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  • Incredible. National Geographic breaks down decades of racist coverage in its own archives. Wow.

  • An amazing example of owning your past and evolving with self reflection. Thank you National Geographic for taking an honest look at race, starting with the history of your own publication. Bravo! 👏👏🏾👏🏿

  • To kill a female polar bear is to kill 30 polar bears Paul Nicklen, National Geographic arctic photographer #GLOBEforum #climatechange #climate

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  • Reconoce National Geographic racismo en publicaciones, pero superará su historia

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  • [email protected] is admitting to decades of racist coverage. Click here to find out how they came to this realization, and what they are doing to right their wrongs.

  • @alexbuelna13 ‘s snapchat story is better than any National Geographic documentary i’ve watched..

  • [@Elmo_Braga] National Geographic reconoce que ha sido racista en su cobertura

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  • Covers of Famous Magazines Then and Now: Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The National Geographic and Others

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  • ‘National Geographic’ reconhece ter sido racista por décadas

  • #1986 Será que fui o único que viu 2 minutos e resolveu mudar para o National Geographic?...

  • THIS. VERY. THING. The importance of National Geographic in creating Western constructions of race cannot be overstated. The mag was read all over the place for decades. Right now, its positioning itself as merely reflecting existing racism. Nope.

  • National Geographic admits to historic racism – but modern magazines are racist too, says @lolaadesioye

  • Much to unpack. One consideration the reverberating impact, from perception to policy.

  • Twins stump National Geographic because they’ve never been to Black family reunion and think one is white and the other is black

  • "We had to own our story to move beyond it." This should be the worldwide mantra of responsible whiteness in everything from media, the arts, education, medicine, and politics.

  • I was lucky enough to be raised in a typical working class, African American, home where our parents subscribed to National Geographic AND taught us, their beloved children, to understand, question AND challenge, a racist world view.

  • The National Geographic Is Admitting To Practicing White Supremacy For Decades!

  • El brutal mea culpa de National Geographic

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  • ‘For Decades, Our Coverage Was Racist’ — National Geographic confronts its past via @torontostar.


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  • #Mundo | Revista #NationalGeographic reconoce que cubrió al mundo con su lente racista durante generaciones

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  • on another note, here is Fiona pretending to be a tiger on the cover of National Geographic

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  • Autocrítica de National Geographic: “Durante décadas nuestra cobertura fue racista.” #NationalGeographic #Racismo #BalckAndWhite #Autocrítica

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  • National Geographic fait un mea culpa sur des années passées à couvrir des sujets de façon raciste. Un édito à lire!

  • National Geographic usa capacetes imersivos para a série “One Strange Rock”

  • El sol Tormentas solares NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Documental JC HD vía @YouTube.

  • Apple compra Texture, serviço de assinatura digital de mais de 200 títulos, como Esquire e National Geographic. Ação indica que próximo grande lançamento da empresa pode ser um serviço.

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  • National Geographic usa capacetes imersivos para a série “One Strange Rock”

    National Geographic twitter.
  • In Brett Morgen’s Jane Goodall Doc, Life Among the Chimps Has Never Looked Better

  • El mea culpa de National Geographic: reconoció que por décadas realizó cobertura racista vía @biobio.

  • Once we acknowledge we have done wrong, we can all move forward.

  • National Geographic: for decades, our coverage was racist

  • For Decades, Our Coverage Was Racist. To Rise Above Our Past, We Must Acknowledge It - National Geographic