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According to Twitter, #NoCanadian wants to illegally cross the border into the right now.

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Cynthia Prescott ()

Seriously?! ...people believe this narcissistic Cheeto is doing a good job? ... these Americans have placed drama-ladened, reality-show antics & immaturity above all else (incl. people’s lives). For what? ...a twisted form of entertainment?#NoCanadian

Lion ()

#NoCanadian As we reflex on all the nicknames Trump has used for others, sleepyjoe, nervousnancy, shiftyschiff, etc. we can do a google search on two words, dubious donald and come up with a surprising history. The bringing of troops to the border, confirms a DubiousDonald!

Evangeleigh 🇨🇦 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ()

From my post 12 hours ago to The USA has 1035 new cases of COVID-19, and 26 more deaths. Canada has 0 new cases and 0 more deaths. Good for us and feel sad anyway. #NoCanadian

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Tamara horyza ()

love canadian humour even in these times and nice to see we too can show our canada best country in the world ,now if we could just quarentine winter🙄#noCanadian

🇨🇦ProudCanadian🇨🇦 ()

@Lumberist @CP24 🇨🇦Doing GREAT🇨🇦 Now Shut the hell up. Move to South. #NoCanadian will miss you

🇨🇦Mike Skywalker ()

#NoCanadian cares what Americans think of our healthcare. We know its better than theirs. 🤷‍♂️

Too Much Space ()

👏difference between Canada and the US, one uses force to get private industry to help and the other asks, land of the free, until your compelled to cooperate. #COVIDIDIOT #NoCanadian

Elizabeth MacAulay Italiano ()

Genuinely curious as to why anyone thinks Canadian’s would want to leave now? Troops at the Canada and US border would be pretty bored with the 0 number of ppl trying to leave Canada. This ‘live feed’ is 100% on point. #nocanadian


#nocanadian Yeah no thanks Trump. No Canadian would ever be trying to run away from Canada to Canada is the best and the nicest country in the world. You have won the lottery if you live in Canada. Thank you Canada 😍

Gent Gragjevi ()

Anyway, all I can say is that I am so lucky and proud to be a Canadian today. Still believe in science, government, human rights and everything liberal. #NoCanadian #Canada

Zacnesh ()

@realDonaldTrump please snd your troops to the canadian border to keep americans from crossing to Canada. Great idea! #nocanadian

Stephen G. Largy ()

I’m not usually one to think ‘conspiracy’; but I know that Trump moving troops to the Canadian border has NOTHING to do with COVID-19. The is coming after our BEER and our MAPLE SYRUP! Spread the word! #NoCanadian

Joel Bosch ()

How long will it take Americans to realize that trump isn’t militarizing the borders to keep Canadians out. You Being contained #NoCanadian

Michelle Winstanley ()

@BillTufts Let’s go to the states right now said #nocanadian ever. Send the troops to keep Americans out of Canada.

KingreX32 ()

LMAO I called it. #NoCanadian #NoMexican Nobodies trying to cross the borders into The US right now.

Bill Tufts - Support Our Communities ()

Trudeau says that blocking the border would be a violation of UN Laws He calls Trump a racist and xenophobic for wanting to shut it down Trump says thats idiotic and sends troops #nocanadian

Pixi ()

Yep look at all of us Canadians rushing to cross into the USA where the president thinks money is more important than people. #NoCanadian

Purcell Wesley ()

The American can not control their own why on earth we could cross over, Trump you to buy our health care instructions? #noCanadian

Heather mclaughlin ()

See @CanadensisMax quoted in this article - what can I say except dude! 1 wk ago got my 80+yo Cdn mum home frm her Thelma & Louise US road trip. #nocanadian Twitter mocks plan to move troops to US-Canada border - National |

Canuckistan Dave ()

History of US-Can border illegal xing. 1775-83 US citizens flee to Canada 1793-1865 US slaves Flee to Canada 1812-15 US attacks Canadian borders 1955-75 US citizens flee Vietnam draft into Canada Learn your history Mr Trump! #NoCanadian

Kearsey R. Stanford ()

@realDonaldTrump If I was going to move to the it would of been when @BarackObama was President. #NoCanadian #NoCanadians

Kevin MacDonald ()

Militarize the border? Awww but I want to go to the most COVID. Country in the world with crappy health insurance, and a nutjob as a leader. #NoCanadian

Monique n Wayne ()

@jjyama Are they worried about us or someone else coming in our direction? Possible we will send our army north/west not south? I see no reason to fear the states or be in them right now. Maybe just a Trump thing. #nocanadian

Shannon Hines ()

Makes sense considering they are planning to be coronavirus free by Easter 😂#NoCanadian #illstayathomethanks

J Miller ()

Perhaps Canadians at this hashtag have the wrong idea?? Putting US troops at the Canadian border is probably to stop people crossing from the states INTO Canada?? Take a minute - think about it. #NoCanadian

Mcat ()

Hey @POTUS, bring the military to Canada - at least they’ll be safe and learn something. BC flattens its curve and cuts infections in half. #Canada #nocanadian

Knowurworthhub ()

I love this hat lol @realDonaldTrump stop deflecting your incompetence on us Canadians. #NoCanadian is interested

Soudabeh Zarrinkafsh ()

The guy snapped at me when I asked what he is doing: Quiet! I am trying to see the world from his point of view!#NoCanadian

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Globalnews.ca ()

According to Twitter, #NoCanadian wants to illegally cross the border into the right now.

Gerald Butts 🇨🇦🖐🧼🤚 ()

Standing by this assessment too. Apparently, we are not alone. #NoCanadian

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