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Mikheyev should have just obliterated Halak on that breakaway. No other choice, really..

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@LeafsNews Those are the guys you want on your team. Kerfoot and Mikheyev go nuts. Gotta love and I hate how Babcock ignores the training not sure if that’s all coaches but pisses me off.

I kind of want a more unique leafs jersey. Obviously as a jersey collected I need to have all the big names but I kind of want to get a more unique jersey. I’m seriously considering either Moore, Mikheyev, Goat or Dermott.

The #LAKings should be wise and peep what Mikheyev is doing lately, Prokhorkin was better last year in KHL and is just coolin in the press box rn.

NHL rookie leaders in 5v5 points/60 (min 50 minutes played): 1. Dmytro Timashov 2. Ilya Mikheyev.

@Muellercleez @PPPLeafs They were, along with Mikheyev. Marner & Nylander play unreal every game according to some people..

@NickyPizazz Does this work out? Timashov + Mikheyev =< Matthews + Marner - Nylander.

@IanGraph a) Kerfoot, Timashov, Mikheyev b) Matthews (I love him but he was not good in this one) And if anybody includes Ceci as Im gonna find him and fight him. He was never on the level to ever impress anyone.

Why the hell does Babcock have Mikheyev out there over Nylander in a TIE [email protected]$!ING GAME??? That is.

Refs 💩 Marner 💩 everyone not named Mikheyev pretty much 💩 #LeafsForever.

Mikheyev and his afterburners make another appearance. This kid is unbelievable! #GoLeafsGo.

Mikheyev should have just obliterated Halak on that breakaway. No other choice, really..

How did Mikheyev get out of the way of the goalie? Hrudey said it was impossible..

Mikheyev was a great addition to the team. He has done nothing but impress me, since being here. #LeafsForever.

Timashov + Mikheyev > Matthews+Marner+Nylander I’ve done the math 3x and it keeps checking out all week. 🤷‍♂️.

Mikheyev with another point. SOUP STOCK IS RISING! #LeafsForever #HockeyTwitter.

@koshtorontosun What a find Mikheyev has been, to acquire him for nothing is truly amazing..

The assists on the below goal have changed. The goal is now assisted by Jake Muzzin (4) and Ilya Mikheyev (4). #BOSvsTOR.

No word of a lie, I send Mikheyev thru the Bruins crease on the very next shift. Or Goat..

kerfoot line looking like shit, there is zero chemistry between willy and kerfoot + mikheyev. but it’s really nice that babcock had to fuck this guy over once again.

I don’t think Johnsson can keep up with Matthews and Marner maybe put mikheyev or Moore on that line??.

This is what I’d ice: Nylander-Matthews-Marner Johnsson-Kerfoot-Mikheyev Moore-Spezza-Kapanen Timashov-Gauthier-Shore Maximum offense and still a decent top 6, Kap isn’t a good LW and Nylander actually is..

First power play of the night goes to #NHLBruins. Ilya Mikheyev goes off for holding..

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