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My fellow Americans—If this nation is going to long endure, we, as a people, cannot condone Trump’s conduct. If lying about elections is acceptable, if encouraging political violence becomes the norm, it will be open season for whoever has the biggest clubs, most powerful guns.

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Reb militanı #freeporçay
Reb militanı #freeporçay ()

Norm ender ve Contra söyledikleri kadar egolu ve piyasaya dair bir şeyleri takip etmeyen insanlar değiller dinleyici tahminen ne zamana anlar bunu

Getachew Assefa #StopWarOnTigray
Getachew Assefa #StopWarOnTigray ()

“We deny, therefore we are” seems to be the norm. Well denier-in-chiefs have successfully blindfolded the my 4 year old daughter asked me to film her while doing a magic of making things disappear. I filmed everything and we were watching it. She was happy until

Richard Powell Esq
Richard Powell Esq ()

Mornin all beautiful sunrise. I have 2 say it’s been scary but I’ve enjoyed past year, Been productive, challenging+busy, charity is OK but no endless driving, meetings in AM miles from meetings PM, sitting on Greater Anglia trains with crap coffee, underground, prefer new norm😉

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Experimental Music Hater ☭🏴✡️
Experimental Music Hater ☭🏴✡️ ()

If someone gave me this I would say “thank you” because I was raised to be respectful ❤️

Jill Filipovic
Jill Filipovic ()

Also: masks are a good social norm so long as most people aren’t vaccinated. That keeps everyone safe.

William Lou
William Lou ()

Norm also congratulated Chris Finch on getting hired in Minnesota, and credited him for helping improve his game. Finch thanked Norm after getting the job, left him with some more pointers, and told him to not fight the game

The Denver Post
The Denver Post ()

“It’s good for restaurants, no question, but it’s also really convenient.” Should to-go alcohol become a norm or expire with the pandemic? #COPolitics

Juli ()

Raps lose tonight but they battled. Awful non-calls too. 😡 My positives: NORM!! NORM!! Spicy Pascal, Freddy played well too. I love their fighting spirit. They split the series with the 76ers. Game 2 tomorrow of a back to back against Miami. ❤🏀

Tim Bontemps
Tim Bontemps ()

Sixers finish 17-for-38 from 3-point range and win 109-102 over the Raptors to split their two-game series in Tampa. Joel Embiid finishes with 18-11, but shot 3-for-13 and had six turnovers. Norm Powell had 24 points to lead Toronto, which had a four-game win streak snapped.

Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich ()

President Biden is wrong. China’s human rights abuses are not cultural norms.

Ben Rhodes
Ben Rhodes ()

Deference to a President of your own Party on nominees - particularly when they’re obviously qualified and history making - should be the norm. This is getting old fast.

Trey Mitchell
Trey Mitchell ()

The Ticket is always at its best during chaos. It’s always fun to fill in for @poponjer and work with The Musers and Norm and Donovan. It was one crazy week to work but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks to all the P1’s who listened all week in the cold and dark.

st. 🔞
St. 🔞 ()

tbh idk what id do if black haired mhx becomes the norm. some ppl are alrdy thinking that blonde mhx is fanon

Dzirhan Mahadzir
Dzirhan Mahadzir ()

@hmarston4 To be fair, it been pretty much the norm that whatever going on domestically in ASEAN countries, the mil to mil engagements goes on with no change

Spike Cohen
Spike Cohen ()

Dear lord. I read the article hoping what he said was taken out of context. Nope, he went all in on the Uighur genocide being a different norm. Of course, military intervention would make it worse. But whitewashing genocide on-brand for US govt policy, actually.

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Lauren Boebert
Lauren Boebert ()

The “For The Swamp” Act, HR 1, will make permanent law out of the mail-in ballots that we saw turn the 2020 election into an absolute mess. The new norm will be waiting days & weeks for elections to be called -- and even then who can be sure of the results given mail-in fraud.

Ronna McDaniel
Ronna McDaniel ()

Genocide is not a “different norm,” it is a grievous human rights violation. We need a president willing to confront Communist China, not one that tries to explain away their most heinous atrocities.

Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 ()

Joe Biden just said the Uyghur genocide is just a Chinese cultural norm and reminded Americans that China has been victimized by the West in the past These are direct CCP propaganda lines

Freya Cole
Freya Cole ()

I’ve been told from a credible source that the internet will again be shutdown in Myanmar from 0100-0900. It’s becoming a very unwelcome norm for citizens who fear being cut off from loved ones and the outside world during these hours #myanmarmilitarycoup #InternetShutdown

Manpreet ()

$PDAC Li-Cycle has reinvented the recycling process by developing & validating patented technologies that enable recoveries of at least 95% of all materials found in lithium-ion batteries through zero-waste process. This compares to the industry norm of less than 50% recovery

Iowa Baseball
Iowa Baseball ()

Happy Birthday, Norm! (@bnorman20) Have a great day! #Hawkeyes

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the EP podcast
The EP podcast ()

NEW EPISODE! Village Trustee Norm Anderson joins the podcast for the first time. He brings beer, local pizza and lots of insider EP info. Spend a snowy day with us! #30MinutesOfGood LISTEN:


@tonyabinajem That’s the standard & the them show Lebanese one country where journalists re given any priority ahead of outrageous,.what is next prioritize all the clowns onTV & pseudo artists dancers&club owners ahead of those who are vulnerable & in immediate need.

Vicente Sandoval
Vicente Sandoval ()

Editors of a Special Issue of Disaster Prevention and Management focusing on the Disrupting the Status Quo will discuss with 5 paper authors how disaster risk creation has become the norm. 16th Feb. 2PM Berlin; 10AM Chile.

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Freya Cole
Freya Cole ()

As expected, for a second consecutive night - silence has overshadowed Myanmar’s internet sphere. Is this the new norm? The vast majority inside the country hope not. #keepmyanmaropen #InternetShutdown

shira 🏳️‍🌈 שירה
Shira 🏳️‍🌈 שירה ()

@LaBelleJuive I try to think of it as they’re not making our work easier than everyone- they’re making it the same. you can’t really know how much easier this stuff might come to them naturally, because you’ve never known anything different. What we perceive as “easy” could just be “the norm”

Steve Hodl 🌕🍿
Steve Hodl 🌕🍿 ()

@coryklippsten @GodSaysHodl Trade for what? Fiat sitting in a bank account? I think the zeitgeist is going to change by then. Self custodianship will be the norm.

P̴̢̠̀̓́̇̍̓̐͠..̸̨̬͙̯̩̝̞̬̫̻͋̀̀́e̴͔̞͇̤̟̺̐̅͜͠. ()

is every jew now a right wing idiot? no. but many are! and i think it would be stupid to ignore that this same process is happening as representational politics become the norm for trans people.

Rana Ayyub
Rana Ayyub ()

There needs to be global outrage over the arrest of Disha Ravi. This is not an aberration, this is the new norm for the Worlds largest democracy. We are turning into a dictatorship. Your silence will enable this @POTUS @KamalaHarris

Chuck Schumer
Chuck Schumer ()

My fellow Americans—If this nation is going to long endure, we, as a people, cannot condone Trump’s conduct. If lying about elections is acceptable, if encouraging political violence becomes the norm, it will be open season for whoever has the biggest clubs, most powerful guns.

☚ chanyeol Biden ☛
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