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Janela Death Valley Drivers Orange Cassidy onto a giant poker chip, which Brian Cage is underneath. JESUS.

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The Si BadGuii/Simon McKenzie ()

I still want the eventual Orange Cassidy figure to have zero articulation points. Hell, just release the unpainted prototype as the final product to keep with the gimmick.

Mike Kobow ()

Orange Cassidy probably has my favorite gimmick on the planet right now. Just hilarious. Legend. #AEWDoN #AEWDoubleorNothing

Hibiki TMD ()

I usually love the Orange Cassidy gimmick but the idea of someone not trying to win a match where the winner gets a world title shot is stupid. #AEWDoN

FlamegearVGC ()

#AEWDoN @AEWrestling Orange Cassidy made that THE BEST, THE BEST, THE BEST! Ladder Match EVER!!! 🤣

Long John Bronze ()

Yes, I’m WAY behind, but that opening ladder match was fun. Orange Cassidy remains incredible and cool to see Cage debut. #AEWDoubleorNothing

Dying Meme ()

@ReeceKelleyG @MarkRedbeliever Not to mention Orange fucking Cassidy is 17 trending like what?! That’s awesome!

Ryan ()

@the_gunnshow I would love to see him against Honky Tonk know he would be taking that guitar shot with his damn hands in his pockets! Yes, I like HTM more that Orange Cassidy

Black Heroes ()

Oh my God, they finally made Orange Cassidy in to a meme 🤣🤣 #AEWDoN #DoubleOrNothing

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ChanMan 🕗 ()

How are you liking #DoubleOrNothing so far? Feeling like Mike Tyson or Orange Cassidy? 😂

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Junior 🖤 ()

@HeelBalor As god as my witness I’ll never watch this bullshit again. I legit spent $50 just to see Archer, Orange Cassidy, and Hangman, then this bullshit happens.

Blair sutherland ()

@WWEREALONE One day our boy orange Cassidy will hold gold and be a lazy champion. I do think Darby is gonna win a championship by the end of the year

Allan Albert ()

There is a battle royal on the next Dynamite to determine Cody’s first challenger. Orange Cassidy winning that would be cool #AEWDoN

Les Gaulois du Catch ()

[Résultats] #AEWDoN Brian Cage remporte le Casino Ladder Match et obtient une opportunité au championnat du monde AEW ! Plusieurs interventions : Jimmy Havoc et Penelope Ford aident Kip Sabian ; Best Friends aident Orange Cassidy ; Marko Stunt aide Luchasaurus.

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DR ()

@Kier_Johnson97 not like cody to be hypocritical saying aew was real sports based but pushing orange Cassidy or saying aew was above just pushing wwe stars whilst tonights main event was a midcard match of extreme rules 2016

Jack ()

@SeanRossSapp And apparently Orange Cassidy rules? This actually makes fucking sense.

Neek ()

@Mike_DeMora Orange Cassidy asking the commentary how he wins the match killed me😂😂😂

Smart Wrestling Fan Podcast ()

Just saw someone complaining that Orange Cassidy’s antics took him out of the seriousness of the ladder match. The match with a dinosaur where the object was to retrieve a giant poker chip? That serious match? #AEWDoN

The Real One ()

Since I had to be getting sh!t to work on my laptop instead of tweeting out or watching, Orange Cassidy was hilarious is that ladder match 😂 #AEWDoN

Star wars the clone wars ()

@GreatBrianLast Question how much does @TheJimCornette hate Orange Cassidy being to lazy to climb a ladder

Bee // ()

Imagine having Orange Cassidy and Darby Allin, two of the most over guys IN THE WHOLE BUSINESS, and do nothing with them. I can’t relate.

Blair sutherland ()

@HybridSpider2 True but others needed that win more, but aew needs to build to the orange Cassidy world title push, cause he can be a great world champ

Sean Ross Sapp of ()

Janela Death Valley Drivers Orange Cassidy onto a giant poker chip, which Brian Cage is underneath. JESUS.

☚ #LegendsOfTomorrow #ImpactonAXSTV ☛
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