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  • We’re not going to settle for the damage that the other parties have done. We will bring Hydro One back into public hands, create universal pharmacare & fix long-term care. We will turn the page on decades of cuts & privatization. We will deliver change for the better #Ottawa2018

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  • Very excited to welcome Ian Campeau as our next #Ottawa2018 speaker. Ian is an Indigenous advocate and musician and is co-founder and former member of @atribecalledred. He uses his platform to highlight issues of race, gender-based violence, and mental health.

  • Très fiers de voir les militants du NPD élire le premier président francophone de notre histoire! Félicitations Mathieu Vick! #Ottawa2018

  • The 3rd and final day of the Federal NDP Convention has begun! Use the hashtag #Ottawa2018 to join the online conversation. #cdnpoli

    #Ottawa2018 twitter.
  • Again, those citing accessibility in opposing a change to the resolution system must at least admit that the current model leaves out the majority of the party’s membership already #Ottawa2018

  • Jagmeet Singh says taxes are an investment in the future. The time for timid is over. Invest in people. Fight inequality. Build a fairer & better Canada. @NDP #cdnpoli #Ottawa2018 #the99%

  • Congratulation to my Amazing team @MathieuVick our new @NDP President and @Thadsha our new VP voting for treasurer is happening now #Ottawa2018

  • Congratulations @MathieuVick & @Thadsha on your election as President and Vice-President of the @NDP #Ottawa2018

  • We have an opportunity to ensure our Party is more inclusive. We need to restore democracy within the #NDP. We need to take resolution prioritization online. #Ottawa2018

  • Critics bring up very real concerns with inequitable access to internet technology, but this resolution does NOT replace in-person deliberation, it just creates a more fair and democratic starting-place for convention debates. The status quo is not accessible! #Ottawa2018

  • Félicitations à @MathieuVick pour avoir été élu président du #NPD #Ottawa2018

  • Congratulations to my friend and our #NDP president elect @MathieuVick! Your leadership and compassion will be critical in taking our party to electoral success in 2019! #Ottawa2018

  • Ran into a long-time Twitter friend @janfromthebruce at #Ottawa2018 and gave her a coveted @Bryce_Casavant button.

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  • “Courage is a currency of our struggle” Marie Chris Cabreros at #ndp #ottawa2018 #Akbayan

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  • everyone who has attended any #ndp convention knows how crap resolution prioritization is. Hoping folks at #ottawa2018 will change that 2day

  • Fantastic to hear from @nikiashton AND @CraigScottNDP as to why we should do research on why we need a more democratic prioritization process. The members and MPs (current and former) agree there must be change. #Ottawa2018

  • Thanks for everyone live tweeting the resolution on internal democracy. Thrilled to see support. As someone at home caring for children not able to attend today this resolution is important to me. Childcare is great, but it does not work for all parents/children. #ottawa2018

  • The anti- #Israel obsession of a vocal minority of the @ndp is really unhealthy, if not suspect | #Ottawa2018 #cdnpoli

  • Enjoying a little #Winterlude2018 after a fantastic #Ottawa2018 convention and a discovered the @OttBkMobileBus bookmobile! I love it! 📘📕📚📖 #Placemaking #library

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  • ICYMI @theJagmeetSingh hit his #Ottawa2018 keynote speech out the ballpark. Genuine, down to earth, and unabashedly progressive. Watch for yourself here: #Cdnpoli

  • Candidate for @NDP President @MathieuVick is a proud Acadian from New Brunswick. #Ottawa2018

  • #Canadians feel the excitement in the crowd🤣🤣🤣 #TrudeauInIndia #cdnpoli #Ottawa2018

  • 745 for Vick 138 for Corey 11 spoilled #Ottawa2018

  • #BREAKING: Mathieu Vic elected president of federal #NDP! #NDPConvention #Ottawa2018 #CDNpoli

  • Contentious Debate Over Justice for #Palestine at NDP Convention #Ottawa2018 #BDS via @NoLore @rankandfileca

  • NDP passes resolution to make menstrual products free #cdnpoli #ottawa2018

  • Delegate outlines policy resolution process for @QuebecSolidaire which sounds amazing! The @NDP needs more local policy discussion & opportunities for potlucks. #Ottawa2018

  • OPINION: Is Singh a true progressive or just another politician with some jazz? By @HarrisAuthor #Ottawa2018 #ndp

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  • Defeat of BDS Defeat of Leap Happy to see the @NDP has its head on straight! #Ottawa2018

  • "We need all hands on deck to fight the liberal and conservative agenda" -- the Labour Caucus has endorsed him #Ottawa2018