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Love is in the air TONIGHT on a #ValentinesDay #SmackDown! @otiswwe @WWE_MandyRose

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Dumb bitch ()

@samisdeid Otis is adorable cause he’s painstakingly awkward and tries so hard to be nice to everyone but dats it IWJJSNWJW

Pup Fiction ()

I was in the Melbourne CBD this morning and a whole bunch of guys in work gear with Otis embroidered on their shirts were walking down Exhibition St. I assume their were off to a restaurant to have a discussion about how vital the coal industry is for

Andrés ()

Pueden mamarme las bolas Nada de Maeve Nada de Ola Otis tiene que terminar com Ruby!!!!!!!!!

Jason travis ()

@WWE_MandyRose @otiswwe why otis is a hugh joke why dont i take you on a date marry me 💍💍

Otis milburn ()

@Bcmcwali tareef wali shayari mein rhyming ka hona utna hi jruri hai jitna ki aapka iss tweet mein BC likhna.

Aaron? 🛹🏳️‍🌈 ()

I think @HEELZiggler just got the MAJOR heat he needed. But now Otis is gonna kill him.

Chris ()

@TheStanchion Took my girlfriend to this tonight (my valentines date went a lot better than Otis’s), and she even said she enjoys ECCW better. She’s not even a big wrestling fan, but loves the action at the ECCW shows. At one point she asked if tonight was just all video 😂😂😂

Otis milburn ()

@Bcmcwali ye lo phir.💛💛 Kya Likhoon Teri Tareef-E-Soorat Mein Yaar, Alfaaz Kam Pad Rahe Hain Teri Masoomiyat Dekhkar

Anthony Bennett ()

Ohhh no we are going to get a ruseve and Lana story line but with Mandy and Otis God help us #SmackDownOnFox

Helena Cell ()

Why is everyone hating Dolph? Mandy KNEW she was there for Otis and didn’t say anything to Dolph. Bitchhhhhh

Dummy - ☁️ 55 Days ()


Wrestling Headlines ()

FREE PODCAST 2/14 – Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Post-Show – WWE Smackdown w/Keller & Meyers: Mandy-Otis date night, Cowbell Chant, Fiend and Hogan interact, Roman Mystery Partner, on-site correspondent, callers (97 min)

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Pro Wrestling Torch ()

FREE PODCAST – Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Post-Show – WWE Smackdown w/Keller & Meyers: Mandy-Otis date night, Cowbell Chant, Fiend and Hogan interact, Roman Mystery Partner, on-site correspondent, callers:

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Sleepwalking. ()

Jajaja no mames Otis es tendencia mundial por lo que paso hoy en #SmackDownOnFox jajajaja no mames Me siento re identificado con el pobre

Will ()

@SteelCityChick2 I was legit upset by that. Knew they were gonna do Otis dirty, but hoped I was wrong.

Mikey Darwish ()

Otis had a shot with Mandy Rose, and Seeing Dolph Ziggler just take it away from him HURTS. #WWESmackDown #F

Cocaine Nasal Spray ()

@RedRebelOfDeath Of course this leads to a feud with Ziggler that Otis ultimately wins and gets Mandy in the end. And wouldn’t we all love to get Mandy “in the end”

God Fairy F.A.G 🦄 ()

But then Maeve was never fair to Otis, she was busy fucking Jackson and even dated him while Otis was in love with her and when the tables turned she just got weird

Sweet James Jones ()

Young, Gifted, and Black by Aretha Franklin. “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” it was originally by Otis Redding

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@_Top_RADIO ()

Now playing Now I Know What Made Otis Blue by Paul Young on

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Diego Marin R🦁❤️🖤 ()

La situación de Otis me recuerda a alguien que no voy a decir quien soy Jajaj @WWEonFOX #SmackDownOnFox

Fer 💚 ()

Aprovecho que es San Valentín para decirles que Otis y Meave hacen una pareja de mierda, adiós.

Nicoletta Iara ()

todavia no puedo entender como es que Otis metió de esa manera los dedos en la vagina de Ola, como lo hizo con la naranja. a alguna le pasó alguna vez???????????

Dave Pierson ()

I thought that was pretty good #SmackDown. Tag match and Women’s title match were both good. Fiend/Hogan segment was entertaining and I like the twist in the Otis/Mandy story. Thoughts?

Cassandra ()

@SpringerAJ @StephanieHypes But remember Otis got a text saying she was running late! It was a setup by Dolph!

Anthony Wilander ()

@Fiend4Follows @P1Ange1 Otis seeing Dolph with Mandy, is like me finding out a cute guy is take or a guy is straight . . 🙄🙄😑😑

José ()

- Lo ocurrido con Otis. - Tam y su equipo perdieron. - Con esto, Tam acumula 10 derrotas y solamente 2 victorias en lo que va del año. Todo mal 😭

. ()

@dbatctaylor She’s been irritating the whole time but when she told otis she doesn’t want him being friends with Maeve anymore 😡😡😡

Erica ()

Cruz has to ask Kelly to be his best man because Otis is gone. That makes me sad. 😢 #ChicagoFire

WWE ()

Love is in the air TONIGHT on a #ValentinesDay #SmackDown! @otiswwe @WWE_MandyRose

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