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Herschel Walker, who’s running for Senate in Georgia, still gets a tax break on his $3 million Texas home, which is his primary residence. As I recall, carpetbagging didn’t work out so well in Pennsylvania for New Jersey resident Dr. Oz..

I am disgusted by the bombings in Jerusalem that took the life of a teenager and wounded at least 18 others, including the daughter of New Jersey native Rabbi Uri Pilichowski. I pray for the victims and stand firmly with our friends in Israel against terrorism..

Next up, we proudly announce our new position one for the upcoming DPC season! 💥 Please give a warm welcome for John Natsumi Vargas who will wear the BOOM Esports jersey for the next season! @Natsumidota will fight alongside the beasts to achieve our dream! ⭐️ #HungryBeast.

The New Jersey State Police would like to wish everyone a very happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday..

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I picked up this little guy at a 50-cent vending machine at a Toys R Us in New Jersey c. 2004 his head bobbles. still makes me smile.

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The New Jersey Devils put four pucks into the net Wednesday night at home. But three of those goals were disallowed, and the Devils fell 2-1 to the Toronto Maple Leafs to end their run at a franchise-record-tying 13 games..

It is with a massive thank you to artist @paintsbyparkin that we unveil our new Warm-up jerseys to honour the Indigenous Community. These jerseys will be worn for the first time tomorrow night when we host the North Bay Battalion! Detials: #HamOnt #OHL.

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Ohhh. When he said Jersey, he meant, like, Jersey, not like, New Jersey. I thought that seemed really informal for him to be using with the Earl Spencer, lol..


@PJHughes45 cause new jersey devil fans think they are actual hockey fans who know the game.

percy jackson hates new jersey so much that he doesnt claim the new york giants or the new york jets and roots for the buffalo bills instead.


dam shawty are you the new destroy lonely x 1017 alyx 9sm merch cuz i wanna blow u up like new jersey.

Just as Dr. Oz was attacked for being a New Jersey outsider running in a Pennsylvania Senate race, Herschel Walker’s legitimacy as a candidate is up for debate amid reports that his primary residence is in Texas..

Ezra Pound, poet, Rutherford, New Jersey, June 30, 1958. Richard Avedon, 1923. 🖤 There is natural ignorance and there is artificial ignorance. I should say at the present moment the artificial ignorance is about eighty-five per cent..

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for context, neither of those new york teams are actually in new york theyre in new jersey and percy HATES IT.

୨ wts lfb ph new jeans pc set - ₱300 each set.ᐟ ୨ ╰ onhand | can look 4 kahati ╰ mint condi ╰ payo or 3 days dop pls help rt reply “mine” or dm to claim ! 𖥻minji hanni haerin nabi jersey hyein teddy danielle #simj4eqs.

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@tswifterastour i am looking for 2 tickets for any date of the new jersey or las vegas show 🤞🏽.

Clooby is now trying to murder sev, their partner/p…… I can’t even make a pun to cope. GUESS SEV IS GOING TO NEW JERSEY— wait that’s been over used- uhhh- hmm GUESS SEV- no- uhh ILL THINK OF PUNS LATER.

Le Matin
Le Matin

L’attaquant appenzellois de San Jose a touché trois fois la cible à Seattle, où le Kraken s’est imposé 8-5. Fin de série pour New Jersey..

oh so that’s why the drive to new jersey smells like that….


@mufaddal_vohra *BRING STANDARD BLUE TO ODIS* No need of dark blue , our main team (vk rohit kl bumrah) will play odis hereafter and will be rested for T20 Bcci will give new jersey for wc23 after that becomes useless bcoz our main will focus on T20s So bring light blue to Odis @BCCI.

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Ok #BullsNtion. Who wants the new city edition DeMar DeRozan jersey for just £ Nike have them and you can get 25% off with code ‘GOBIG22’. You’re welcome 👍🏼.

r. - w północnej części stanu New Jersey otwarto most drogowy Pulaski Skyway o długości 5,6 km..

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@CorcinoMaximo Mi querido amigo, un fuerte abrazo hasta New Jersey! Feliz día de Acción de Gracias. 🙏🏻.

@ChefGruel He is one of those guys who is good at everything. Great athlete. Great chef. Fast car. Hot girl. In New Jersey we called them Guidos. See you after dinner for leg day..


@AlpacaAurelius It’s illegal in New Jersey. Recently got some from Pennsylvania & tried it for the 1st time. It was delicious..

I was tryna keep it low. But guess who got promoted to New Jersey Investigations - Board of Education Internal Affairs Division 😎 Ya boy getting an office at The State House in Trenton and all 😩🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾Thank you God!.

Fun Fact: The house popular vote margin in Colorado was bigger for Democrats than in NEW YORK and New Jersey. It was in CO, in NY, and in New Jersey..

@tswifterastour looking for two tickets to new jersey or one ticket to LA (any date works!).

Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale!!! 50% off merch and CDs. And introducing the NEW Elite Energy Baseball Jersey available now!!!.

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