most likely won’t re-sign, I am not ok rn.

@bruce_arthur Dubas gave up a first rounder for Foligno last year? Tampa traded for Nick Paul who played with Connor Brown and won it for Team Canada who dubas also let go. Got rid of Kapanen, Kadri, Brown and believes in Mikheyev, Blackwell? #firedubas.

@nlov96 @JDBunkis Small tweaks. Can’t have Kerfoot be a mistake machine as a small forward who doesn’t throw his weight around. Can’t have a butter soft 3rd line with skilled wingers like Mikheyev and Engvall that didn’t contribute much offensively.

@DaveAMcCarthy And he would turn them into winners. Meanwhile Sheldon Keefe and Kyle Dubas hold them back by playing them with the likes of Engvall, Mikheyev, Holl, Simmonds, and 45 year old Jason Spezza..

@Steve_Dangle Dubas gave up a first rounder for Foligno last year? Tampa traded for Nick Paul who played with Connor Brown and won it for Team Canada who dubas also let go. Got rid of Kapanen, Kadri, Brown and believes in Mikheyev, Blackwell? #firedubas.

In case you’re wondering: #Leafs UFA’s are Mikheyev, Kase, Engvall, Spezza, Blackwell, Giordano, Lyubushkin & Campbell..

@Steve_Dangle Am I the only one excited for next year. It sucks they lost yeah, but they played a helluva series against the b2b champs who could three peat. Gotta get a starting goalie/resign Jack, either find a mikheyev replacement or resign and run it back even hungrier, GLG ARE YOU INNNNNN.


@twistedleafs I can see Nylander, Kerfoot, Mikheyev, Muzzin, Mrazek and Campbell all gone..

Most players are signed next year. You likely lose Mikheyev, Lyubushkin & Blackwell but that’s it. They can be replaced internally. Ditch Mrazek, give Campbell his money, convince Gio to come back for min and bridge Sandin Easiest off-season in a long time #LeafsForever.

There will be some decisions required in Toronto surrounding pending UFAs and RFAs. Campbell, Engvall, Mikheyev, Lilegren and Sandin all up for new contracts. Will veterans Giordano and Spezza return. Team could look different next year..

@wyshynski I dunno, there were passengers tonight. Some guys had rough nights (Kampf struggled all night), others who will have big money demands were ineffective (Mikheyev). There were parts of the game where the Leafs just lacked intensity. Not sure how that happens in a game 7..

Some positives from this series: 1: The core 4 came to play 2: Campbell absolutely stood on his head 3: Our B players in Engvall, Kampf and Mikheyev proved to be momentum shifters. 4: It wasn’t 3-1. Lick your wounds, regroup, come back stronger. We’re almost there..

@GustavHerwitz Yeah the third line was a non factor in the second half of the series. Stars showed up at least, but depth scoring dried up pretty quickly. Find better versions of Engvall and Mikheyev and we’re good.

@MaestroVas Oh damn. I guess we’ll see👍 I hope the Oilers snatch Mikheyev bc he seems like he’s gone..

Priority of re-signing in the order shown: Jack Campbell Pierre Engvall (esp because Mikheyev will not return) Gio? Lyabushkin Spezza? Kallgren? Kase? #LeafsForever.

@lukefoxjukebox Fire Keefe. Fire Dubas. Trade Nylander,Kerfoot, Holl. Find a couple wingers that can play with Tavares that actually compliment him. Upgrade your 3rd line from guys like Engvall and Mikheyev to guys like Paul, Coleman, Barclay Goodrow, etc. Give some prospects a chance..

@hums____ He’s been one of the most underrated and impactful player, but I think, and this is me just speculating, with his contract year coming up and having to resign Mikheyev, I think kerfoot gets dealt.

@JohnVillella7 I like Kerfoot, but unless he’s the 3C I see no reason for him to be on the team and that didn’t work out. He doesn’t slot anywhere else that I think helps the team. I’d keep Mikheyev, lot of upside. Kase can go, Blackwell can go, Simmonds can go. Engvall can probably go too..

@JordanTotti @kyledubas Leafs have Pierre Engvall and Ilya Mikheyev on their 3rd line. Tampa have Canadian World Championship and game 7 hero Nick Paul on their 3rd line..


By gods grace bring back Blackwell. Mikheyev can go to hell, but bring back that fucking pest on the fourth line. Found money there for sure..

@kylie_kkm WANT: Kerfoot, Holl POSSIBLE: Mikheyev, Gio, Spezz TRADE: One of Nylander/Tavares. Both have been great and I love em, but the team is going to need a new look..

@its_G_Music Get rid of Holl and Lyubushkin. Resign Spezza and Giordano. Sign Campbell to a team friendly deal or sign an FA goalie. Trade either Mikheyev or Engvall for cap relief. Entertain offers for Kerfoot. Win more games next year so you don’t play Tampa/Florida in the 1st round.

@pootietank @iyer_prashanth also having to re-sign ilya mikheyev. and he will want a big pay raise from the reports we got from last summer..

So @leafsnationtalk whi is on the chop/trade block this summer I order to free up cap space? For me it is (in order): 1. Engvall 2. Holl 3. Mrazek 4. Kerfoot 5. Mikheyev 6. Nylander I would definitely be looking to bring back Gio and Lyubushkin..

Mikheyev and Engvall had a chance to be key depth players in this series. They were both pretty useless from an offensive standpoint, and didn’t create anything, rather halted most of the looks they had. The depth wasn’t great the whole series. 47 65 25 19 24 not good enough.

@taiterstan Gio,engvall and sandin hopefully come back then let’s hope for afew other guys we need afew adjustments and mikheyev doesn’t wanna be here.

- Simmonds and Spezza may be washed. But I love them as #Leafs and would not object to seeing them return. - Will likely watch Mikheyev become the next Hyman. Hopefully, Engvall will become the next Mikheyev. /4of #LeafsForever.

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