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Jk Rowling stop defending nazis challenge. Impossible..

Nazis Photo,Nazis Photo by Alejandra Caraballo,Alejandra Caraballo on twitter tweets Nazis Photo

This is what happens when people whip up hate by slurring women’s rights campaigners as Nazis. My contempt for all the liars who have whipped up misogynistic mobs is beyond expression. I’m proud to know Posie, and will be standing with her once she’s back. 1/2.

Did you know that Soros collaborated with the Nazis during WWII to identify and turn in Jews?.

¿Sí entienden que esto es equivalente a lo que hacían los nazis? No al fanatismo. No a la intolerancia. No a revivir horrores del pasado. Mi admiración a la ministra Norma Piña. Mi repudio a los tóxicos oficialistas. ¡Hasta en la enajenación hay niveles!.

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On Dec. 1, 1944, the French army killed hundreds of Allied West African soldiers in the Thiaroye Massacre. The soldiers were murdered after demanding their fair pay for helping the French fight against the Nazis. To this day, surviving soldiers are still waiting for recognition..

“Lo mejor del sanchismo son los independentistas. Tiene mérito que sean vistos como progresistas unos fascistas de libro. Sus políticas de imposiciones lingüísticas son un catálogo completo de prácticas nazis…la “raza” como arma”..

Nazism in the USA via the Democrat party, they started and embraced the KKK for over 9 decades. All Nazis embraces fake news. The Nazis relied on street riots. They transformed the judicial systems. THE DEMOCRAT PARTY HAS ALWAYS BEEN A STAIN ON THE USA..

igual nosotros acá aclarando que en el punk se usaba la esvastica a modo de “burla” hacia los nazis y re que la coreana que se puso la remera de sid vicious debe estar tipo “que asco estos marrones”.

The attempt being made here to erode what casual onlookers may have thought was an unerodable redline (Nazis are bad) is not subtle. It is not subtle!! Do not be passive, do not let them succeed.

Los invito a leer este pequeño y conmovedor homenaje al gran mimo Marcel Marceau, en el centenario de su nacimiento. Pocos saben que fue un héroe de la resistencia francesa contra los nazis.

@PeImeniPusha Brodsky should express his disappointment and dissatisfaction with Ukraines nazi problem. Jews giving money to nazis, you can’t make this stuff up 🤦‍♀️.

Christian School Headmaster. Pedophile. Louisiana. He taped their mouths shut. And what do you know, no Alex Jones, No Proud Boys, No Nazis making threats. Where is all that care for the children..

Que buen día se está quedando para bloquear nazis,franquistas y otros especímenes,lo estoy disfrutando. #TodoAlRojoConPsoe 🌹❤️💪.

@acaibcwl @theneedledrop K-pop fans have a lot of weeb overlap, which has probable overlap with Nazis and pedophiles and incels. Their defensive stance on this should surprise no one..

Not criticising @RuthWW as most in media are religiously illiterate - but St Michael’s is a special church in Sydney for Catholics for discussion (I have spoken there) & prayer & any feral mob trying to shut a church meeting down during an election is, actually, “what Nazis do”.

Clear entrapment cases. FBI are nazis and facists. We are now a 3rd world country due to Democrats in Washington. #Tucker.

I condone punching nazis, racists, and anyone who thinks an 8 top party doesn’t include 5 extra small children at a restaurant.

Complainer A: OMG the current thing is enabling name calling Also Complainer A - says nothing when people are falsely called racists and nazis and actively amplifies Me: get fucked you filthy smear merchant.

Gunned down and burned by the Nazis: the shocking true story of Bambi — In 1935, both of Felix Salten’s Bambi novels were banned and burned by the Nazis, who viewed them as Jewish propaganda.

@Real_luberals Y no se posiciona contra los nazis porque está la URSS al otro lado. Jajajaja.

@PierreDrole ich erfreu mich daran nazis im internet gottlos als hurensohn zu beleidigen.

multipolarism is intrinsically fascist its entire guiding philosophy is to allow refuges for autocracy to perpetuate endless war realists, multipolarists, whatever you want to call them are nazis with brooks brothers suits.

Nazis #SaintRampalJiAllah /God is Kabir Quran, Surah Al Furqan 25:52, Remain firm on the basis of the knowledge of Quran given by me that, Kabir only is the Supreme God. Almighty God Kabir is the creator and the suatainer of all. All holy books have proved it..

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@Strawberries70 @waitbutwhy This is a great counter. Many cancellers or idea supremacists would point out that a small but vocal minority tried in various ways to deplatform and delegitimize the nazis before they gained popular support. Arguably similar to what radical student movements do today..

One of the objectives of Nazis is annihilation and that being removed from the equation as to what the freedom to speak is is gross..

@LloydWhiteAnat @aytchellesse The *only* message the Nazis had… I think 99% of people would be anti paedophillia and by your logic… ‘pro nazi’?.

Nazis Photo,Nazis Photo by Sasha,Sasha on twitter tweets Nazis Photo

Les nazis français n’ayant pas réussi à faire élire leur candidat juif vont manifester dans les rues au cri de « CRS SS ! »..

@visegrad24 That’s the price you have to pay when supporting Nazis. His forefathers must cringe in their graves knowing that there are poles who supports banderites..

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🎧 𝗣𝗢𝗗𝗖𝗔𝗦𝗧 | Aliens ou nazis : la Lune, au cœur de tous les complots.

@bernathoustra Un dictateur a toujours besoin de cette espèce servile et sans état d’âme. Les nazis en avaient besoin pour administrer et garder les camps de concentration. Même chose du côté de Staline pour le goulag et de tous les autres Mao, Pinochet, Franco, Pol Pot,...

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