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The fact that Mitch McConnell told USA Today on May 6 that a NATIONAL ABORTION BAN orchestrated by a Republican Congress is “possible” should permanently end any chance of a 2022 GOP takeover of Congress, and if it doesn’t I’m frankly left without any explanation as to how or why.

Who else is 100% convinced that Moscow Mitch McConnell is ONLY in Ukraine for a photo op?.

$28 million to address the baby formula shortage. $40 billion to Ukraine. Mitch McConnell, RINOs, and Democrats don’t care about you..

Moscow Mitch is the first one of Putin’s soldiers to make it to the Ukrainian Capitol.

The House has passed common-sense gun safety reforms. President Biden is ready to sign them into law. But the Senate filibuster rule gives Mitch McConnell’s GOP minority and the NRA veto power over the will of the American people. That cannot stand. #EndTheFilibuster.

Mehmet will not commit to voting against Mitch McConnell for Majority Leader. I will vote against Mitch. He will NOT commit to a ban on puberty blockers. I will commit to that. He is a fraud and not a Republican!.

Mitch McConnell: a national ban on abortion is possible. it’s six months until midterms. The GOP needs to lose, and lose decisively!.

So Mitch went to Ukraine empty handed because of Rand? Must’ve been embarrassing for him. Like that Russian aluminum plant in Kentucky..

Leafs PR
Leafs PR

We can confirm Mitch Marner was the unfortunate victim of a carjacking in Etobicoke on Monday evening. He was unharmed in the incident and the Club & Mitch are thankful for Toronto Police Services’ support. Anyone with information is asked to reach out to Toronto Police Services..

Moscow Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, and Susan Collins visited President Zelensky in Kyiv today. ALSO Moscow Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, and Susan Collins: refused to vote to convict trump for extorting President Zelensky for military aid..

JUST ANNOUNCED: President Reagan FACT checks Mitch McConnell on Medicare, Social Security & Medicaid. McConnell has been salivating to take away your entitlements. Is this who you want in charge of the Senate? Please make sure you Vote!.

EXCLUSIVE: Maple Leafs star Mitch Marner victim of Etobicoke carjacking.

Mitch Photo,Mitch Photo by Toronto Sun,Toronto Sun on twitter tweets Mitch Photo

Mitch McConnell and the establishment wing of the GOP are viciously attacking @RandPaul for the crime of wanting some minimal safeguards and oversight on this extraordinary amount of money the US has spent *after only 10 weeks of war*, sure to be much, much higher, and soon:.

Ronna McDaniel, Kevin McCarthy, and Mitch McConnell They claim to be McLeaders but I say they are McLosers..

Now Mitch McConnell has dropped into Ukraine to meet with the 🤡 Why is he even there?🧐.

Mitch Photo,Mitch Photo by Suzanne Seddon,Suzanne Seddon on twitter tweets Mitch Photo

But here’s how to tell the bad Republicans from the good ones. If the Democrats are focusing rabid unhinged hatred on you, you’re a good Republican. Mild hatred doesn’t really tell you anything. “Moscow Mitch“ is mild hatred Democrats eat mild hatred for breakfast..

❤️‍🩹| Harry & Mitch se abraçando no final do #OneNightOnlyNY!.

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On Lawrence O’Donnell’s show tonight, Wednesday, author of BETRAYAL( how Mitch McConnell ruined the senate) it’s true; he’s guiltier than Trump, both ruined the Republican Party; do not vote Republican!.

not normally affected by mitch but there’s a lesbian energy here i cannot ignore!!.

Logan O’Hoppe with a towering shot to left for his fourth homer of the year, a solo shot to get Reading on the board.

Yes, even if your ballot includes the likes of Kyrsten Sinema or Joe Manchin. As infuriating as they are, their presence in the Senate keeps Mitch McConnell from being able to set the agenda..

@mud_mitch @Saaaaaaayan38 センシティブなのでノーコメントでお願いします。.

Do you know Maggie Hassan is McConnell’s #1 Senate target? We can’t let Mitch buy her seat! Maggie works too hard for NH. She’s worked to strengthen the state’s economy, help families make ends meet, help vets get benefits they deserve. Re-elect @Maggie_Hassan #DemVoice1.

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harry chama mitch de daddy surpreendendo um total de zero pessoas.

That bizarre wave of fifties nostalgia in the late seventies - did you get caught up in it and, say, ask for an Elvis clock for Christmas or go to a fancy dress party as The Fonz? Tell all, daddy-o!.

@francoyaniv לנו זה טוב, שהניסנובים יעשו קופה, נקווה שזה ישאיר אותם🙏🏻.

@realDailyWire No Mitch… we don’t all agree. What a political hack… and I’m a true conservative Republican. You embarrass me. And you’re betraying our country..

Mitch made sure he opened an account in Ukraine Banks for his share of the 40 billion..

上院少数党院内総務のMitch McConnell氏(共和党)が土曜日、共和党代表団とともにウクライナをサプライズ訪問し、キエフでVolodymyr Zelenskyy大統領に面会した。.

@Mitch_BucH @EvopoliAprueba Mira, mi único tema es decírselos después del 04 de septiembre. Que voten rechazo y después los subimos y bajamos x unos diez años….

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