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Coun. Tim Tierney apologizes, brings corrupt practice case to an end #ottpoli.

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In what universe would it be acceptable for an employer to so much as *HINT* at which undergarments an employee can/should wear? Baffling and disgusting. #ottpoli.

if @EmilieTaman wants my vote in Ottawa Centre, she’ll have to work a lot harder for it, along with her campaign team and the party in general. #elxn43 #ottpoli.

@RickChiarelli Quick question. Do you wear a bra? Proud Cousin @Bob_Chiarelli . #ONpoli #ottpoli.

Can we please remove this clown from office, next time? It is insanity that he still snuck in last year against much better candidates @emiliecoyle and @RyanKennery. TW: CLOWNERY and sexual harassment. #ottpoli.

Planning committee begins. Committee is told member Rick Chiarelli has sent his regrets. #ottpoli.

The police superintenant who signed off on purchasing brass knuckles gloves for Constable Montsion should be immediately fired. Same as authorizing an bazooka against civilians. You cannot equip police with prohibited weapons such as brass knuckles. #ottpoli.

These gloves are the same as using prohibited illegal brass knunkles on a person. Even police are not allowed that privilege. #ottpoli.

@jchianello Yikes! What has the cost of a by- election have to do with the rule of law? #ottpoli.

Ottawa city councillor Tim Tierney apologizes, corrupt practices charge withdrawn #ottnews #ottpoli.

Coun. Tim Tierney apologizes, brings corrupt practice case to an end #ottpoli.

Expecting a development in the Tim Tierney municipal elections violation case this afternoon. Complainant Michael Schurter arrives at court. #ottpoli.

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