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#MyNigerianPrinceAndI wants to send me $10 Million dollars I won in the Nigerian lottery!.

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#mynigerianprinceandi have broken up and apparently I now have to pay alimony, mostly in the form of gift cards from major retailers..

EFCC arrests Former SGF Babachir Lawal. Read up on the guy or something. More importantly, #MyNigerianPrinceAndI is trending. Lol, this we need help..

#mynigerianprinceandi are going to buy the next US election & put a woman in power! 😉.

Chuck E. Cheese #TagTeamTitles Me Before You Milos #mynigerianprinceandi.

Would like to gift you 2 million dollars but you need to send us 1 kardashian to marry our son. that is how you say easy money in American yes? #MyNigerianPrinceAndI.

Not all Nigerians are scammers, am legit and pay my bills #MyNigerianPrinceAndI.

#MyNigerianPrinceAndI are gonna be together as soon I send him the $500 he needs..

#mynigerianprinceandi are opening a KFB restaurant chain Kentucky fried bushmeat.

#MyNigerianPrinceAndI have $82 billion dollars to spend on a new house renovation. @hgtv where you at?.

#MyNigerianPrinceAndI wants to send me $10 Million dollars I won in the Nigerian lottery!.

#MyNigerianPrinceAndI r I m about to inherit 🤪🤪😂😂.

#MyNigerianPrinceAndI talked at our graduate school reunion. With classmates and faculty from India, Philippines, Russia, Equador, Italy, Thailand,Mexico, Jamaica, England, Puerto Rico, Japan,Africa,Australia, etc..

If everyone would send #MyNigerianPrinceAndI just $5, we would invest it and send each of you $1000 in just two months!.

#MyNigerianPrinceAndI have a business relationship like peanut butter and chocolate..

#MyNigerianPrinceAndI are investing in Beanie Babies. We’re going to corner the market..

#MyNigerianPrinceAndI is a failed modernized reinterpretation of the King and I..

#MyNigerianPrinceAndI will not let a Thursday side-track our #ValentinesDay 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹.

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#MyNigerianPrinceAndI asked for $ transfer cost of my inherited millions. i said mate deduct it from the millions and send me the balance..

#MyNigerianPrinceAndI ... this is the WEIRDEST thing I’ve seen in a and I’m living for it.

#MyNigerianPrinceAndI filed for bankruptcy. We forgot to make him WHITE for the Trumpers - the only ones STUPID enough to fall for it but also the most racist group of people. Alas, it was a good plan..

#MyNigerianPrinceAndI Are spending my 25 million once I send him all my personal information.

#MyNigerianPrinceAndI I thought we talked about this Is this the new Blackface? Now it mocking Black men from Africa..

#MyNigerianPrinceAndI is about gain. You see marriage as a business and want to gain wealth by marrying a Prince..

#MyNigerianPrinceAndI is about feeding the greed of people that are not ready to work but want to be married to rich people..

#MyNigerianPrinceAndI are waiting for my check to clear to finally get our riches.

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