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Oh, frack. It’s time to say goodbye to Felicity Smoak on #Arrow..

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NO PODRIA HABER SIDO MEJOR EL FINAL DE FELICITY. Ahora podemos decir que Olicity seguira vivo para siempre❤️ Emily y Stephen se merecen la vida entera. No lo podrían haber hecho mejor, los voy a echar mucho de menos.

@Olicity_News I Will Remove Image Background,Edit Ebay, Amazon Product Pictures.

@Leana_olicity Oliver sacrificed himself for a girl he saw twice in his life and a selfish asshole. Fuck off is correct.

😭😭😭😭 Non riuscirò a superare tutto questo 😭😭😭 #Olicity.

Always and forever She waited 20 years for him She waited until both of their children were safe and could rely on each other before finding him again Even if she thinks she failed she kept her promise to him She was the best mom anyone could ever have, he would be so proud..

Why am I doing this to It hurts so bad. I miss olicity so much already and I’m holding out on the hope that they finally get their happy ending with their children together in the series finale. It’s the only right way to send off the show. #arrow.

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Omg that was one of the worst endings of a season ever wth promised a good ota and Olicity ending? and killing Oliver and not letting him see his daughter grow up ever and the monitor takes him away so quickly just when they are finally living their lives in peace.

the candles in the background of this scene gave me a major callback to the two in the forever iconic episode 3x20 .. beth gave us parallel after parallel 😭 #olicity.

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Oh, frack. It’s time to say goodbye to Felicity Smoak on #Arrow..

That was the most Olicity ending ever, even more so than s3 n you know if they were destined to no longer be together fuck it let it happen but that last scene quite disappointing on every level even the action that is Mr Bamford strong suit, it felt rushed on every level #arrow.

the only thing keeping me sane rn is that olicity reunites somewhere in the mutliverse.

i really had to watch deckerstar AND olicity give each other tearful goodbye kisses in less than a week huh I’m sick.

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Just stab me in the heart. I’ve been dead since 10:00 PM anyways. #Olicity #Arrow.

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📷 feilcityqueen: Olicity + first and last scenes (s01-s07).

igotnothingclever: it-was-a-red-heeler: by-mintsea: Team Olicity: I am legitimately taking the day.

I’m conflicted about the ep (too much time spent on what I don’t care about), but #Olicity is pure magic. In the most wrenching moments, she pushes past her own pain to give him the strength he needs for what he must do. Don’t go, #FelicitySmoak 😭.

The way the monitor said the world needed basically saying that it was Olicity’s destiny to meet and create a child, a child that will soon be saving the freaking world! PHEW if that ain’t iconique!-.

Olicity are out there together now, saving the freaking universe - it was always going to end with.

@abnormallyadam First Clace now Olicity. Its official, The Other Side is Kats Song..

The beautiful thing is because Steve and Emily are bffs without boundaries who are weirdly touchy-feely and also share faces with Oliver and Felicity, I still have Olicity content coming.

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