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Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is trying to set himself up as the middle man who could broker a truce between Trudeau and the more strident premiers like Alberta’s Jason Kenney and Saskatchewan’s Scott Moe..

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@DianeMariePosts I thought Pallister would be slightly more factual and reasoned after meeting with the PM, based on his post-election comments compared to Moe + Kenney. I guess not..

Banning licensed and legal gun owners from having handguns will not reduce the homicide rate. #cdnpoli #Canada.

@jiwillia_jim Hello the unroll you asked for: Thread by @DianeMariePosts: Premier Pallister is on Power & Politics after meeting with PMJT. He referred to divisive strategies used by the P […] #cdnpoli #mbpoli See you soon. 🤖.

Meanwhile on MUTV @DavidMay04 is wearing Jacamo and Gary Pallister looks like he’s smuggling cucumbers in his Farahs.

The US situation demonstrates the necessity for a handgun ban to be federal; and it is excellent news that Winnipeg @Mayor_Bowman supports such a ban and Premier @BrianPallister is open to the idea in order to save lives. #cdnpoli #mbpoli.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister said he offered Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “friendly advice” on how to unify the country amidst growing discontentment in Canada’s Western provinces #cdnpoli #mbpoli.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister says the federal election exposed deep rifts in the country. @OttawaReporter.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister meets with Trudeau, says fighting climate change is a ‘unifying project’.

A really encouraging sentiment from Premier @BrianPallister If @JustinTrudeau sets aside his government’s fixation on a divisive & ideological carbon tax, he will find allies across the political spectrum who will work with him on real climate action.

Pallister Says Canada Can Unite on Climate Action If Partisan Politics Set Aside.

@JustinTrudeau @BrianPallister It was good to hear Pallister showing that he is a Canadian first and Manitoban second. That he wants the good for all Canada to take priority. Climate change and other issues can be dealt with if that attitude is maintained..

‘I came in peace’: Manitoba premier hopes to bridge gaps with Trudeau amid Wexit sentiments |.

Brian Pallister needs to back up his claim that crime is down in Manitoba because violent crime, property crime, and homicides are all up. It is unacceptable for the Premier to be making these claims when so many people in Winnipeg and across the province are effected. #mbpoli.

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@JustinTrudeau @BrianPallister How is Pallister reducing emissions and fighting climate change in Manitoba? I see zero evidence of that..

@trevortombe If you are, by implication, comparing Pallister’s approach to that of Kenney and Moe, then maybe you might want to consider how Pallister would react if his hydro industry had been attacked and disparaged by the feds for the last 4.

Congratulations to Lora Pallister, our 2020 @Stantec Artist of the Year! #YEGarts #HeresNina2019.

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@MrStache9 Even as a conservative Pallister is not popular with many conservatives in Manitoba neither is the mayor! Manitoba is my birthplace my family would not vote Pallister last election and they are staunch conservatives. I think he will suck up to Junior!.

“At this moment when discord and division loom large in our federation, and some voices even speak of leaving Canada, it’s worth remembering that Manitobans actually staged a rebellion to join Canada. We wanted in.” - Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister.

@JonnyTHundaGolf @slimschadey161 Pallister is like 9 ft tall They’ll listen 🤣.

@globalnews @CKNW Pallister? Isn’t he due to fly to his vacation home in Costa Rica until spring..

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister was in Ottawa today to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and climate change, pipelines and western alienation were critical parts of the conversation..

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Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is trying to set himself up as the middle man who could broker a truce between Trudeau and the more strident premiers like Alberta’s Jason Kenney and Saskatchewan’s Scott Moe..

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister sounds off on regional divisions, Trudeau’s environmental assessment legislation, internal trade barriers, procurement and health care. His column also comes with a few interesting anecdotes 👇🏻 #cdnpoli.

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... Hilarious how they have Plastic Boy attractively lit and highlighted, whereas Pallister is shadowed. ... Is this North Korea or what?.

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Pallister says Canada can unite on climate action if partisan politics set aside | National Newswatch.

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