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Neighbours sitting on porches together. People offering up spare beds, blankets, food and diapers. Words of love and care. This is what #oevldn is all about. #ldnont.

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I’m still shocked by photos emerging from #oevldn. (I’m resisting the urge to go there because nobody needs to be a disaster tourist. Sending positive vibes from downtown.).

Our thoughts are with the residents of #OEVldn. Please see below for how you or your business can help those displaced..

. @RebeccaZandberg just a quick note to say thank you to you and the @CBCLondon team for the continuing coverage of the devastating events in #oevldn . Appreciate the hard work. #ldnont.

Listening in to @ClassicRock981 at 7am: @jesse_helmer will be talking about the remarkable community outpour for #oevldn. #ldnont.

Less than 24 hours out of their homes for most evacuated in #OEVldn (thank goodness - I’m sure it was PLENTY long enough for those folks) and now just the most seriously damaged 12 homes around the epicentre - 450 Woodman - remain under investigation #LdnOnt.

I could not be more proud of our first responders and the residents of #OEVLDN. You have stood tall and serve as an inspiration to all Londoners. You have demonstrated great courage, resilience and compassion in the face of extremely stressful circumstances. #ldnont (1/2).

This is a beautiful example of community ♥️ #LdnOnt #OEVldn.

Hey folx so some of you are aware of the explosion of Woodman Ave here in #OEVLdn. For those that aren’t a drunk driver drove the wrong way on a one way street 100 km/hr into a gas line….

Just got a listener text, saying she and her neighbour bought a bunch of phone chargers for those displaced in #OEVLDN I never would have thought of that and many being evacuated didn’t either. Thanks to those helping out and if you haven’t yet, please consider it! #LdnOnt.

Evacuated #ldnont families who have pets can bring them to the Boyle Community Centre, 530 Charlotte Ave. Officers are patrolling the #oevldn evacuation area looking for lost cats or dogs, & any specific inquiries can be made directly to the Animal Control Office at 519-685-1330..

UPDATE RE: monetary donations for the Woodman Explosion/Fire victims in #OEVLdn #LdnOnt. Thanks to @LibroLondon & @oevca for coordinating with us so we can help our community members..

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Information from Enbridge: Gas cut to 54 homes. No damage to main gas pipeline. Homes with gas metres in front (like the home that exploded) would have bollards to block low-intensity impact, but NOT high impact like the one last night. #ldnont #OEVLdn.

Pull up a chair fellow Londoners and be schooled by #oevldn in: community care, resiliency, resourcefulness, compassion, creativity, mobilization, and the redistribution of resources. There are lessons to be learned here and applied more broadly. Pay attention folx..

PLEASE SHARE: CIS has opened a REST CENTRE for FIRST RESPONDERS (coffee, treats, washrooms) praising the efforts of our brave first responders who are working hard to service our community. 544 Egerton Street #LdnOnt #oevldn.

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My new favourite #oevldn expression of support: a salon owner offering free scalp massages and hair washes, and seeing the responses of joy from people still evacuated and waiting to get back into their homes. People are giving what they can, and it’s a truly beautiful thing. ❤️.

I would love to see a temporary clinic/office set up closer to the neighbourhood. Sometimes making a phone call is another thing to do, an added stress during an already stressful time. #ldnont #oevldn.

Pita Pit restaurants in the city are making platters to deliver to first responders still working the scene in #oevldn..

Neighbours helping neighbours, Londoners helping Londoners. The example set for years by the people of #OEVLDN is now being reflected back to a community in its time of need. #ldnont.

Neighbours stepping up for one another in every way last night. Just one reason why we love #oevldn..

This is exactly what #KindnessMatters means. Neighbours taking care of one another. #oevldn.

Sincere thoughts to our friends and neighbours in #oevldn.

We also have lots of photos from the #OEVldn explosion. Flip through the gallery, as some of the early photos were taken on a cell phone (our reporter @JoeBatLFPress rushed to the scene!). This later shot via @MaxatLFPress really tells a story. #LdnOnt.

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If you’re like me and just woke up to the news of an explosion in #LdnOnt, details at the link below, including account from #oevldn resident Andrea Ladd, who tried to stop a driver headed the wrong way on Woodman Ave and literally felt the heat of the explosion as she fled..

So encouraged to hear from officials that injuries are believed to be minor after this blast. Images and video from the scene are staggering. Sending thoughts to all of the area residents impacted in #oevldn. #LdnOnt.

Neighbours sitting on porches together. People offering up spare beds, blankets, food and diapers. Words of love and care. This is what #oevldn is all about. #ldnont.

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