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AMARI. TOE TAP. AGAIN. This man is unreal! 🔥 #DallasCowboys @AmariCooper9 📺: #MINvsDAL on NBC 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app Watch free on mobile:.

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Dak Prescott completed 28/46 passes for 397 yards, 3 Tds and 1 Int. #Cowboys finished Sunday’s game with 443 yards on offense, the league leading 7th 400-yard game of the season for Dallas. Amari Cooper and Randall Cobb both surpassed 100 yards receiving. #MINvsDAL @DixBrianna.

The 2nd and 3rd Down calls on the final drive is what killed the Cowboys. Dak said they wanted to use some clock ⏰ Understandable, but must execute. #MINvsDAL.

Thank you @rcobb18 and @AmariCooper9 for killing it tonight. 👏🏻 Fantasy points are racking up. #MINvsDAL.

Zeke has contributed jack squat while @Dak @AmariCooper9 & Gallup are worth the money #MINvsDAL.

SNF gave us a glance at Mike Zimmer’s defensive call sheet #Vikings #MINvsDAL.

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look what’s happening when we pass in 1st down. #DallasCowboys #MINvsDAL.

AMARI. TOE TAP. AGAIN. This man is unreal! 🔥 #DallasCowboys @AmariCooper9 📺: #MINvsDAL on NBC 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app Watch free on mobile:.

Collinsworth sound disappointed every time there’s a penalty against the Cowboys. LMAO!!! It’s so obvious. #MINvsDAL.

Its probably just me, but @KirkCousins8 throwing motion makes me think he yells KACHOW! as he releases the #MINvsDAL.

Only thing to make this better would be a little #Eagles music. “One of these ” #MINvsDAL.

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Jason Garrett does nothing put clap, chew gum, and spit. I never even see him talk or coach. #FireJasonGarrett #MINvsDAL.

The defense needs to get off the field before a Minnesota score this drive. That’s an incredibly low bar seeing that the drive is starting inside the 5. #MINvsDAL.


I swear fans are soft. There are fans saying this was a defenseless WR. 😒 Hughes made a play on the ball. That’s great defense. #MINvsDAL.

Finally getting to watch this game amd I see this crap, Garrett get on them!! #MINvsDAL.

Come on that was a head to head hit with Dallas!!!!! You need to give me your job!!!#MINvsDAL.

Death, taxes, and the Dallas Cowboys playing like shit in the first half #MINvsDAL.

#MINvsDAL going to be one of those nights. #DallasCowboys . Poor defense over rated qb and sorry coaching staff.

Alright defense no rest, get back out there. O did not help again! #DallasCowboys #MINvsDAL.

Kyle Rudolph put the first TD on the board with this one-handed grab 😱 #MINvsDAL.

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These slow starts are ridiculous!! Always playing catch up. You just never know which Cowboy team is going to show up!#MINvsDAL.

Are y’all as sick of me being out coached every week as I am?! #MINvsDAL #CowboysNation.

We need to put the “how does the technology know/do that?” ads from AWS in a room with the ads for the new iPhone hyping up privacy in a room together and let them battle it out. #MINvsDAL.

How about that #4!!! Damn. He will make a push late but his inconsistency is digging this hole too. #MINvsDAL.

The Cowboys passed on @RandyMoss in the @NFLDraft. So when he took the field in Dallas his rookie year, he had a Thanksgiving feast. #SKOL (Nov. 26, 1998) #MINvsDAL: Sunday at 8:20pm ET on NBC.

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