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LaShanta relied on her boyfriend for every basic need, but now he’s gone, and she can only count on herself. Watch as she takes charge on #My600lbLife tonight at 8/7c..

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Why is #my600lblife 2 whole hours and these people rarely accomplish anything? I miss back in the day when they actually transformed instead of being whiney little bitches for a couple of hours 😑.

“Playtime ” YOU SAID THIS LAST TIME! 😂😂😂😂😂 Dr. Now is a savage haha! #my600lblife #PlaytimeOver.

LaShanta never grew up. She is large child. An adult doesn’t talk this way or act this way. #my600lblife.

This woman talking bout her kneees are bothering bitch where is your knees at this point 🤨 #My600lbLife.

I would say this episode was a total waste but i am a little drunk so not a total loss. #my600lblife.

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100 pounds in the hospital. She’ll go home and gain it right back! #My600lbLife.

Watching #my600poundlife & moms just said. Dont nobody want no big fat ass daughter i fell tf out 😂😂😂 #my600lblife boi it be ur own mama.

The doc could tell she hadnt bathed since the boyfriend left 👀🤮🤮🤮 #My600lbLife.

I am glad I was able to show my friend I am out being active like this. Says the active lady eating an 8 piece chicken box from the floor a minivan that 7 grown men just had to load you in. #my600lblife.

How do you have a boyfriend when he gotta empty pee & poo from a Rubbermaid I’d be like just shoot me!! #my600lblife.

“I went over the diet from but none of the foods I like are on it” 😂😂😂😂 No shit, that’s the point #my600lblife.

Wow, that transition to ambulance went a lot smoother than I would’ve thought. And everybody had a good attitude about it. #my600lblife.

Idk what’s more frustrating. The fact that this was a waste of an episode or LaShanta’s voice. #My600lbLife.

She speaks with the same cadence of a child that’s reading aloud in class but isn’t really confident about their literacy skills. #my600lblife.

#my600lblife is over. All my Tweeps are hurrying to change the channel before #Drpimplepopper comes on! 😂😂😂.

So many people actually end up on #my600lblife waiting for their parents to do what LaShanta just did. It takes a lot for parents to come to grips with AND admit that they did something wrong. That could literally be the difference in him maintaining his freedom!.

#my600lblife LaShanta shocked she was forced on a diet while in the hospital. Excited to go home so she can eat herself into a coma..

Wonder if Lola is into white guys who talk shit about fat people on need her to examine all my fears and , ill write what ever letters you want me to #my600lblife.

Thanks fam for being more entertaining than the show. See everyone next time #my600lblife.

2 minutes left in the episode and she finally got approved for surgery! This has to be a #my600lblife record! You go girl! I talk shit, but I really do like seeing success stories on here. ❤.

Lessons I’ve learned watching #my600lblife If nobody sees you eat that piece of fried chicken, it never happened..

She not gonna be so excited anymore when she gets on the scale and that fried chicken shows up #my600lblife.

Her bed was her kitchen,Bathroom and Shower and her Season My Chicken Area #My600LBLife.

Kelly followed all the rules and died. Lashanta isn’t exercising and eats fried chicken daily, and is chillin. It makes me sad. #My600lbLife.

LaShanta relied on her boyfriend for every basic need, but now he’s gone, and she can only count on herself. Watch as she takes charge on #My600lbLife tonight at 8/7c..

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