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Nurse says Andrew Nembhard had an “almost flawless” workout with the Raptors, and he’s not surprised he moved up during the process..

Nurse sends his congratulations to the 4 Canadians drafted in the top-32. Says he saw Mathurin play great last time he saw him, Nembhard had an almost flawless workout in Toronto,... another great night for basketball in the country.

Pacers had an incredible draft. Mathurin at 6 Nembhard at 31 Kendall Brown at 48 Hugo Besson at 58.

Man idk about y’all, but I absolutely love what the pacers did this draft. What an absolute steal with Kendall Brown! 🔥 Bennedict Mathurin Andrew Nembhard Kendall Brown.

The Indiana Pacers takes home pick #31 Andre Nembhard and pick #58 Hugo Besson for the 2nd round! 🔥.

Nembhard Photo,Nembhard Photo by Pacers Nation,Pacers Nation on twitter tweets Nembhard Photo

What are we calling this team? 🇨🇦 Oshae Brissett - born in Toronto, Ontario 🇨🇦 Bennedict Mathurin - born in Montreal, Quebec 🇨🇦 Andrew Nembhard - born in Aurora, Ontario 🇨🇦 Chris Duarte - born in Montreal, Quebec.

Nembhard Photo,Nembhard Photo by UNINTERRUPTED Canada 🇨🇦,UNINTERRUPTED Canada 🇨🇦 on twitter tweets Nembhard Photo

I found out Andrew nembhard is 6’5 and my opinion of the pick went way up For some reason I thought he was a small guard. Him being 6’5 allows him to maybe play 3 positions.

31. Nembhard- B 32. Houstan- B- 33. Koloko- A 34. Williams- F- 35. Christie: C+ 36. Procida: F 37. Hardy: A 38. Chandler: A+ 39. Diop: C- 40. McGowens: A 41. Liddell: A 42. Keels: B 43. Diabate: C+ 44. Rollins: B- 45. Minott: A++ 46. Kamagate: B- 47. Williams: C-.

@TEastNBA Our summer league team is about to be fun to watch. Duarte, Jackson, Washington, Taylor, Mathurin, Nembhard, and Brown. Assuming they all participate of course..

Most Canadians🇨🇦 taken in one year in the NBA Draft: 2019 - 6 (Barrett, Alexander-Walker, Clarke, Kabengele, Brazdeikis, Shayok) 1983 - 5 (Rautins, Granger, Crevier, Simms, Kazanowski) 2014 - 4 (Wiggins, Stauskas, Enid, Powell) 2022 - 4 (Mathurin, Sharpe, Houstan, Nembhard).

SEGUNDA RODADA: 31- Andrew Nembhard (Pacers) 32- Caleb Houston (Magic) 33- Christian Koloko (Raptors) 34- Jaylin Williams (Thunder) 35- Max Christie (Lakers) 36- Gabriele Procida (Pistons) 37- Jaden Hardy (Mavericks) 38- Kennedy Chandler (Spurs) 39- Khalifa Diop (Cavaliers) 🧵.

Nembhard Photo,Nembhard Photo by Pisou Na Linha 🏀🇧🇷,Pisou Na Linha 🏀🇧🇷 on twitter tweets Nembhard Photo

Cavs summer league might actually be fun If Diop comes over they could do an impression of the big team Nembhard, Agbaji, Travers, Mobley, Diop.

Mathurin era a melhor escolha na #6 com o que sobrou. Em termos de qualidade/potencial/fit Andrew Nembhard é aquela pick que eu fico com um pé atrás pela idade, mas é muito elogiado, bom pra comandar a 2° unit Kendall Brown pode ter sido um belo steal Gostei do draft do Pacers.

Indiana is starting to look like Canada south. Duarte, Oshae, Bennedict, Nembhard. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦.

Pretty sure Nembhard would’ve been the pick if he was there, for what it’s worth..

@willis_glen I loved when Jay said that altho Nembhard went 31, he just as easily could have gone in the 1st round (yeah, that would have been 1 pick earlier)..

Si abrochamos dos Two-Ways ahora, probablemente signifique que Andrew Nembhard y Kendall Brown hagan roster directamente..


@SmithTyler29 Nah Nembhard was great pick. Best passer in the draft. Can play next to Haliburton and Mathurin. Brown is a good pick too if they bring him along..

@theloumedd @EklavyaChawla16 Dude is a steal. Imagine him, ijax, and ben in a lineup with hali. The athleticism is all there we just need nembhard or brown to pan out and we have an even stronger future.

I love the Mathurin pick for the Pacers but I’m disappointed they couldn’t move Brogdon tonight and that they went with Nembhard over others.

Been saying Nembhard would be an easy second round pick since November. Almost proved me wrong and went R1.

144 Minutes at the 1, 2 and 3 every game. Pacers currently have Haliburton Brogdon Mathurin Hield McConnell Duarte Washington Lance Nembhard Good luck.

Congratulations @AndrewNembhard as you begin your new journey. We wish you great success. Congratulations @claudenembhard on Andrew’s success and all the hard work you have instilled in him. It’s a great day for the Nembhard family and Indiana for picking such a great person..

@iPacersblog Gotta be Pg: Tyrese Sg Benn Sf Duarte Pf Isaiah Jackson C Turner Bench Nembhard Kendall brown Washington Jr Oshae brissett Jalen smith (hope we can keep) Tj mcconell Terry Taylor Hope to keep lance good vet Gotta go Buddy Brogdon Ricky Rubio Tj warren.

Me gusta mucho este artículo. Y me gustan asuntos menores como la llegada de Baldwin a Warriors. Ni en sus mejores sueños podía imaginarse llegar a la mejor fabrica de jugadores posible. También Nembhard en Pacers y ¡ojo!: Melton a Sixers vía trade.

@goatzin4 Ué vão tirar o two way daquele horrível do Nembhard e vão colocar no Mobley menos talentoso, e o outro vai jogar a summer league e sumir..

(Not So) Mid-Major players drafted in the 2nd round: 31. Andrew Nembhard (Gonzaga) by OKC 44. Ryan Rollins (Toledo) by Hawks 47. Vince Williams Jr (VCU) by Grizzlies (welcome!).

@TWSN___ Favorite pick: Banchero Least favorite: Nembhard Won: Pistons Thunder Lost: Kings Wizards Surprise: no top 10 trades Wizards grade: C-.

Cavs roster post draft: PG: Garland SG: LeVert, Agbaji, Windler SF: Markkanen, Okoro, Osman, Stevens PF: E. Mobley, Love, Wade, I. Mobley C: Allen RFA: Sexton, Brown, Nembhard UFA: Rondo, Davis, Goodwin Stashed: Diop, Travers Needs: Backup PG, Backup C, More Wing Scoring.

2022 NBA Draft 2nd Round Selections: 31. Indiana-Andrew Nembhard, Gonzaga 32. Orlando-Caleb Houstan, Michigan 33. Toronto-Christian Koloko, Arizona 34. Oklahoma City-Jaylin Williams, Arkansas 35. LA Lakers-Max Christie, Michigan State 36. Portland-Gabriele Procida, Italy.

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