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Senator Sinclair @SenSincmurr writes PM Trudeau, demands he direct the RCMP to immediately uphold Section 35 of the Constitution and the Criminal Code #MikmaqRights

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That Hag Kateri 🌒🌕🌘
That Hag Kateri 🌒🌕🌘 ()

The Hulk is the best avenger. Standing up for real injustice! @MarkRuffalo #MikmaqRights #SipeknekatikStrong

Anna Anthro
Anna Anthro ()

31 yr old charged with vehicle arson in attack on #MikmaqRights to fish lobster

old old cojote #Democracy #BLM #TogetherWeRise
Old old cojote #Democracy #BLM #TogetherWeRise ()

#MikmaqRights Scientist here. Living in harmony w nature requires living in harmony w each other.

Amar Wala
Amar Wala ()

When watching how Canadian institutions (RCMP, media, etc.) talk about the attacks on #MikmaqRights, look out for words like “objectivity” and “both sides”, this is how Canada normalizes white supremacy.

BobSnopskins ()

@MikmaqRights How does one refuse to purchase any lobster that is not Mikmaq? These “fishermen” deserve boycott. Only Mikmaq lobster should be sold out of NS.

Jean-Paul Salameh
Jean-Paul Salameh ()

Copy and paste but change what the bunny is holding (\_/) ( •_•) / >#MikmaqRights

MW ()

Zéro products coming from @Clearwatersea will be consumed by my household as their suppliers are responsible for the terrorizing of indigenous peoples. #MikmaqRights

todd west
Todd west ()

@JustinTrudeau Talk talk talk is all the government ever does. Respect the treaties! Your predecessors signed them so you should enforce them! Shut up and do something. #MikmaqRights

Wallahiintahmar ()

Me looking at all the Americans wanting to run to Canada rn 👀 #MikmaqRights

Josh Giesbrecht
Josh Giesbrecht ()

#SovereignNations #MikmaqRights ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

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Marion Newman - Negye’ga
Marion Newman - Negye’ga ()

Thread and article of important perspective not mentioned elsewhere. #MikmaqRights

Tristan Stewart-Robertson
Tristan Stewart-Robertson ()

Still waiting for the RCMP and political leaders to read their own laws. . . #MikmaqRights

David 🇨🇦 Kyle
David 🇨🇦 Kyle ()

Donald Marshall Jr. is on my mind. Wrongly convicted of murder in a case of systemic racism in NS legal system. And a trailblazer for Indigenous huntering and fishing rights. Both are at the boiling pt more than a decade after his death. #MikmaqRights

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Lou ()

Thx for tweeting this @TOAdamVaughan ! Maybe tell your boss? #cdnpoli #MikmaqRights

🌈 tif flowers
🌈 tif flowers ()

As a Canadian, Nova Scotian, and a human I am horrified by what’s going on in NS right now. It’s time we ALL stand up for #MikmaqRights

Lexa Doig
Lexa Doig ()

Okay - but are they actually going to DO anything? #MikmaqRights

Rohit ()

Arson against indigenous people = tension/conflict Indigenous people peacefully blocking the construction of a pipeline through their territory = domestic terrorism #MikmaqRights

💋Mouthy Gurl💋
💋Mouthy Gurl💋 ()

Relieve the RCMP of their duty immediately, protect the Indigenous fishers, and stop offering thoughts and prayers @JustinTrudeau we need real action not words, only 1 leader has called this terrorism what it is!!! #cdnpoli #MikmaqRights

jackie mcvicar
Jackie mcvicar ()

Racist Premier of NS wants “respectful” dialogue. How about criminal charges against racist white fishers perpetrating violence and terror? Respect inherent #MikmaqRights.

Carli␘✿ ()

i recognize that we in nova scotia are on unceded unsurrendered mi’kmaq territory, known as mi’kma’ki. i stand with the mi’kmaq people’s inherent right to fish for a moderate livelihood. i stand with the peace and friendship treaty of 1752. we are all treaty people. #MikmaqRights

Tahoe Jo
Tahoe Jo ()

@rightojibwe Thanks for Following! Followed back Keep shining a light for #MikmaqRights Pilamaya 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

Glo G
Glo G ()

@privacylawyer @RCMPNS Andrew Joyce is a total wanker. How on earth can it not be a police issue? Why not go away then? Clearly “preservation of life” is at stake, yet it’s somehow not a police issue? Yeah I see both sides too: one is the victim and the other is the effing offender! #MikmaqRights

Ass Connoisseur 🌹
Ass Connoisseur 🌹 ()

#MikmaqRights that have been clearly defined in the treaties are currently under attack from commercial fisherman who wish to deny them their right to a moderate livelihood. Fuck the RCMP, and fuck those who are trying to deny indigenous people their rights.

Cheri DiNovo
Cheri DiNovo ()

No condemnation of the racist terrorism of course. #MikmaqRights

Be a Hero, Slap on a Mask
Be a Hero, Slap on a Mask ()

@JustinTrudeau Strongly condemning and action are two separate things. If this had been the indigenous fishers causing trouble, it would have ended days ago there would have been arrests made and the military brought in. END THIS NOW. #MikmaqRights #MikMaq

Cheri DiNovo
Cheri DiNovo ()

You can stand up for #MikmaqRights and for principles no matter who you are. Why won’t the #RCMPNS ?

Indy Randhawa
Indy Randhawa ()

Terrorists destroy lobster facility I fixed your headline @CBCEdmonton. If you need to see a resume before hiring me as an editor, just let me know. @CBCNews #MikmaqRights

bobby bonez
Bobby bonez ()

Hundreds at the Antigonish Treaty Rights March! #TreatyRights #MikmaqRights

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Anita Singh
Anita Singh ()

@Brett_CBC This post is makes it sound like a the confrontation is between two groups and a fair fight. Instead, it should read - the police need to face the racist, self-entitled mob that set fire to Indigenous livelihoods. The CBCs neutrality is dangerously racist. #MikmaqRights

Tanya Talaga
Tanya Talaga ()

Senator Sinclair @SenSincmurr writes PM Trudeau, demands he direct the RCMP to immediately uphold Section 35 of the Constitution and the Criminal Code #MikmaqRights

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