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Updated: September 15th, 2021 04:41 PM IST

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My favorite food moment on film is in The Great Gambler (1979) when Neetu Singh takes Amitabh Bachchan to eat pizza in Rome and describes it as “yeh Italian paratha hai”

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Strength to naaz, rita maa, neetu di, preeti di, baaz, and everyone in their family! 🥺✨❤️

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@arunver92670261 @sidharth_shukla Neetu Di; Aje sirf me bolungi or tu chup chap sunegi😃

@SarikaS02233601 @It_Is_My_Place Mai bangalan hu,and rice is our main like u mujhe rice kha nehi pah Raha hu Neetu di nae Akbar bola tha He loves Dal,chawal

Inside Riddhima Kapoor birthday celebration: Neetu and family enjoy quiet dinner

Penelitian menunjukkan bahwa makan pada malam hari berdampak buruk pada kulit kita. Ahli dermatologi para selebriti dunia, Dr. Neetu Nirdosh membeberkan tips perawatan kulit andalannya kepada Healthistacom.

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@AmrithaMohan_ 🥲🥲🥲 kandupidichal enikim koode ente doc ennodu mariyathakku 10maniku orangi 6 maniku neetu meditation and exercise cheyyan enne kond

#iPhone13 vs #iPhone12Pro Ft. Sidhu Moosewala & Neetu Shatrawala

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Hearing people’s concerns can make all the difference in helping others decide to get vaccinated against #COVID19. Neetu & Lis, thank you for making listening at the center of your work to encourage vaccination. Well done! 👏


Neetu: she said D was born for big screen ❤️❤️❤️ #DrashtiDhami #JDJ6 8 Years of Drashti Winning Jhalak

Ahead of #RiddhimaKapoorSahni’s birthday, #NeetuKapoor pens a special wish for her lifeline.

@vancolour Nice Neetu !! 😎👍 Fear is a mind killer 😵‍💫 DO NOT be fearful - be fearless!! 🦁🇨🇦 Gives hope to journalism

@FitCityJordan I agree. Neetu Garcha is a strong woman and gracious in her response to the PM. But, with due respect, I see no reason why the Prime Minister needs to be embarrassed.

Neetu thanks you for the most honest exposure of what Trudeau is and has been for 6 years. Not a kiss butt interview like Barton ..obviously no payouts to you Neetu. Lame media like Barton killing our Canada.


CDC’s Neetu Abad & Lis Wilhelm have found that listening to what other people say can make the difference in helping them decide to get vaccinated. Neetu and Lis are using this approach around the world to encourage vaccination against #COVID19. More:

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This is brilliant. And also, why does Justin Trudeau even want Neetu Garcha to ask him about the pandemic and the climate crisis? Pretty sure she would also have handed him his ass about those as

bhai k jane k bd 4 -5 din bd km p ja skti h Hina apne papa k jane k bd move on kr skti h Preeti di neetu di move on kr skti h to shehnaaz ko to tum log friend bolte ho to vo agr move on kre to drama bol kya insaan ho trolling k liye aur kisi ko nicha dhikhane k liye kuch bhi

#NeetuKapoor joins #RiddhimaKapoorSahni in Udaipur. Deets inside.

@MsAmyMacPherson another good clip from this interview to show the mindset of the journalist is her saying this: JT: I agree with impatience they feel. Neetu: Are you calling the chief impatient?

@vancolour @CatherineBizTV Neetu is awesome, and the comments about scripting are correct, he get confused quickly when independent thought is required. Should never have been in this role.

@sunlorrie ICYMI - this is stunning - Global BC’s Neetu Garcha interview with Trudeau (full interview > )

Waheguru #SidharthShukla nu apne charna vich niwaas den 🙏❤

🙏🌺PRAYERS FOR SIDHARTH 🌺🙏 Khush Rehna BHAI @sidharth_shukla ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् ॥ Lets do together More people =More Blessings #SidharthShukIa

No one has influenced my life the way you did. Thank you for being love you so much stay happy wherever you are. You will be forever in our hearts ♥️ Waheguru ❤️🙏 #SidharthShukla

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The wow is the most genuine thing Trudeau says here and boy is it ever telling. Kudos to Neetu on putting him in his place.

What an excellent interview. @NeetuGarcha has a rare ability to listen, respond & question while keeping on topic & all so seamlessly that you stay glued throughout. A dream for a producer and no doubt many hours of prep put in - nice one Neetu! Makes me miss making TV!

Shehnaaz , Rita aunty , Preeti dii , Neetu dii May god gives u all a lot of stength and blessings . God bless U all🙏🙏


Shehnaaz, Rita Aunty , neetu di and Preeti di, may the almighty grant you sabr and give you strength to let go of sidharth Sending you love and respect ✨♥️

nice to see ' Neetu trending on Twitter ( #6 ) after this outstanding interview by @NeetuGarcha #Elxn44

Neetu is a great interviewer - she is well prepared and equally tough on all Leaders. She plays no favourites and that’s why she’s so good ! @globalnews @NeetuGarcha

My favorite food moment on film is in The Great Gambler (1979) when Neetu Singh takes Amitabh Bachchan to eat pizza in Rome and describes it as “yeh Italian paratha hai”

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