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I thank God Almighty and our good people of Osun state. I dedicate this victory to God and my people. The judiciary has now confirmed the will of the people that I am the validly elected Governor of my state..

Osun Photo,Osun Photo by Gov Ademola Adeleke,Gov Ademola Adeleke on twitter tweets Osun Photo

I am delighted to extend my warmest congratulations to you, Governor Ademola Adeleke, @AAdeleke_01, on your well-deserved victory at the Appeal Court, which upheld your election as the Governor of Osun State..

Osun Photo,Osun Photo by Atiku Abubakar,Atiku Abubakar on twitter tweets Osun Photo

The three person panel was chaired by Justice Mohammed Shuaibu. Chief Kefas reacted pleasantly to the news and referred to the ruling as a win for Osun State and Democracy I have just being briefed about the victory of His Excellency, Gov. Ademola Adeleke at the Appeals.

@bod_republic When Osun people dey do , na you still Dey carry calabash for head 😂.

Some victories deserve some special kind of celebration, congratulations to Ademola Adeleke and the people of Osun state. Now, go enjoy some Seyi Makinde-esque governance.

Osun Photo,Osun Photo by Ibadan City Hunter,Ibadan City Hunter on twitter tweets Osun Photo

Those clown actually posted fake news about the Osun judgment 🤣😂😁 Children of anger Idiots.

Congratulations to Governor Adeleke on his win at the appeal While I this might linger unto the supreme court,we pray the will of Osun electorates meanwhile,how is our CJN doing on his wheelchair?? #Mercy #SupremeCourt.

Refah’ın talepleri kabul edilmiş.Talepler arasında sosyal politikalar zaten facia da ekonomi politikaları çok daha sevme herkes cephesine çekiliyor ya osun ya bu ikisine de karşıyım diye bir politik görüş bu iki ay için yok he var diyorsan mevcut düzene yarar.

Distress Sale! 3bedroom bungalow located at Ilaro, Ogun State. Amount: # (Negotiable) 👉Owner relocating ... Serious buyer DM. Pls RT🙏 Pooja RUFAI OSENI BREAKING NEWS Don Jazzy Super Eagles Bvas Tinubu is in France Osun.

Osun Photo,Osun Photo by Yemzy,Yemzy on twitter tweets Osun Photo

Congratulations Senator Ademola Adeleke. Congratulations Òsun!.

Osun Photo,Osun Photo by AJAGUNLÁ MEDIA,AJAGUNLÁ MEDIA on twitter tweets Osun Photo

Light 💡 is here to stay with OSUN people. Congratulations Gov. Adeleke.

Osun Photo,Osun Photo by DOLYPYZUU___OG,DOLYPYZUU___OG on twitter tweets Osun Photo

@TheoAbuAgada Good for them in Osun State. He is loved by his people. He was cool and calm even under pressure. Nice guy and he deserved the victory. Congratulations💪👏🙏.

I have called and chatted with some of them, to the tiny majority of PDP supporters in Osun, Congratulations, on the temporary victory. #ibs.

Those people that say @GboyegaOyetola is coming are enemy of democracy, selected choice can not super pas people choice. Congratulations to Osun people #OsunElectionAppeal2023.

@BolanleCole 💥BREAKING Accreditation Done Without BVAS Is Null Which Means Votes From Those Accreditation Is Cancelled. -OSUN APPEAL.

@ka3naCloud Osun people voted him, but you know our country nah. Kogi and Imo still fresh..

Who compromised the judiciary? The same Judiciary awarded Zamfara to PDP at APC expense. The same compromised Judiciary give away APC mandates of Bayelsian a day before swearing In. Same Judiciary PDP went to for respite in the case of Osun. So, who would rescue you tomorrow?.

@OhinoyiRay1 Who is hating Bello? So because I am speaking truth means it’s hate ?😂 haba Let’s wait and see It has happened before and it can happen again A sitting governor can be denied the right to pick successor Go and check IMO and Osun.

@HAHayatu @SodiqTade 💥BREAKING Accreditation Done Without BVAS Is Null Which Means Votes From Those Accreditation Is Cancelled. -OSUN APPEAL.

@AAdeleke_01 Congratulations to the entire family of Adeleke and entire people of osun state.

@bukolasaraki @AAdeleke_01 I know leader will be first to get to Osun and wish him well, we are hoping he will reciprocate the gesture..

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