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“I’m not going to be looking for wedge issues. I don’t want this election to be polarized.” - @JustinTrudeau #NotAsAdvertised.

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When some people find themselves in a hole, they stop digging. Not PMJT! He plays by a different set of his own. On October 21, show him the door. #notasadvertised.

Justin Trudeau is taking full responsibility, while disagreeing he has to take full responsibility #cdnpoli #notasadvertised.

Don’t let @JustinTrudeau fool you- #LavScam was never about protecting Canadian interests or jobs. It was about abusing the role of his office to protect his rich friends & @liberal_party donors. And don’t even get me started on his continued refusal to apologize #NotAsAdvertised.

Why is it so hard for Justin Trudeau to apologize when he clearly did something wrong? Leadership would be accepting responsibility for his actions AND apologizing. Trudeau is #NotasAdvertised.

Hey @JustinTrudeau, any apology that ends with a “but” is no apology at all. Somehow, in your drive to “protect” Canadians, I feel less protected from entitled elites like you. Shame. #notasadvertised.

@JustinTrudeau I take full responsibility More empty words. If you took full responsibility for - yet ANOTHER ethics violation, - for repeatedly lying to Canadians that it happened - for manipulating Justice Committee study you would resign. #TrudeauMustGo #NotAsAdvertised.

PM walks to press conference smiling & is NO laughing matter! It’s a sad day 4 🇨🇦 & all Cdns! #notasadvertised.

Reminder: Trudeau promised he would be open and honest. Instead, the day the scandal broke in February, he said it was false – and he spent the next two months repeatedly and flagrantly lying to Canadians by saying he did not put pressure on Ms. Wilson-Raybould. #notasadvertised.

Add this to your reading list!! #NotAsAdvertised.

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Imagine one PM having two ethics violations (the first two in Canadian history) and these idiots are still thinking of voting for him. #notasadvertised.

Justin Trudeau is the only PM in Canadian history to be found guilty of breaking federal ethics laws. A Prime Minister who promised so much and has failed so badly. How does he expect Canadians to trust him? He is simply #notasadvertised..

#notasadvertised Please Canadians, please remember this as you go to vote in October!.

By a lie, a annihilates his dignity as a man. - Immanuel Kant. #cdnpoli #notasadvertised.

This is how Justin Trudeau treats the female members of his cabinet. #NotAsAdvertised #LavScam.

@EdtheSock Right, because a bunch of opposition politicians passing a vote in a minority Parliament is completely analogous to an impartial Officer of a Parliament determining a sitting PM broke the #cdnpoli #notasadvertised.

“I’m not going to be looking for wedge issues. I don’t want this election to be polarized.” - @JustinTrudeau #NotAsAdvertised.

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