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Trudeau, it is time for you to resign. You are a disgrace, a tyrant, and Canadians 100 years from now will spit on your grave. Ottawa 2022 is the Red Square circa 1980..

I am losing my goddamn mind watching Canadians hang on every word of the January 6th hearings while dismissing the Canadians who are coming to Ottawa this week to use our flag as a symbol of hate..

Protesters in Ottawa are painting Free Tamara on the street outside of Parliament..

Ottawa ByLaw shutting down a table where they are handing out anti-Trudeau badges #cdnpoli.

Ottawa Photo,Ottawa Photo by Cormac Mac Sweeney,Cormac Mac Sweeney on twitter tweets Ottawa Photo

BREAKING: Ottawa just waived Cabinet confidentiality and will release the evidence it used to justify invoking the Emergencies Act to quash the Freedom Convoy protests. This is the fourth time since Confederation that a public inquiry has been given access to Cabinet secrets..

Ottawa Photo,Ottawa Photo by Cosmin Dzsurdzsa 🇷🇴,Cosmin Dzsurdzsa 🇷🇴 on twitter tweets Ottawa Photo

The brown shirts in Ottawa don’t want you to have fun. It’s political repression..

Ottawa Photo,Ottawa Photo by Maxime Bernier,Maxime Bernier on twitter tweets Ottawa Photo

BREAKING: A kids picnic in Ottawa has been canceled under the threat of police action. Trudeau hates you..

Ottawa Police are bullies and thugs. They come by that honestly — their chief is manifestly unfit to hold any public office, and they do what he says..

#BarriePolice is trying to locate 14-yr. old Katie Martin who was last seen today at her home at 12:30am. She may be in Ottawa with a 15-yr. old male white and a 23-yr. old male black in a 2009 Mazda 6i, licence CWPB246. If seen or whereabouts is known call 911..

Ottawa Photo,Ottawa Photo by Barrie Police,Barrie Police on twitter tweets Ottawa Photo

This goes for all police forces in Canada. I know there are many friends in law enforcement reading this & nodding their heads. Will the #freedomconvoy lead to the purge of politicized actors in Canadian policing like the interim wannabe chief in Ottawa?.

🇨🇦 Ottawa 2. Juli 2022 Kanada Die #FreedomFighter in Kanada in Ottawa auf einem Massenmarsch für die Freiheit. ✊🏻.

Also says that Giroux is more effective on the wing than at centre which is obviously perfect for Ottawa..

The Ottawa Police Service respects the right to demonstrate. We expect all groups to behave lawfully. Everyone will be treated equally. There is no tolerance for criminal or unlawful behaviour. We will also take steps to ensure there is no conflict between groups..

Ottawa Photo,Ottawa Photo by Ottawa Police,Ottawa Police on twitter tweets Ottawa Photo

We are tremendously excited to be returning to Canada next week! We will be giving concerts in Toronto, Ottawa, Elora and Niagara-on-the-Lake. We hope to catch some of you there! 🇨🇦 #g6canada.

Ottawa Photo,Ottawa Photo by The Gesualdo Six,The Gesualdo Six on twitter tweets Ottawa Photo

Ottawa was proclaimed as sister city of Beijing by its corrupt Mayor Watson Still is! Gangs with guns can kill you and zero comments from Watson and local media It truly is Beijing, Canada.

James topp is starting the last stretch of his march to Ottawa.

Ottawa Photo,Ottawa Photo by Dave smith,Dave smith on twitter tweets Ottawa Photo

Soldier charged for criticizing vaccine mandates arrives in Ottawa amid protest fears.

@BigFarna Anyone who is leading off their campaign with the phrases a safe Ottawa and protecting your way of life must be legitimately dizzy from how hard they are blowing those dog whistles..

@AngeliniBobby @TanyaFusco Might not even be a counter protester in might just meet up with me some day when he least expects it. If not I have contacts in Central East that are waiting to meet him..

We choose not to celebrate the ongoing colonization, oppression and genocide of Indigenous peoples of this land, Moo Shu Ice Cream said in a social media post..

Ottawa braced for Canada Day protest by ‘freedom convoy’ supporters.

NEW: Premier Doug Ford, who backed Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau on invoking the Emergencies Act to end the illegal blockade of Ottawa, warns so-called freedom convoy headed back there to be peaceful. #onpoli #cdnpoli.

@glen_mcgregor One of her fans on the Zoom call yelled “How unfair!” You know what’s unfair? The misery Tamara and the gang caused for downtown Ottawa residents this winter. Now THAT was unfair..

2020 was likely the first time in a very very long time Kent was bluer than the state of michigan as a whole and Ottawa was in the bluer half of Michigan’s 83 counties.

Explains how these hillbilly plague rats are able to occupy Ottawa for the next 10 weeks. No jobs, no responsibilities, extremely well funded shit disturbers. Yes, this is just a bunch of concerned citizens. #HillbillyTaliban.

gonna befriend that white boy in ottawa that makes korean food on tiktok bc everything he makes looks so good.

Mes pensées volent Mes pensées planent En auréole Au-dessus du crâ Légèreté Pour un moment Même attristés Par nos tourments. Monde souhaité Bien plus aimant! Jeanne Ottawa 30 juin 2016.


@SensCentral Boo Boo never reports anything that puts the Sens in a negative light. It’s far more likely that KF simply didn’t want to sign in Ottawa, because $ is absolutely fair value..

アンコールで2回目のThinkingやってくれた!!!! アンコールは1曲目やった曲アップテンポでやるよと丁寧に説明してから演奏始めるLouis Cole君親切かよ😂❤️笑 アレンジもモリモリで本当に楽しかった、、、、 Ottawa来てくれてありがとう!Jazz Festありがとう😭❤️やっぱライブ楽しいわ、、、幸せ.

Fog Advisory for the #Ottawa area this Thursday morning ⁦@CityNewsOttawa⁩ ⁦@CNOttawaTraffic⁩.

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