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Headed to game 6 #NBAFinals2019 Excited for my first finals game! Let’s !!!.

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LOL, @realDonaldTrump is such a bad president that even the Larry O’Brien trophy moves to Canada 😂 Congratulations to the @Raptors and their fans around the globe for winning the #NBAFinals2019.

The President of the 2019 NBA Champions, the Toronto Raptors is Masai Ujiri from Nigeria. A proud moment not only for Canada but also for the African continent. #NBAFinals2019 #WeTheNorth.

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That was such an anti-climatic win though. “Can we celebrate?” “Not yet.” Can we celebrate now?” Not yet. “What about now?” “Yes, in seconds.” #NBAFinals2019.

Congratulations to the @Raptors #NBAFinals2019 #Champions.

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NBA Finals 2019: Watch Warriors vs. Raptors Game 6 live 🏀🏆 ⚔ ⚔ 🕹Link 1: 🕹Link 2: 🕹Link 3: 🕹Link 4: NBAFinٍals #Gamٍe6 Gasol nbafinals2019 lowry wethenorth.

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Não me lembro de ter visto uma partida de basquete com tanta intensidade, atenção defensiva, variação ofensiva e precisão nos últimos anos. Equilíbrio absurdo no 1o tempo na #OracleArena . @Klow7 em noite de @IsiahThomas , 21 pts, 6ast, 70% de fg e apenas 1 TO. #NBAFinals2019.

Una primera mitad muy pareja; @warriors debe mejorar en defensa. Y que el resto apoye a Klay Thompson en ofensiva. @Klow7 intratable con 21 puntos. ¡Esta buena la cosa! #NBAFinals2019.

Si se complican las , para Stephen las manos🙌🏻 #NBAFinals2019.

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Headed to game 6 #NBAFinals2019 Excited for my first finals game! Let’s !!!.

Teammates from the 85 @KuemperKnights title team, Frank Molak and Nick Nurse, reunited Monday night at the @Raptors #NBAFinals2019. Pretty sweet. #RaptorsvsWarriors.

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20時間 情報を一切 遮断して、見終わった。 決まるかと思ったけど、次はオラクルだし、ゲーム7迄もつれる可能性高いなぁ~。。。 #NBAFinals #NBAFinals2019.

“I don’t think the fans knew the significance of the injury. They kind of just seen he went down. — Lowry on Toronto fans’ reaction to Durant injury. 🏀 #NBAFinals2019.

I talked with @UrOrientalist on the @east_podcast about #KevinDurant, #NBAFinals2019, game five and race and neoliberalism in basketball..

Combinando la audiencia entre USA y Canadá, las Finales de la NBA 2019 (Raptors vs Warriors) está teniendo un 4% por encima con relación a las Finales de la NBA 2018 (Cavs vs Warriors). millones de espectadores vs millones de espectadores. #nbafinals2019.

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Why Kevin Durant’s injury is a growth opportunity — for all of us. #Warriors #NBAFinals2019 via @ScottOstler:.

This series Raptors fans have; Made inappropriate comments towards Ayesha Curry, set off fireworks outside Warriors hotel, celebrate/flip off/wave goodbye and yelled fuck KD when he got injured in the arena, Jurassic Park, bars, and sucker punched a Warriors fan. #NBAFinals2019.

it wasn’t durant getting injured that will change the series. it was the toronto fans afterward cheering that he was injured. it’s over. warriors in 7. #NBAFinals2019.

Is this the insidious religious fundamentalism and lack of integration Canada’s Islamophobes worry about? This Toronto mosque had its faithful praying for the Raptors in the #NBAFinals2019. 😂.

Thailand plays defense like Boogie Cousins defends a pick and roll. #USWNT #NBAFinals2019.

[email protected] catches up with two young Ottawa basketball stars whose passion is fueled by the @Raptors #ottnews #NBAFinals2019.

**When I walk by a dog on the street** “May I pet your dog?” **When Kawhi Leonard walks by dog** **SCANNING** **SCANNING** **SCANNING** **SCAN RESULTS** Organic life form non threat, human response (brush fur) #NBAFinals2019.

I couldn’t think of any way for Durant to redeem himself to the public & he’s about to now. Literally the only way is for him to get injured. The warriors lose. Then he resigns, rehabs, & wins it next year with the warriors & everyone cheers him. Life is crazy #NBAFinals2019.

#NBAFinals2019 has been decided by the 3ball! Game 1 Raptors Raptors Warriors Game 2 Warriors Raptors Warriors Game 3 Raptors Raptors Warriors Game 4 Raptors Raptors Warriors Game 5 Warriors Raptors 25% Warriors.

If the Warriors win the #NBAFinals2019 i’ll give $20 To EVERYONE that Retweets this! KD IS A GAME CHANGER! RAPTORS IN 6ix 🔒❗️.

KD showed a lot just getting back, and playing as he did for as long as he was out there. Now Steph has yet another chance to show he can get it done when it matters most. #NBAFinals2019.

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