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How many different countries have you been to and what was one you wish you could go back to? #MilesBringYouCloser.

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@linlett60 Would you go during winter so you could take in fun activities like skiiing and toboganning or summer so you could go mountain climbing and hiking Linda? ~Kariann #MilesBringYouCloser.

@myblocktyler How can you not love the great Canadian entertainers Sharon, Lois, and Bram! Hmm Nostalgia! #milesbringyoucloser ~Lawrence.

@AIRMILES I’ve been to 15 countries including #SouthAfrica as an exchange student. I miss it dearly and would love to go back. #milesbringyoucloser.

@LuckyAtWinning That song does have it going on! Blast from the past that we have to listen to right now🎶. Thanks Ivy! #MilesBringYouCloser.

How many different countries have you been to and what was one you wish you could go back to? #MilesBringYouCloser.

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@AIRMILES My favorite Canadian sports team is the Winnipeg Jets because it is a miracle that they returned to us. #MilesBringYouCloser @LuckyAtWinning.

@AIRMILES Home town hockey team Calgary Flames. Should be a great season. B Ball is the Raptors. So much fun last spring. #milesbringyoucloser.

@AIRMILES i grew up watching the Canadians so they are my fav :) #milesbringyoucloser.

@AIRMILES Tennis!! They’re doing just fine in championships. #milesbringyoucloser.

@BethDimauro We are loving your Happy Dance! #MilesBringYouCloser #AIRMILESStagePass🕺💃.

@AIRMILES I’d go back to the 80’s! I was too young at the time to truly appreciate the genius of likes of Madonna, Queen and Aerosmith. In particular, I would have loved to attend the LiveAid concert! #milesbringyoucloser.

@AIRMILES The big band/swing band era because it just looks like so much fun to dance to. #milesbringyoucloser.

@AIRMILES The 60s. I love listening to bobby vinton @avocadno #milesbringyoucloser.

@AIRMILES I love music from the 90’s. Best music was made during that time in my opinion. #MilesBringYouCloser.

If you could travel back in time, what musical era would you choose and why? #MilesBringYouCloser.

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@AIRMILES I have 2. Pink and Taylor swift. Amazing shows the both of them. #milesbringyoucloser.

Cash Rewards or Dream Rewards. Which do you prefer to get and why? #MilesBringYouCloser.

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@AIRMILES #MilesBringYouCloser @OzzyOsbourne because I grew up with the Prince of Darkness’s songs. Brings back high school memories!.

@AIRMILES Last fall we went and seen Aqua and Prozzak at a Much Video Dance! Very Nostalgic! #MilesBringYouCloser #90skid.

@AIRMILES Avril lavigne. Have been going to her concerts since i was 5 @avocadno #milesbringyoucloser.

@AIRMILES Backstreet Boys! Grew up listen to them in grade 4 when they first came out. Brings back crazy good memories #MilesBringYouCloser.

@WattersLinda What a great choice Linda. Are you a big Pink fan or does this song just speak to you? #MilesBringYouCloser #AIRMILESStagePass.

Take a trip down memory lane. What musical artist sparks nostalgia for you and why? #MilesBringYouCloser.

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@Triped67 We do too Trisha but stay tunes to our social media all day for great online giveaways! #MilesBringYouCloser #AIRMILESStagePass.

@AIRMILES Seniorita!!! Can’t seem to get that song out of my head. #MilesBringYouCloser.

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