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How Kyler Murray and JJ Watt walking into Cardinals training camp

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Mike Singer
Mike Singer ()

Nuggets end the first half up 64-50. Probably their most impressive first half of the season given the circumstances. Murray leads the Nuggets with 18, Jokic has 13 points and 9 assists and noted Buck killer Will Barton has 11. Denver up 32-20 on points in the paint.

Josiah Johnson
Josiah Johnson ()

How Kyler Murray and JJ Watt walking into Cardinals training camp

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Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi
Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi ()

Levine’s nomination is historic, but it is also necessary. It is necessary because, as Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) pointed out at the beginning of the hearing, we should have a government that represents the vast breadth of humanity.


@FriedgeHNIC The right move. Give Daccord some much needed Murray some much needed rest.

Colonizer Archer
Colonizer Archer ()

“That’s right Murray! I go to Sam’s Club with my mother and punch boxes while we browse. I’m very strong.”

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Halifax Panthers 🐾
Halifax Panthers 🐾 ()

Man like MURRAY 💫 #DM10 ready to rip in 👊🏻 #PanthersAreInTown 🐾

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CJ McCollum
CJ McCollum ()

Had a layup. Probably been brains-washed to shoot 3s bc of analytics lol but common sense says run the lane for a layup. Murray shouldn’t have given up his dribble that early either

Samantha Pell
Samantha Pell ()

Ilya Samsonov, who was called up from Hershey to the taxi squad yesterday, is also not practicing with the team today. Anderson and Copley are the two goalies practicing with the full team. Vanecek was working on his own with Scott Murray on the other sheet of ice.

Andy Murray
Andy Murray ()

Can’t wait for this. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏆🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Tickets on sale now 👇 #LetsGo @BattleofTheBrit

Paul Martin
Paul Martin ()

We can understand the motivation of opposition parties and media in gunning for the FM and Scot Govt. But the sheer emotive depth of the backlash from the #StuAnon brigade has been a sight to see. So why are they so easily and readily led by Campbell, Murray, Jeggit (LOL) etc?

Mr bluesman
Mr bluesman ()

Na -2, 6 sekundi do kraja, imaš loptu, trčiš kontru sa 4 igrača, trojica sami kao duhovi, Murray staje na trojci a iz nekoga razloga i ostala 3 zajašu trojku da šutnu za pobedu. Basketball IQ anyone? Any IQ? Any trace of intelligent life there?

Mujeres Con Ciencia
Mujeres Con Ciencia ()

#Efeméride La genetista molecular Noreen Murray (1935-2011) nació un 26 de febrero. Colaboró en el desarrollo de una vacuna contra la hepatitis B, la primera vacuna genéticamente modificada aprobada para el uso en seres humanos.

Hydrasylum TTFL🐙🐙
Hydrasylum TTFL🐙🐙 ()

Recap de la nuit en #ttfl 1x Embiid - 38 pts 1x Randle - 35 pts 1x Zion - 50 pts 🔥 1x Giannis - 58 pts 👑 1x Jokic - 49 pts 1x Simmons - 30 pts 2x Murray - 48 pts 1x Doncic - 23 pts 1x PG - 21 pts La variété donne 400 points !! La bataille pour la montée continue !

Hardwood Paroxysm
Hardwood Paroxysm ()

Murray-Campazzo-Morris this season have a 128 offensive rating which is great! But they give up 120 per 100 possessions. At some point you have to play lineups that address your key problem: defense

Hypothetical Coochie
Hypothetical Coochie ()

@NBAonTNT Why would you congest the lane by continuing to run if you’re Jamal Murray? He did right by stopping and drawing his man away from the basket so someone else can cut and have a free lane. Problem is, not one of those other dudes filled the lane. “As a point guard”, Kenny Wrong.🤷🏽‍♂️

Kyle Griffin
Kyle Griffin ()

Dr. Rachel Levine, the first transgender person to be nominated for a Senate-confirmed position in the federal government, was asked by Rand Paul about genital mutilation at her confirmation hearing. Sen. Patty Murray rebuked Paul for his harmful misrepresentations.

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum ⚾
National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum ⚾ ()

Happy 65th birthday to Eddie Murray, who was so consistently excellent that his switch-hitting ability was often overlooked. His 1,917 RBI remain the most ever by a switch-hitter. (Rich Pilling/National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum)

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Nbamaniacs ()

📄 Denver derrota a Portland con 65 puntos entre Jokic y Murray #NBA

Ben ()

This is Labour MP James Murray saying now isn’t the time for tax rises on big business. A Labour MP.

Pierre LeBrun
Pierre LeBrun ()

The goal should have stood. Murray had time to reset. Good luck if we’ve got one of these in Game 7 of the Cup final. 🤷‍♂️

yaoi appreciator
Yaoi appreciator ()

it would be pretty cool if someone went on the ellen show and did to her what the joker did to murray

NBAextra ()

[📺 RÉSUMÉ VIDÉO] 🏀 #NBA 💫 Gros match des Nuggets qui dominent les Blazers ! 💨 Nikola Jokic rayonne avec 41 points !

Automobile Magazine
Automobile Magazine ()

Gordon Murray Automotive turns its V-12–powered supercar into an even more fearsome track weapon with the Niki Lauda.

NBA ()

🎂 24 for @BeMore27 on his 24th bday 🎂 19 in the 4th Q to lift the @nuggets Jamal Murray celebrates his #NBABDAY with a Jamal Murray-like performance!

Sean Yoo
Sean Yoo ()

one of the most entertaining things in basketball is watching jamal murray heat up in the 4th quarter

Jena Garcia
Jena Garcia ()

Malone will challenge the foul called on Jamal Murray. Jamal says it was all ball and the call was over turned.

Nuggets🇧🇷 (16-14)
Nuggets🇧🇷 (16-14) ()

kkkkk a falta que deram do Murray, pelo amor de Deus. Vamos ter que jogar um desafio fora pra reverter ISSO.

Murray Pam
Murray Pam ()

Murray keeps the game tied with a glove save off Anderson who swooped in from the right dot. #Sens

ESPN Tenis
ESPN Tenis ()

“Los chicos más jóvenes han demostrado no estar cerca del Big Three. Dominic hizo lo que tenía que hacer para ganar el US Open, pero si Novak no hubiese mandado esa pelota a la garganta de la jueza de línea, habría pasado lo mismo que en Australia” 🗣️ @andy_murray

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Emma Alberici
Emma Alberici ()

Just now on @SkyNewsAust Paul Murray claimed “I want to fight for you” This was addressed to his audience. What exactly is he fighting for? If it’s justice .. justice for what and for whom? 🙄

☚ minho #innitsecret ☛
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