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Heading out to Halifax for a #Fiona intercept. I hope everyone out there is prepared for this one. @weathernetwork #NSStorm.

Here is a look at the estimated arrival times for Tropical Storm (63 km/h) and Hurricane (118 km/h) force winds for #Fiona. #nsstorm Check your forecasts and the alerts for your area for more specific details. Forecasts: Alerts:.

#nsstorm Photo,#nsstorm Photo by ECCC Weather Nova Scotia,ECCC Weather Nova Scotia on twitter tweets #nsstorm Photo

As Hurricane Fiona approaches, please remember to keep our information close. Stay safe and visit for the latest outage information. #NSStorm.

#nsstorm Photo,#nsstorm Photo by Nova Scotia Power,Nova Scotia Power on twitter tweets #nsstorm Photo

Pieces of debris can be heard slamming into buildings, at least 15% of large conifers snapped or uprooted and many on power lines. Entire hotel shaking and creaking and pieces of roof breaking off. Estimate 160-170km/h gusts currently. #NSStorm #HurricaneFiona @ECCCWeatherNS.

10:58pm. Driving from Antigonish to Canso Causeway on emergency basis as things sped up a lot. Absolutely hellish drive so far. Lots of water on Trans Canada Highway and very strong wind gusts. #nsstorm #Fiona.

Big trees down in central Halifax - taking power lines with them, power out since 10pm, winds picked up around then. @emerainc NS power says 300,003 customers without power -- over 50% of customers in province! Stay safe! Stay inside! #nsstorm #fiona.

#nsstorm Photo,#nsstorm Photo by Caora McKenna,Caora McKenna on twitter tweets #nsstorm Photo

Suddenly it’s a lot easier to find Nova Scotia on a world map…. #NSstorm.

#nsstorm Photo,#nsstorm Photo by Dr. Julia M Wright #CommitCuriosity #KeepOnMasking,Dr. Julia M Wright #CommitCuriosity #KeepOnMasking on twitter tweets #nsstorm Photo

Offshore buoy over Banquereau marine area reported a significant wave height of 17 metres (56 feet) and period of 18 seconds, with a peak wave height of metres (100 feet) at 4:00 am ADT #Fiona #nsstorm.

Word got out my local Tim Hortons still has power. Everyone calm down. #NSStorm #Fiona.

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Power back! And a BIG thank you to @nspowerinc for working so hard! #HurricaneFiona #NSStorm.


If you see a tree in the right of way that is blocking or impeding traffic, a sidewalk or a bike lane, please call 311. For your safety, please do not attempt to remove trees in the right of way. #NSStorm #HurricaneFiona.

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A reminder: All Halifax Transit service is currently suspended, and there will be no bus or ferry service until a further announcement is made. Information will be shared on , as well as @hfxtransit on Twitter. #HurricaneFiona #NSStorm.

#nsstorm Photo,#nsstorm Photo by Halifax Transit,Halifax Transit on twitter tweets #nsstorm Photo

And our first hurricane force gust in Nova Scotia - Beaver Island along the eastern shore just gusted to 66 knots / 122 km/h (sustained 50 knots / 93 km/h) #fiona #nsstorm.

Ben: “If we had power I bet we could turn on the TV and see some idiot reporter down by the water reporting on the storm surge.” Me: *opens Twitter, sees idiot reporter down by the water reporting on the storm surge.* #fiona #NSStorm.

Dartmouth apartment building evacuated overnight after structural damage @ctvatlantic #fiona #nsstorm.

Halifax Bridges: The two Halifax Harbour bridges remained closed pending inspections that are underway. The bikeway and sidewalk are now open #hfxtraffic #nsstorm.

The forest blowdowns beside Highway 104 between Antigonish and Truro are unbelievable. Endless swaths of 80-90% of all trees uprooted or snapped. #NSStorm.

Update on Fiona and it’s aftermath in the Fall River/Waverley n #EastHants area from a powerless Enfield. #nsstorm.

Man, I’ve spent a lot of time in command centres like this in the past. Good luck to all first responders and command teams. This is the real-world opportunity to use all your expertise and critical teamwork skills. Room looks clean now but it won’t be for long. #Fiona #nsstorm.

Tune in for an update from our Emergency Operations Centre. Trucks are packed, crews are getting stationed, and when Fiona arrives, we’ll be ready. With hurricane-force winds in the forecast, we’re anticipating there will be outages. Please make sure you stay prepared. #NSStorm.

What time is everyone getting into their storm chips and beers? Asking for a friend. #Fiona #NSStorm.

72,000 customers out as of 11:04 PM. Surprised that my power is still on. #NSStorm #FIONA.

#nsstorm Photo,#nsstorm Photo by 🍁 - Toren Hynes, B.Sc. - 🇺🇦,🍁 - Toren Hynes, B.Sc. - 🇺🇦 on twitter tweets #nsstorm Photo

Post-tropical #Fiona made landfall between Canso and Guysborough early this morning. Here are some of the latest rainfall amounts and peak wind gusts. Highest wind gust so far reached 179 km/h at Arisaig. #nsstorm.

#nsstorm Photo,#nsstorm Photo by ECCC Weather Nova Scotia,ECCC Weather Nova Scotia on twitter tweets #nsstorm Photo

The blue beast is well filled with green leaves. Thanks #Fiona #NSStorm.

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power died at midnight. been cutting tres since 8am. Boat is alright. Somehow my tesla still has internet. #fiona #nsstorm.

12 calls for service received since midnight: 7 Public Assistance, 4 tree on power lines/on fire, 1 fire alarm #HurricaneFiona #NSStorm.

#nsstorm Photo,#nsstorm Photo by Greenwich Fire,Greenwich Fire on twitter tweets #nsstorm Photo

Please be advised, the Operations Contact Centre (OCC) phone number is currently unavailable. If you have a question or concern about road conditions in your area, you can email centre tir-occ@ #NSStorm.

#nsstorm Photo,#nsstorm Photo by Department of Public Works,Department of Public Works on twitter tweets #nsstorm Photo

Safe and still smiling. A transformer exploded in Ridgevale in Bedford on Friday. The downed wires started a fire when the grid was re-energized last night. Fortunately, HRFE was on the scene quickly and had the situation under control. Thank a first responder today. #NSStorm.

#nsstorm Photo,#nsstorm Photo by Paul Morris,Paul Morris on twitter tweets #nsstorm Photo

I’m in Lower Sackville and raining but not down pouring yet where I am… #NSstorm #HurricaneFiona.

0113- Engine 11 & Rescue 31 responded for a tree down on power lines in Wolfville Ridge. There are multiple trees are down at this hour making travel by road treacherous #hurricanefiona #nsstorm.

#nsstorm Photo,#nsstorm Photo by Greenwich Fire,Greenwich Fire on twitter tweets #nsstorm Photo
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