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“My name is Mia Smoak. I’m Felicity’s daughter.” Like mother, like daughter and y’all, I’m EMOTIONAL 😭❤️ #Arrow #Olicity @Kat_McNamara.

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So those of us going to HVFF London can we please all go for drinks to wet the Olicity baby’s head?.

It wasn’t officially revealed yet, but all four members were present during this Smoak Queen family meeting😭 #Olicity #ARROW.

I know I have Olicity mutuals— and I just want to clarify that my frustrations do not lie with Mia being Oliver and Felicity’s daughter. I honestly don’t mind. But I am extremely worried for what her existence and characterization means for Oliver’s future..

kat mcnamara playing olicity’s future daughter? might go back to watching arrow 👀.

I appreciate my fiancé waking me to watch the last few minutes of #Arrow and the #Olicity baby reveal live on the West Coast. He did not appreciate me smacking him on the arm excitedly, even though we been known fam..

I need to see the look on Oliver’s face when he learns that his Felicity is carrying their baby!😭 I deserve it! #Olicity #Arrow @ARROWwriters.

@Kat_McNamara @CW_Arrow We love our child 😭 We’ve been waiting for her. I’m so happy she’s finally here. And she’s truly her parents’ daughter. Such a badass 😌 #Olicity #Arrow.

@Kat_McNamara @CW_Arrow Fans adore her already, myself included. #Arrow #Olicity.

Felicity Smoak and Olicity; making salty haters/fuckboys cry since 2012. Their power wow 🤧.

That was a genuinely good episode. The Oliver/William moments were ON POINT. They’re all such a family, through the good and bad, through separation, I cry. AND AN OLICITY BABY. The flash-forwards got interesting and Stan was fun. I enjoyed it all! #Arrow.

@Olicity_obsesed Elseworlds kinda does but they fixed everything that happened in that eposide. I’m pretty sure though all these seasons are setting up for crisis on infinite earths.

@madisonf5 So it doesn’t tie in with the season? So it could take place literally right before crisis on infinite earths?.

Mia Smoak & Felicity Smoak ladies and gentlemen 😭💞👏 #Olicity.

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@Olicity_obsesed Else worlds wouldn’t affect what is going on right now. That eposides done now until crisis. The actors have said that elseworlds is its own eposide.

Ajá Tengo una duda existencial acerca de esto. ¿Es un sueño? Cómo en el episodio 1. O es real? Déjenme sus tweet. Los leo. #Arrow #Olicity.

Love the Queen family breakfast scene, even if grievances needed to be aired #arrow #olicity.

@Kat_McNamara @CW_Arrow What was your main concern about playing Olicity’s daughter? Btw I loved this episode, I loved Mia, I hope the episodes only get better from now on. 😍🤗.

My mission will end when Olicity hold his newborn baby girl while watching a tired Felicity. 😂.

Sem ter visto o ep ainda e sabendo que a Felicity pode estar grávida, acho que a @Kat_McNamara é a filha do #Olicity.

@Olicity_obsesed @dianasfelicity Oh my gosh yes! I need all of that. I’m literally Listening to the Waitress musical soundtrack to celebrate!.

#Arrow made BlackStar an Olicity child argghhh, way to kill a potentially great character.

i thought us westallen shippers was preaching facts cause i thought not us nor olicity shippers wanted a double baby shower type shit but nvm since we complaining and y’all unborn child took the crown.

all the olicity angst we endured,,, and they’re actually pregnant did i think we’d ever see the day,, no #Arrow.

@FollowUN2Dark @OlicityDreams Only reason to keep talking about the show #Olicity.

“My name is Mia Smoak. I’m Felicity’s daughter.” Like mother, like daughter and y’all, I’m EMOTIONAL 😭❤️ #Arrow #Olicity @Kat_McNamara.

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