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@IshatReza It was both Pallister and Scheer! 👇👇👇👇

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Loraine Fraser 🇨🇦🇬🇧🇮🇪🇫🇷 🇦🇺
Loraine Fraser 🇨🇦🇬🇧🇮🇪🇫🇷 🇦🇺 ()

@FunkyFreshHomo @AndrewScheer Had to take CLOTH mask off twice today so people could understand what I was saying. Scheer & Pallister were trying to have a conversation. I wore a 3-Layer disposable PAPER mask on Saturday & did not have to remove it to talk with with others wearing same. #cdnpoli #skpoli

Greg Vaughan
Greg Vaughan ()

@PnPCBC He is talking to Pallister, who is not wearing a mask. Why is no one making an example of him to?

Ryan Michaels
Ryan Michaels ()

@MTBRiderSS @CBCPolitics Did you read the article? They also called out premier Pallister in the photo not wearing a mask. Jheez. You guys never do read. Ya love the headlines though.

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Michael G - Surviving (only just)
Michael G - Surviving (only just) ()

@IshatReza It was both Pallister and Scheer! 👇👇👇👇

Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson ()

@CBCManitoba Pallister is, and always will be, our arrogant leader. I have to give him credit though, as he did admit the mistake.

Arié Moyal
Arié Moyal ()

@Nope_Im_Done @CBC I don’t vote Liberal you narrow-minded loser. :) Stop changing the subject. Scheer and Pallister blatantly ignored the airport’s rules and showed disrespect for the people around them. That’s very important. And Scheer stole a bunch of money from his party. Hypocrite. #cdnpoli

Rights Over Masks! - Mr. SeanO
Rights Over Masks! - Mr. SeanO ()

@JPTasker Three guys without masks in that pic, but the one guy who is trying to quit as leader of the opposition is the guy singled out? Could have called out Pallister, no mask and a sitting premier. But I doubt mr. Tasker has enough genuine Canadian political knowledge to have caught it

Will Goodon ∞
Will Goodon ∞ ()

New data show more than 246,000 Manitobans applied for CERB - Winnipeg Free Press “As of June 28, 246,440 Manitobans have signed up for CERB during the pandemic — significantly higher than the 50,000 Premier Brian Pallister indicated two weeks ago.”

Cecilia Araneda
Cecilia Araneda ()

More of Pallister’s Gomer Pile routine that the media repeatedly just accepts without robust analysis. He was “too high risk” to attend the BLM rally as a senior with asthma, and was “following medical advice,” but here - a place with mask recommendations

MichelleTypoQueen ()

@VotingABC And then Pallister backs over Scheer with a bus 😂

Pam Baker
Pam Baker ()

@CTVNews @TorontoPearson Pallister acknowledged he was wrong. What about the people sitting with him? Are they going to take responsibility for their actions??

Cecilia Araneda
Cecilia Araneda ()

Pallister is “too high risk” to attend the BLM even from the socially-distanced sidelines, but this is good.

Steve Lambert
Steve Lambert ()

As an FYI, some have suggested Pallister must self-isolate for 14 days. It’s not true. Along with social workers, health care workers, truckers and others, politicians are exempt from that rule. Here’s the public health order: #mbpoli

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Pete Dako 🔥✊🏿🔥
Pete Dako 🔥✊🏿🔥 ()

What are Brian Pallister and Scheer laughing about? #cdnpoli Wrong answers only…

James Hope Howard, Five-Time VF Champion
James Hope Howard, Five-Time VF Champion ()

At the risk of coming across as too controversial on the Twitter dot com social media website, I must nonetheless contend that it would be very bad for Brian Pallister to contract COVID-19, and that he should do his best to avoid it. If this take is too hot I apologize in advance

Dani King
Dani King ()

@CBCPolitics Probably the lead story on The National tonight, such BS, did you notice the other Guys including Pallister, thank god we have Blacklocks, let’s boycott CBC/CTV/Global

Scott Forbes
Scott Forbes ()

#mbpoli These figures show that Pallister clearly underestimated how many Manitobans from all age groups need help and have applied for CERB. Economist Lynne Fernandez

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