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The Clippers choked again. 🤦🏾‍♂️ They choked against Houston in 2015 and they choked tonight against the Denver Nuggets.

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NBA Western Conference finals: Los Angeles Lakers beat Denver Nuggets 114-108 in game four

Denver Nuggets Turkey 🇹🇷
Denver Nuggets Turkey 🇹🇷 ()

Şu timelineda her dediği olan tek kişi olarak söylüyorum. Tüm Denver severlere söylüyorum DENVER NUGGETS BU TURU GEÇİCEK!!!

danial ⁶𓅓
Danial ⁶𓅓 ()


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Aaron Watershow
Aaron Watershow ()

I am serving these Spicy Chicken Nuggets at all of my future weddings. So good. Well done @McDonalds

𝑴𝒊𝒏𝒂 misses Chadwick💔
𝑴𝒊𝒏𝒂 misses Chadwick💔 ()

Shut up I just downed four chicken strips, 8 chicken nuggets, and bunch of fries and chick fil a sauce. I was really hungry 🧍‍♀️

pastel/elle wants sleep
Pastel/elle wants sleep ()

i love how everyone in the comments (including me) said “nuggies” instead of “nuggets”

Ćelo Torero (backup)
Ćelo Torero (backup) ()

McDonalds Spicy Chicken Nuggets brennen beim scheissen mehr als Kfc hot wings und schmecken nicht mal gut. Würde nicht empfehlen 1/10

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glizzy mcguire
Glizzy mcguire ()

me in the mcdonalds line waiting for my spicy nuggets that I’m going to dip into my Oreo McFlurry

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Back Again With Troopz Podcast
Back Again With Troopz Podcast ()

Fuck the nuggets!! Shout out my boy @KingJames and RIP Kobe and Gianna ❤️🙏🏽

Alejandro Gaitán
Alejandro Gaitán ()

Los Nuggets estuvieron a un tiro de Mike Conley de irse para casa. El puesto de Malone en el aire. Y ahora, conference finals. Son los playoffs de la #NBA.

BaintT ()

@RealSkipBayless @britonimacoroni STFU! How are they the only team that could beat the Lakers when they couldnt even beat the nuggets?! Just say you were wrong and move on!

🇺🇸🔮 Hex, the He❌en Heresiarch 🔮🇬🇧
🇺🇸🔮 Hex, the He❌en Heresiarch 🔮🇬🇧 ()

@Monika_Salvato On a good day after skipping a meal, I could prolly eat all the fries and nuggets.

Earvin Magic Johnson
Earvin Magic Johnson ()

The Clippers choked again. 🤦🏾‍♂️ They choked against Houston in 2015 and they choked tonight against the Denver Nuggets.

Ry ()

Nuggets have to play through some physicality on both ends. Clippers draw more fouls than any team. It’s going to be hard, fam. Clippers locked in tonight.

Kevin H.
Kevin H. ()

Nuggets almost down double digits in the first half? Have the Clippers right where they want them.

𝐀𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐢 🕊
𝐀𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐢 🕊 ()

Say what you want they’re gonna let the clippers win against the nuggets to force “The Battle Of LA” Lakers vs Clippers so get ready to watch the most scuffed Game 7 you’ve seen

NBA ()

TWO WORDS: GAME 7. Will the @nuggets or @LAClippers win and advance to the Western Conference Finals?? 9:00 PM ET on ESPN 📺

Nuggets Photo ()

UNDERRATED HIGHLIGHTS! HBD Gary Harris | @thats_G_ | @Nuggets

NedaMeda 🦅🇷🇸
NedaMeda 🦅🇷🇸 ()

Je viens de manger mcdo, j’ai pris un big mac, frites, nuggets et ice tea et bah j’ai encore trop faim. Voilà pk j’y vais jamais aussi

NBA Spain
NBA Spain ()

Imagen de los aficionados de los @nuggets hoy tras el #NBASundays

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Pablo ()

Leo a mucho fan de los Lakers eufórico por la victoria de Denver de ayer. Como si los Clippers ya estuvieran eliminados o como si una hipotética final del Oeste contra estos Nuggets no fuese DURÍía queda una serie antes de las finales y a éstas alturas da igual el rival

Agent Nanaᵈᵗ || Gc 4-6 President
Agent Nanaᵈᵗ || Gc 4-6 President ()

If I cant have a mental breakdown at 1 in the morning I can make chicken nuggets without worry -My thoughts worried about sound

Farbod Esnaashari
Farbod Esnaashari ()

Laker Fans: Would you rather have the Clippers (so you can beat them) or the Nuggets (for the match-up)?

Deepak Okra
Deepak Okra ()

Do y’all understand that if the nuggets beat the clippers in game 7 you’re literally going to have to block my account?

News5 ()

Nikola Jokic had 34 points, 14 rebounds and seven assists, and the Nuggets topped the Clippers 111-98 on Sunday to even their West semifinal series at three games apiece. | via ESPN FULL STORY:

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Liberation Brown (BLM)
Liberation Brown (BLM) ()

Irdc who wins the Nuggets/Clippers game 7 as long as the winner of the series beats the Lakers. Definitely rooting for the Nuggets but if they get washed in 5 by LAL I’ll be upset

𝙎𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙡𝙡 ()

@Brittanyyx_x Only team can beat the lakers is the clippers but they only play hard against the lakers & no other teams 🤦🏽‍♂️ so if nuggets win lebron going on to win his 4th ring


ANOTHER COMEBACK WIN FOR THE NUGGETS! They’re the first team in NBA history with three 15-point comeback wins facing elimination in a postseason.

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Denver Nuggets
Denver Nuggets ()


Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith ()

OMG!!! The @nuggets have gone from a 17-point deficit to an 11-point lead. They have FORCED a GAME 7. I am absolutely positively STUNNED!!! This is unreal. The @LAClippers are in a world of trouble!!!

☚ florida duncan robinson ☛
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