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Nia Long has an 100% approval rating with Black America and Ime Udoka is about to understand that..

Can’t even cap bruh cheating on Nia Long is absolutely ludicrous…as a player i wouldn’t listen to NOTHING he say to me ever again😂.

Sending nothing but love to Nia Long. We’re not letting a man, who didn’t recognize the luxury her presence was, dim all her beauty and glory.  Matter of fact, we need a Nia Long national holiday!.

Nia Long Photo,Nia Long Photo by Jamaal Bowman Ed.D,Jamaal Bowman Ed.D on twitter tweets Nia Long Photo

Listen, if the Celtics brass found out Ime Udoka was cheating on Nia Long, a suspension is not enough..


“Do you know who I am? Do you know who I am? I’m [expletive] Nia Long, and don’t you forget it!” Tap in for the receipts on our 11x cover star and 2022 Black Women In Hollywood honoree-they add up and it’s giving expensive. #ESSENCE.

Whole timeline jumping to nia long’s defense knowing absolutely nothing and I’m about to work my way to the front line and demand to be in the vanguard.

We will not tolerate any disrespect of Nia Long. Absolutely none. It better be something else..

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Nia Long Photo,Nia Long Photo by Thes🎭,Thes🎭 on twitter tweets Nia Long Photo

If he was cheating on Nia Long he should be fired and permanently suspended from the NBA imo.

Nia Long deleted essentially all the photos of Ime from her IG… including the one she posted when he was hired. 👀👀.

NBA star Matt Barnes RETRACTS his defense of Celtics coach Ime Udoka cheating on Nia Long.

I was just abt to say! I dont condone cheating on NIA LONG….. but lets focus on the real problem….. stealing millions from people who are in need is crazyyy … so what we really talkin abt.

Showing some love to this queen instead of putting the spotlight on a fuckin clown!! Grace, beauty, LONGEVITY. Let’s give THEE Nia Long her flowers!!! 😍💐❤️.

Nia Long Photo,Nia Long Photo by Tiffany Latrice,Tiffany Latrice on twitter tweets Nia Long Photo

Ime Udoka was caught having “relations” with Nia Long in his office, Boston Celtics staff caught them in the act.

@MajorsDaddy_35 They need to fire him if he cheating on Nia Long just off strength lol.

On the one hand it just being Ime sleeping with someone is much better than like most outcomes here, on the other hand if he cheated on Nia Long they should lock him up and throw away the key.

Waiting to see if Nia Long hits free agency or Anna Horford spills the beans on twitter about Ime Udoka 😁.

@MumbaichaDon 👉NIA termed this as largest ever investigation process till date. 👉PFI chief Salam among 105 held. 👉This demon was nurtured long, time to decimate them ..

Men do some incredibly crazy things. But cheating on Nia Long is pretty insane man lol.

So, Ime Udoka cheating on Nia Long is a bigger news story than Brett Favre cheating the Mississippi Welfare System? 🤔 #SoundsAbout⚪️.

@juliann38915202 @EricFie63844233 He’s in a relationship with the actress Nia they have 2 children I think. Oops 😬.

Those of us who came up wit Nia Long since Boyz in Da Hood: 🤦🏾‍♂️🗣: Niggah is you crazy?! Hell even J Cole dropped a whole bar talmbout her out of respeck for her place in da culture!.

Esta noticia deja caer que aunque la relación empezase con sexo consensuado, las cosas se han ido torciendo y Udoka podría haber pasado alguna línea de acoso (verbal). Udoka tiene una relación desde 2010 con la actriz Nia Long, con quién también tiene un hijo..

Nia Long Photo,Nia Long Photo by Javi Mendoza NBA,Javi Mendoza NBA on twitter tweets Nia Long Photo

cheating on Nia Long is bad but you know whats worse? Brett Favre cheating the residents of Mississippi.

@RealLathan Why we pretending nia long aint fall off?😮‍💨 that “friday” nia been gone.

I’ve loved Nia Long my whole life and I really want to fight this man for embarrassing her and her children like this..

@espn Gotta be way too horny to cheat on Nia Long. He deserves all of this. 😂😂😂.

Nia Long has been my wife since Guiding Light. A pox on Ime Udoka..

° ° #PapaBenji Ben Hundeyin Amaechi Atiku Tinubu Tambuwal Saraki Piggyvest ASUU Amotekun The PDP and APC Labour Peter Obi Kwankwaso Nia Long #BBNaija.

How can you cheat on Nia Long FFS I know I know stupid question - boys will be boys..

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