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#Leafs line rushes during morning skate May 12/22 Bunting-Matthews-Marner Mikheyev-Tavares-Kerfoot Nylander-Kampf-Engvall Spezza-Blackwell-Kase Extra: Clifford, Simmonds, Anderson Rielly-Lyubushkin Muzzin-Brodie Giordano-Holl Sandin-Liljegren Campbell Kallgren Mrazek.

I actually don’t know how you don’t give Jack at least close to what he wants. For most of this season, bar when he was playing hurt, he is excellent. More importantly, he’s well suited in goalie style to play behind this team in a way Mrazek unfortunately isn’t. Just my opinion..

#Leafs lines during practice May 7/22 Kerfoot-Matthews-Marner Nylander-Tavares-Kase Mikheyev-Kampf-Engvall Bunting-Blackwell-Spezza Extra: Anderson, Clifford, Simmonds Rielly-Lyubushkin Muzzin-Brodie Giordano-Holl Sandin-Liljegren Campbell Kallgren Mrázek.

Campbell at the very least deserves Petr Mrazek money. Ship Mrazek the hell out and you have your cap space for Jack. Under no circumstances can you let Jack Campbell walk..

My absolutely stupid, scantily informed opinion: for the goalies, move Mrazek (like the guy but his style doesn’t work with the Leafs), pay what you need to re-resign Jack, invest in Källgren/Woll. We have to use the ELCs we have here as the skaters are going to be more costly..

Just sign Kadri on a cheaper than market deal. I bet he’d sign it. He can play 2C, centre a 2PP unit or play bumper on the first, or can play wing. Give yourself flexibility at the C spot with 34, 91, and 43. If you get rid of Mrazek, Kerfoot, and Holl you probably have enough.

My off-season moves: 1) Add a top 6, elite FWD 2) Flip Mrazek, fill with a reliable backup 3) Retain Campbell, Giordano, Mikheyev, RFAs 4) Fill in the rest of the FWD gaps with skill/energy combos (or clone Pierre Engvall).


I think they’re going to change some things in regards to Mrazek, Kerfoot and Holl which equals million. Hard to picture this team better than they are right now. Scary thought that next year they’re coming back even better..

@Account4hockey Yes, exactly. Both very good players who I imagine would excel with their new teams. High end guys. But with 20M in cap between the two of them, and losing Kerfoot + Mrazek + Holl, for example, you have about 30M to play with and Sandin and Liljegren to fill the D spots lost.

Leafs minus free agents: Bunting-Matthews-Marner Kerfoot-Tavares-Nylander Robertson-Kämpf-Simmonds Clifford-Abruzzese Rielly-Brodie Muzzin-Holl Mrazek Källgren Free agents: Mikheyev Kaše Engvall Spezza Blackwell Giordano Lyubushkin Sandin Liljegren Campbell Fun off-season..

Corrected tweet: Kampf, Bunting, Kase, Ritchie, Mrazek, Simmons (ext), Spezza secured in off season by Dubas. Everyone happy w how that group worked out?.

you keep the core, there’s really not much to change here: -give matthews the C, it’s his team -move on from kerfoot, mrazek, holl -robertson is a middle 5 next year -sandin/liljegren full time -bring back kase, engvall, mikheyev, blackwell, gio? -find a 1B.

Newsflash, the Leafs are paying good players like good players (no one should really think Mrazek suddenly became bad btw)..

@JNeginShecter It’s simple, fire Mrazek into the sun and give that money to Jack 🤷‍♂️.

Imagine offering Mrazek $ and then offering Jack $ Like. That’s insulting..

@j_raya_ I don’t have concerns about Campbell being our guy. He showed he can keep up with top goalies (Price and Vasy). Ship Mrazek out of town & find someone better to back up..


@CharlieConway82 You physically cannot move John Tavares. He wouldn’t accept a non contending team and you can’t retain him. Kerfoot, mrazek, holl all cost million. First guys you look at..

Lowballing Campbell and running Mrazek/Kallgren 🔥🔥🔥 At least they won’t make it to Game 7 this time.

It’s a negotiation, right? Idk how much leverage they have if any. They just gave Mrazek $ by 3 years and there’s other comparables in that range. I can’t imagine it’s less, maybe a little more. - sounds about right.

@L4PatNadeau I disagree. I think he was the best leaf for 2 years. To me the only issue is that you can’t give him a raise because of what you’re spending on Mrazek. And others.

@sforys92 @MaheshNYCTO like by all means bring back Campbell but get him an ACTUAL tandem partner and not Petr fucking Mrazek.

Käligren and mrazek tandem leading us past the first round next year is gonna be electric.

@pyromercenary2 @Sportsnet Haha the officiating in no way cost them the series. It’s the signings of Tavares, Mrazek etc that have put the team into the salary cap issues. Dubas is the problem..

I’m seeing a lot of people expecting the Leafs to trade Mrazek, but my gut is telling me they hold onto him for some reason. Idk, he might bounce back, but it’s also risky..

@Sportsnet @StatsBySTATS #dubasout. He spent mill on Mrazek and Ritchie. Could have either kept Hyman or signed a top 4 Dman. Keefe should go to. He has this love for shit players like Engvall and Holl. Bring in Trotz. Get a new GM.

116-50-19, PT%, 111 point pace he’s the coach they’re gonna do it with, and the man has only had 1 full training camp and that’s the year he had to work with mrazek and the campbell injury/slump keefe is gonna win a jack adams one day and it’s going to be in toronto.

I was worried about the #Leafs chances for next year, but then I reminded myself the following players are still on the books in 2022-23: Willy - (2x yrs) Muzz - (2x yrs) Holl - 2m Kerfoot - Simmonds - 900k Clifford - 760k Mrazek - (2x yrs) Now, I can relax🤔.

Have to make Mrazek go away, not a buyout. Then yes I think so..

Jack deserves something in the 4-5 mil per year range. Whether he gets it in Toronto or not is the real question. Unless we can offload Mrazek that seems unlikely.

@ScmorganAuthor Not being sold anything here my friend. is below Mrazek and would feel like a slap considering he should be your number 1. Listen I hope he stays I bought his jersey cause I thought he was next tbh.

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