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Era-Adjusted Goals Per GP, First 6 Seasons, Since Original Six Era (All Situations) 1. Wayne Gretzky 2. Alex Ovechkin 3. Brett Hull 4. Auston Matthews 5. Mario Lemieux 6. Steven Stamkos 7. Teemu Selanne 8. Mike Bossy 9. Eric Lindros.

Era-Adjusted Goals Per GP, First 6 Seasons, Since Original Six Era (Even Strength) 1. Auston Matthews 2. Wayne Gretzky 3. Alex Ovechkin 4. Brett Hull 5. Teemu Selanne 6. Eric Lindros 7. Steven Stamkos 8. Connor McDavid 9. Mike Bossy.

@NHL Wrist shot: Joe Sakic, Paul Kariya, and Mike Bossy. Incredible release. Slap shot: Bobby Hull, Al Iafrate, Al MacInnis, and Zdeno Chara come to mind. Gretzky up there for his accuracy. One timer: Mario Lemieux, Brett Hull, and Alex Ovechkin have awesome off wing shots..

@NHL Slap shot: MacInnis. Honourable mention: Ovechkin, Weber, Chara, Iafrate, Doug Wilson, Bobby Hull. Wrist shot: Sakic. Honourable: Bossy, Kariya, Kessel, Nedved. Backhand: Crosby. Honorable: Sundin, Datsyuk. Snap shot: Bossy. One-timer: Ovechkin. Honourable: Brett Hull, Stamkos..

Era-Adjusted PTS Per GP, First 6 Seasons, Since Original Six Era (All Situations) 1. Wayne Gretzky 2. Mario Lemieux 3. Connor McDavid 4. Sidney Crosby 5. Eric Lindros 6. Alex Ovechkin 7. Evgeni Malkin 8. Paul Kariya 9. Teemu Selanne.

@NHL One timer? Ovechkin Slap shot? Al MacInnis Wrist shot? Mike Bossy I will listen to arguments about Mac, but no one can name a player with a better wrister than Bossy. The player just does not exist..

@NHL Wrist shot - Joe Sakic/Auston Matthews, One timer - Brett Hull/Ovechkin, Slapshoot - Al MacInnis/Shea Weber.

@NHL Wrist shot - Joe Sakic Quickest Release - Mike Bossy One Timer - Alex Ovechkin Slapshot - Al McInnis.

@NHL Ovechkin. He’s been doing the same thing on the PP for over a decade and still nobody can stop him..

@NHL I’ll take my stab at a few: Alex Ovechkin, Brett Hull, Mike Bossy, Auston Matthews, Patrik Laine, Steven Stamkos..

@spittinchiclets Mcdavid, Crosby, Ovechkin is my answer but McDavid Ovechkin Lindros matches up so better 🤣.

@NHL 1. Bobby Hull, 2. Gretzky, 3. Bossy, 4. Ovechkin, 5. , 6. Brett Hull, 7. Orr, 8. Sakic, 9. P. Esposito, 10. G. Perreault..

@NHL I have to admit for wrist shot and slap shot it is Ovechkin, but the best back hand shot of all time belongs to Sidney Crosby #penguins.


@NHL Ovechkin in terms of Effectiveness. But man Elias Pettersson has one pretty shot, 100+ MPH 1 timer and its one of the most accurate in the league..

@spittinchiclets Do over forgot a D-man Current day McDavid, Ovechkin, & Hedman Older era Yzerman, Brett Hull, & Bourque Give me Hasek in net.

Who do you have? If I went with current players, I take McDavid, Ovechkin and Mahar. 🏒.

Ovechkin Photo,Ovechkin Photo by Magic Beans🐿️,Magic Beans🐿️ on twitter tweets Ovechkin Photo

@NHL All things considered from the players I’ve seen: 1. Ovechkin 2. MacInnis.

@RantingRon716 Obviously Howe but personally torn between Messier, Ovechkin and Yzerman…and where does Crosby fit? There’s so many options. Can make a case for so many others. McDavid will get there once all is said and done..

@NHL Joe Sakic, Austin Matthews, Alex Ovechkin, Mike Bossy, Cam Neely, Al McInnis, Brett Hull, Jerome Iginla off the top of my head.

@NHL Matthews, Sakic, Bossy, Ovechkin, to name the four out of hundreds, no shot is comparable.

@NHL Slapper: MacInnis Wrist: Sakic, Iginla and Matthews Backhand: Crosby and Sundin One-Timer: Ovechkin.

@JeffVeillette All around I’d say I have to give it to Ovechkin. His shot especially in his prime was probably the heaviest and most accurate shot I’ve ever seen..


@W2L_SweetTea3 @FieryBreadman There is only one left wing Superstar. His name is Alex.

@NHL Either Ovechkin, Crosby or Kaprizov. I know it’s young in his career but he’s going to be a superstar.

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