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Canadians expect and deserve the best care possible. Today, I invited the premiers to Ottawa on February 7th so we can keep working together to strengthen the health care system – and to make sure people can access the services they need, when and where they need them..

1 year ago today, January 27th, 2022, we all gathered together and headed for Ottawa!! #freedomconvoy #truckersforfreedom.

My final two comments. 1) Welcome to the negotiating table, Premier Smith. Better late than never. 2) Premier Smith says she’s standing up to Ottawa. Up until this point, what she’s really been doing is standing in the way of our future..

A citizen of Russia residing in Canada says the Russian Embassy in Ottawa canceled an appointment with her and refused to let her into the building. The reason? She’s a member of a Facebook group named for a phrase Navalny sometimes uses..

À Ottawa, les députés libéraux se préparent à une année difficile.

Jon Shapransky presents talks about the missing pieces to adopting appsec capabilities #owasp #ottawa @OWASP_Ottawa.

Ottawa Photo,Ottawa Photo by Garth Boyd 🇺🇦#StandWithUkraine,Garth Boyd 🇺🇦#StandWithUkraine on twitter tweets Ottawa Photo

BREAKING: Ottawa to rename John A. Macdonald Parkway. In a nod to reconciliation, it will now be called the Tomson Highway..

Like yeah they can make him go away at any point. But this guy couldn’t stick in OTTAWA and I’m supposed to believe he can help a playoff team?.

@anansi227 @TheOceanCowboy The real boost for the far right came when they could align themselves with the anti-vax yoga Mom’s under covid and vaccine misinformation. They merged in Ottawa..

This! I walk along QED every day and I miss the freedom of being able to wander freely along the parkway, now I have to worry about getting hit almost daily by cars while I try to cross it to get to the canal. I wish #Ottawa was for people and not just cars. #Autowa.

To add some context. The Flames have 34 games remaining this season. 15 of their final 34 games are against Chicago, Anaheim, San Jose, Vancouver, Arizona, Philadelphia, Ottawa, and Detroit. Their record in those games will go a long way in them making the playoffs or not..

Seeing the announcement to reopen Wellington St alongside the city’s precautions for the convoy anniversary is rough for someone who lived through the horns. I’m not a fan of reopening the street to traffic but I wish there were better timing #ottawa.

By July, 230 Ottawa residents had died of COVID up to that point in 2022, surpassing the city’s COVID death toll for all of 2021. Yet @nilikm was frequently attacked in the tabloid press and on social media for advocating the wearing of masks..

Incase you were wondering, Jason Laface’s van broke down and he can’t afford to make it to Ottawa. I know, another shocker. Can’t wait for the next 🐢🚶‍♂️ postponement.

Ottawa - 1912 to 1915 - The Rideau Canal, beside Central Station and drained for winter..

Ottawa Photo,Ottawa Photo by Paul Howard,Paul Howard on twitter tweets Ottawa Photo

BREAKING! Newly-elected GOP congressman George Santos admits that at least $625,000 of his campaign funds did not come from him personally, but instead from a GiveSendGo campaign organized by Ottawa lawyer David Freiheit..

Sens at Leafs tonight. This date in 1996, rivals/friends Mats Sundin and Daniel Alfredsson trade third-period goals, Alfredsson with 10 seconds to go, in a 2-2 tie at the Corel Centre in Ottawa..

@cindyintoronto @NaheedD I am not criticizing the TPS, just police response in Ottawa and just recently in Hamilton. Both situations have caused me to lose faith. No they shouldn’t be experts in everything, but I feel there should be experts in dealing with mental health issues etc. it isn’t an easy job.

I am not a huge fan of our new mayor in Ottawa thus far. He worries about reputation but getting stuff right is more important. The Lookout has it right: People don’t want the city’s reputation to be better, they want the city to be less broken. .

du président américain Joe Biden. «Il faut provoquer un peu un changement à Ottawa, parce que le message général, après six ans, à Ottawa, c’est qu’on ne s’intéresse pas à notre situation», a ajouté le chef péquiste..

Canadian #psychologist Jordan Peterson thanked the “woke mob” for drawing more attention to the #Ottawa stop on his “Beyond Order” tour by trying to cancel it..

It has been a year since the Freedom Convoy occupied Ottawa. With no mandates now, horns have been quieted to a whimper. Related demonstrations continue but participants are rudderless. @GrantRants joins #ThisMatters host @rajumudhar to look back:.

@VesaKarjalaine5 @NOELreports It is not out of the question for Ottawa to send more Leopard 2s, the minister said, without specifying how much leeway Canada has to ensure it maintains its own military capability and respects its NATO commitments..

@G4gey 🤔 1. Forge 2. Cavalry 3. Ottawa 4. York 5. HFX Wanderers 6. Vancouver 7. Valour 8. Pacific.

Bell Media Weekender Sam McDaid shares the best events and activities happening in Ottawa this weekend..

I saw Jesus Christ Superstar theatrical twice years back. Loved in came out on stage on the donkey with hosanna and flowers. So Beautiful! That being said, it’s the album that came out in 1970? that really struck this young boy. Judas.…✝️.

@PierrePoilievre In canada the Truckers who went to Ottawa to protest deserve our respect..

@BKBakker I’ve never met you so don’t pretend you know me to be a certain way. Last February, who was violent in Ottawa? I peacefully protested and then ran for an office. What did you do to improve Canada @BKBakker ? How is Canada better because of your actions?.

Aug 2021 ~ and here we are ~ Ottawa terrorist released from halfway house, starts new life #CanadaIsBroken.

When Peterson served as a witness at the Canadian Senate regarding Bill C-16 in 2017, he said, “I think the most egregious elements of the policies are that it requires compelled speech.” .

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