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Americans are ready for this. Where is Mitch McConnell? Will he even let the Senate vote?.

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Pictured: seven young white men in “Team Mitch” T-shirts, gathered round a distressed looking cardboard AOC, groping and kissing her. The caption, “break me off a piece of that.” Future federal judges of America..

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夜公演までの合間にタピオカ♪ ひーちゃんのコレクションにあったやつ!.

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@FondOfBeetles Hi all, Mitch here. I got brave enough recently to submit this photo to @FiLiA_charity for my session at conference this year. #WomensHealth #SexMatters.

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Political correctness gone mad. I love Tayla Harris, hence her inclusion in this poll, but greater than the mulleted ranga? And don’t get me started on my Mitch Marsh man crush..

@rockshandy @Mitch_Jacobs Anything for a member of the Sneakyy Gang 😂 Just remember where that twitch prime sub is.

@littledeekay Mitch, Lindsey, 45, Barr, SC and the Whole GOP Party is Corrupt and had done irrevocable damage to the American people and America. Vote them all out to save the United States of America..

@axolotlLT @Mythosaur2 I remember mitch givin me and abel rides home in a his filthy car from band practice.

@LostDiva People forget that Oscar the Grouch was v well respected on the (Sesame) Street. He was a realist and was v wise. Also, fuck the View..

Klobuchar responds to a ? re: gun-buybacks by handwringing about “unity” & Mitch Mcconnell; calls for magazine limitations, “which would‘ve made a huge difference in [the] El Paso [massacre]!” So LESS ppl massacred is okay. Centrism = compromise EVEN w/ mass murder. #DemDebate.

Nancy Pelosi to Mitch McConnell: You have refused to join us in saving lives, but the beat will go on until [gun control legislation] is passed. Via CBS.

Mitch Reinke had a record-setting season with the @sarampage last year, and though the @StLouisBlues blue line is crowded, he hopes to find a spot in the lineup there. →.

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Moscow Mitch doesn’t want you to watch this. Because you are secretly supporting him through your household cleaning supplies..

Mitch I did think for a second you’d fuck that but you didn’ so well done #Ashes2019.

@RepMattGaetz The House passed the bills. Mitch stopped them. You know that, and are just lying to protect your illegitimate president..

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi chided a reporter and swiftly turned her anger on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell after being quizzed on gun control legislation. via @HuffPostPol.

@guerillacricket you know Australia is just mocking you now. Mitch fucking Marsh..

The Bisons back 💥💪🏼 Mitch Marsh’s return to the Test team is official with our skipper lining up for @CricketAus in the fifth #Ashes19 test #MADETOUGH.

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@bhriskohls mitch mcconnell was created by a bored marvel writer i swear to god the man is literally just a villain.

Sandy Hook Elementary Pulse Nightclub Columbine High School Gilroy Garlic Festival These are just some of the mass shootings where the gunman used a high-capacity magazine. Earlier, the House advanced our bill to ban them altogether. To Mitch McConnell: get this done..

@buffgrl Nah, this is just a payback to Ole Mitch and his Big Tobacco cronies who, BTW, can sell flavored tobacco.

[email protected] speaking truth. Mitch McConnell stood in front of the congressional press corps yesterday and said he’s waiting to see what the president wants to do first. That’s an abdication of his job. Americans are dying. #EnoughIsEnough.

Americans are ready for this. Where is Mitch McConnell? Will he even let the Senate vote?.

Mitch McConnell blocked Treasury Department funds to help pay for coal miners’ health care and pensions in his home state of Kentucky, but approved similar funds to bankroll an aluminum plant connected to an ally of Putin..

Last month, Mitch McConnell blocked Treasury funds to help pay for coal miners’ health care and pensions in Kentucky. Just a few months ago, McConnell helped secure Treasury funds for an aluminum plant backed by a Russian oligarch. His priorities are crystal clear..

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