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Updated: September 14th, 2021 04:41 PM IST

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20 years later & this moment is still as powerful as ever. Chris Gizzi led the #Packers onto the field on Sept. 24, 2001, the first MNF game after 9/11 🇺🇸 #NeverForget

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Se Packers x Lions for no mesmo nível desse MNF, eu certamente infartarei e ficarei com sequelas.

La Cara: Los Cardinals La Cruz: Los Packers 20. El carácter de Burrow y los Bengals 19. Miami se lleva un duelo de buenas sensaciones ante un gran Mac. 18. La Era Stafford comienza por todo lo alto. 17. Los QBs de 1ª ronda del Draft, todos con TD pero actuaciones desiguales.


Lions schocken Packers! Icke tippt Woche 2 der NFL #ranNFL @Icke41

Booger is talking about the Saints/Packers game now on the MNF pregame show: What happened yesterday? They got their butts kicked. They got outcoached.

Jalen & Jacoby giving the Saints their props and not making excuses for the Packers ‼️👏🏼 @JalenandJacoby

.@ShannonSharpe on the Packers blowout loss to the Saints: Aaron was awful without explanation, he and the team played terrible. I did not see this coming. The Packers did not come to play, underestimated the Saints and got the breaks beat off of them.

The Packers won’t have to worry about Jeff Okudah next week or on Jan. 9. Though, I don’t think that matters; they have other demons to exercise after yesterday.

Worse than anything else from that packers game is hearing Rodgers say “the energy was a bit low” and that Green Bay might have been too full of themselves. Teams will exploit us all year long if we don’t change that

The Saints lost 2 pro bowl caliber played yesterday (Lattimore/McCoy) they are also missing Onyemata/Thomas/Lutz. AND THEY BOAT RACED THE PACKERS ANYWAY. #saints

All these negative #Packers fans saying there wasn’t a single positive about the game last night obviously didn’t watch till the very end where the #Saints knelt and put us out of our misery. That was awesome….

Packers Defense👎 Week 1: 171 Rushing Yards 4,4 Yards per Attempt 151 Receiving Yards 10,1 Yards per Attempt A lot of work for Joe Barry! #GoPackGo

Packers fans after NFCCG : FIRE MIKE PETTINE Packers Fire Pettine Packers Fans: LFG!!! Packers Hire Joe Berry Packers Fans: LFG!!! Packers Fans after Week 1: Oh my goodness we need Pettine back

Lattimore: I want a $100m Saints: That’s too much Lattimore: What if we beat Packers by 35 and they bench ARod? Saints: If that happens we will pay you before you leave the locker room!

If Jordan Love played this whole game the #Packers would have only been losing by 7pts…

****GAME LINKS #GBvsNO**** #GoPackGo

We will be live FOR THE FIRST PACKERS GAME OF THE SEASON. 4pm eastern. LFG

@packers @UScellular Munich, germany 🍻🍻 💚 💛 #GoPackGo 🧀

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Empezó la NFL 🏈 y Davis subió historia bancando a sus Packers. Vía AD Instagram.

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Titans ML Over 53 Bills Washington ML Falcons 1H ML Jets 1H +3 Dolphins + (Buy .5) Dolphins ML Seattle -3 Parlay #1 Broncos ML Bills ML Parlay #2 Broncos ML Bills ML Packers ML

BOOM 💥 💥 💥 💥 💥 THE 2021 NFL SEASON HAS ARRIVED !!!!!! LET THE GAMES BEGIN !!!! GO PACKERS !!!!! Wishing all NFL fans, a wonderful season, and best wishes to YOUR favorite team !

@kaidenlee13 @LilTunechi He is, but he’s a Packers fan. His dad worked at the Superdome and when GB played there in the Super Bowl, his dad brought him a bunch of Packers gear from the game. He’s been a Packers fan ever since. Sucks to have a face of NOLA not be a Saints fan.

The vibe of the #Packers this season is different, but the good kind of different. The mentality, the gratitude, the love for the game & for one another — Combine that with the talent this team possesses — it’s gonna be a special season & I won’t take a second of it for granted.

20 years later & this moment is still as powerful as ever. Chris Gizzi led the #Packers onto the field on Sept. 24, 2001, the first MNF game after 9/11 🇺🇸 #NeverForget

We remember & honor the lives forever affected by the events that took place on this date 20 years ago. #NeverForget

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E pra quem curte um Wallpaper, o @packers fez esse dos nossos capitães:

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@FtblSickness I don’t care who has to over reach but can the rules get changes so I can fly to the US for the Christmas Day game against the Packers 🤞

Football season is sooo fun and I love it soooo much because you can go from worrying about who the Packers’ QB3 and WR6 are one day to a player’s agitation over captain patches the next! Just a never-ending thrill ride loaded with fun that I am undoubtedly enjoying!

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That time for year again 🏈 NFC North: Packers NFC South: Bucs NFC East: WFT NFC West: 49ers AFC North: Browns AFC South: Titans AFC West: Chiefs AFC East: Bills Surprise: Jaguars Underperformers: Dolphins AFC: Browns @ Chiefs NFC: Packers @ Bucs Superbowl: Chiefs beat Packers

Hit the 🔁 button if Davante Adams is WR1 🧀 (via @packers)

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The Biden administration is taking aim at major meat packers, saying they’ve squeezed consumers and farmers while recording record profits

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