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The name that keeps coming up as the Lakers’ natural target: Ex-UCLA Bruin Bob Myers.

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@ScooterMcNeice @CodeRedBomber I’m sorry but Bags was bad first two weeks like the rest of them (& not even close to how bad Zaharakis was), he earned all his games end of last year and was good last week. Off the mark with him imo. Myers yet to prove..

@FraserNelson @FlossSays I’m a regular Spec reader for 3 yrs and haven’t noticed Myers’s name. Provocative and eloquent. Perfect fit I would have thought!.

@FraserNelson @FlossSays Fraser, have you ever approached Kevin Myers for a column? Gifted wordsmith, got Toby’d a couple of yrs ago..

@Chambo413 @ScooterMcNeice Our coach is a joke! How can francis get dropped??? And they bring the hack back , Myers!! Please spare me!!!.

@DUMPONME1 It was incredibly disappointing and, although not perfect, I definitely prefer what Zombie did with his take on Myers..

How to transform organizational effectiveness in just one minute via @LinkedIn.

@ScooterMcNeice @CodeRedBomber Myers selection is most baffling because he’s being played forward, of which he has no idea how to do and can’t get his hands above head height. Laverde when fit is his spot..

Quem nunca sonhou com uma porradaria entre Jason Vohees e Michael Myers??? Esse curta está mexendo com os amantes da arte sangrenta.

Well the horror theme for Halloween just got a bit too real. I bet Michael Myers never expected to be upstaged by Theresa May and 😂.

트위터의 많은 고양이 동영상이 있지만 내가 제일 좋아하는 영상들은 고양이가 카메라와 눈이 마주치고 가까이 다가와서 집사한테 부비느라 화면 전체가 꽉 찬 그런 영상..

The name that keeps coming up as the Lakers’ natural target: Ex-UCLA Bruin Bob Myers.

What if Magic Johnson just put the Warriors on the clock? Here is how things could get interesting if the Lakers go after Bob Myers.

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