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His last win was 34 years ago, the centre today was the extreme left in 1988. Not sure his advice is as applicable as folks might think, but good leaders listen to a large spectrum of advisers & @PierrePoilievre is demonstrating good leadership by listening to Mulroney. #cdnpoli.

@JeffRybak Mulroney was a matter of disagreement, not a threat. Today’s conservatives are a completely different breed..

Mr. Mulroney was not dangerous. The first NAFTA negotiations involved George HW Bush & Mulroney. He tried to defend core Canadian values of that time, as a Progressive Conservative. There are no Progressive Conservatives today. The party is right wing prairie Reform/CONs..

It was great speaking at the @GoSnowmobiling convention in @townhuntsville today. Ontario’s a premier destination for snowmobiling, generating up to $ of economic activity yearly. Together with the OFSC, we’re committed to supporting the industry & keeping our trails safe..

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@bdenovan @JeffRybak I loathed Mulroney because I found him impossibly phoney and of course, corrupt as F. But he was sane..

@JeffRybak 2/2 as Mulroney had environmental legislation (to end acid rain) and he took a leading role in commonwealth making Canada an anti-apartheid leader..

I agree with John. I was not a fan of Mulroney (I cringed when he held President Reagan’s hand on stage while singing a duet) but he had strong policy ideas and got most implemented. He did not attack Canadian values of decency, pluralism and sharing. The Airbus grift -oouf..

@JeffRybak I disagreed with almost all Mulroney did but I never doubted that the conservatives of the time did do what they thought was best for Canada. That impression changed with Harper..

@vee_terra @acoyne Polievre’s Conservatives are not Mulroney’s Progressive Conservatives..

@JeffRybak Like others, I didn’t agree with all of Mulroney’s policies but he was a man of principal & obviously loved Canada. Today we no longer have Progressive Conservatives. We have a mashup Reform Alliance, cater to extreme right. Every iteration of leader is scarier than previous..

@JeffRybak I’m a progressive and consider now and did then that Mulroney was a very good Prime Minister. He was a world leader on environmental issues and ending Apartheid. He tried to reconcile Quebec with the Canadian constitution..

@JeffRybak @Papaschase2 So many here say Mulroney loved Canada. I disagree. If Regan told him to jump he would ask how high.

Brian Mulroney urges Pierre Poilievre to appeal to political centre over dinner - The Globe and Mail Pierre, lie if you have to. Just get er done!.

Usually if you meet Mulroney for dinner or coffee, he expects you to leave a fat envelope jammed with hundreds on the side of the table. #cdnpoli.

@JeffRybak Brian Mulroney was one of our greatest Prime Ministers and the last to govern with the benefit and enlightenment of a Royal Commission rich in policy and deep research. He was and is about as core to Canadian values as you could find..

@JeffRybak Not at first. In fact he was former PM Mulroney was a great speaker, although lifelong Liberals both, my mom took me to hear him stumping for a local candidate. Mulroney alienated in two ways, first the FTA that decimated Canadian manufacuring & second the GST introduced at 7%.

@JeffRybak I never voted for Mr. Mulroney, but looking back now he seems so moderate & sensible. He made a lasting impact with environmental legislation, working against apartheid etc. I was also impressed with the way he & Joe Clark came together after a nasty leadership race..

@Tintie4 Ditto on Mulroney .Harper, was a wake-up call for me as well. I agree w/ your sentiments 100 % .I am not thinking in terms of partisanship when I say there are extremely serious dangers /consequences to be concerned about w/PP because he is full of rhetoric / division & deception.

@habsfanpaul @LukaszukAB There is no place for the moderate right vote in the CPC, hadn’t been since Mulroney. Only extremists would put someone who has never had a real job in the leadership position so they can use him as a puppet. This is more of Harper’s machinations..

@acoyne Mulroney won in 1984 by recruiting hard nationalists and separatists candidates in Quebec. Also, ~20 years Liberal governments. He won in 1988 because Liberals opposed free trade and supported Meech, which was the opposite of what they should have done. He was stupid & lucky..

@JeffRybak I had actually liked Brian He loved Canada and Leading it as well just like PM Trudeau does now! 🤷‍♀️ #cdnpoli #Canada.

@PhillipsPOBrien What is it about American and British conservatives that they can’t leave the 1980s. It’s tempting to say it is an Anglophone thing, but Conservatives in Canada are not caught in a trap imagining that returning to Brian Mulroney is the essence of conservatism..

@JeffRybak I might have been 10yrs I made a Mulroney mask for Halloween. It was I put on a suit and went door to door asking for 7cents (the GST). Most people A couple slammed their door in my face. Free Trade and the GST were the scariest things back then..

Ya he took kick backs, but I’d say he is head and shoulders above the con offering today. Mulroney worked, he cared, this latest crop of divisive, lying shit weasels are just deplorable. Mulroney was burnt toast, Poilievre is shit on at all appetizing!.

The Globe and Mail: Brian Mulroney urges Pierre Poilievre to appeal to political centre over dinner. via @GoogleNews.

@JeffRybak Jake Epp, MP from MB, Minister of National Health and Welfare under Mulroney authored the document we studied in our Health Promotion in Nursing class 89-90. Would CPC MP author this now?? Achieving health for all: A framework for health promotion..

@acoyne Problem is that Mulroney’s centre was right of Poilievre’s right. Different times.

@JeffRybak We used to have spirited debates b/w LIB/CON. We could disagree on almost everything while knowing both parties had the goal of making CAN better, we just didn’t agree with the paths to achieve this. I wasn’t a fan but I didn’t see Mulroney as dangerous, unlike the CPC today..

@JeffRybak I thought GST was a good idea, wasn’t sure about NAFTA. Mostly pissed at the negotiator we had. I didn’t like the way Mulroney kept us in the dark about things. I didn’t think he was a bad person, though..

@AdrianW123 @JeffRybak Yup exactly. Mulroney also shut down rail lines, resulting in vastly more trucks on our highways, more costly road maintenance and more traffic deaths not to mention escalating carbon emissions. I met once him in the mid-nineties…..

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